The Hippogryph

Her parents were an odd couple;

The Gryphon green and amber unicorn.

Their offspring born

With a wingcat's torso and a pale horn.

She differed from her relatives,

In oh, so many ways.

A raptor's beak and two cleft heels

Were sure to spring a lay.

She lives her mother's wanted life

By flying 'bove the ground.

Blue formel's feathers gently twisting

Like a bird of prey she circles round.

A singer's voice from her father's side,

Countless lays branded in her mind.

She sings the gryphon's way and dances as a unicorn,

Bringing new traditions for those to come behind.

Hindquarters colored lavender,

Cleft hooves of deepest blue.

Tail tassel and fetlock feathers

A greenish type of hue.

The first of her mixed species,

Simply one of a kind;

A unicorn and a gryphon,

All in one single bind.