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Random Destiny

Chapter 9

Bubblegum Crisis: Kasumi

The shrine was indeed a truly beautiful place, Kasumi mused as her and Skuld appeared. The younger goddess smiled up at her as if she knew what she was thinking, which she probably did. The Tendo daughter followed her hostess up to the main building with her suit making faint noises in the grass. A beautiful white-haired woman was seated inside with a bottle of sake. She was used to seeing people drinking early in the day because of her father and Saotome-san but she hadn't seen a woman doing it. The woman gave the two of them a once-over.

"Are you sure about this kid?" She commented idly to Skuld who bristled.

"Of course I am. All she wanted was this. Now...I'll be taking that!" The Goddess of the Future said as she waved her hand and the mech vanished leaving her in the skintight bodysuit. Kasumi landed easily and with grace despite just restarting her training. Urd made a mental whistle. The girl was built very nicely and any guy who said otherwise was blind.

"See ya later Kasumi!" Skuld said as she skipped merrily into the house.

"Alright. See you later Skuld-chan." Kasumi waved as she turned to look back at Urd.

"No manners...doesn't even introduce her dear sister before scampering off." The Goddess of the Past said with a teasing smile before waving to the girl to have a seat. She gestured to the bottle but her guest merely shook her head and declined.

"Ah...you would be Urd?" She inquired. Kasumi had a quick mind and had been informed the girl's sister was older than her. If Belldandy was watching Ryuunosuke then the logical conclusion was that this was Urd. The goddess' smile was tinged with respect.

"Yes I am. Now...as I'm sure the kid told you...you have a wish. Sorry we haven't gotten around to it but we got a little...sidetracked recently." Urd said but refused to elaborate. That was fine by Kasumi.

"The wish has to be for you. If others benefit indirectly that's fine but this wish is for you. So don't even think of wishing Ranma's curse away." The older goddess said with a playful finger shake. The Tendo girl blinked stupidly for several moments.

"I can't think of anything..." Kasumi said with a start. She had dreamed of a day like this but for the life of her couldn't think of anything now. That was an inordinately cruel joke being played by Fate. Urd rested her hand atop of Kasumi's with an encouraging smile.

"Your heart knows the answers to the questions. There are many secrets kept in the heart that only can be revealed when the time is right. I would give you time for this but we're already late on this. Any later and our butts will be in a sling." Urd joked playfully eliciting a smile from Kasumi but it didn't last long. The girl was growing frustrated. Even Saints have a limit to their patience and this saint's patience had run out.

"I just wish I knew what to do!" She exclaimed causing Urd's eyes to widen drastically. Kasumi's eyes widened as she realized what she had just said with a hand flying to her mouth to cover the 'Oh my' that had formed there. The white-haired goddess was praying that the wish wouldn't go through. Even though there was a very good chance it would go through she hoped it wouldn't.

"Oh crap...!" Urd exclaimed as her head suddenly went back as a pillar of light shot from her forehead to connect her to the Ultimate Force. The lights dimmed and the Heavens themselves responded to the wish. The process took seconds but to the suddenly stunned Tendo girl they seem to spiral on forever. When it finally ended Urd's head slumped forward as if she were exhausted. She blinked several times trying to figure out what had just happened. The wish had been exhausting in a way she had never felt before. She knew that the wish had gone through and was stunned at the enormity of it all.

"Wish...approved..." Urd said as she looked up to Kasumi. The Tendo girl was sitting across from her, hands clenched in her lap, with her eyes screwed shut. The goddess knew that it was a LOT of information to suddenly take in. The girl across from her slowly looked to Urd with a look of mixed amusement.

"I guess...you get your money's worth with these wishes..." She quipped gaining a smile from Urd.

"I would ask if you would like some guidance but...the wish that was granted will help out in that department. Remember. Just because you know what you should do doesn't mean you have to do it. Each choice creates a new set of possibilities. You do not know all in regards to what you should do but you will have a better understanding than most of the beings on the planet. It's not a shortcut either. You have to work for your solutions even if you know it." The white-haired woman warned. Kasumi sat and listened but a small part of her was daydreaming. What could she do with this newfound power?

Skuld was having a blast running tests on the hardsuit brought into her lab. Kasumi hadn't asked for much in the goddess' humble opinion. All she wanted was for it to be easier to use and gave Skuld a carte blanch for how to make that happen. Not only was it going to be easy but at least it would be fun. She didn't always like the brain-bending difficulties. Sometimes she liked a light challenge. The people at Mishima had labored intensely to make this thing but to the tech genius this was child's play.

"Could always build it like I did Banpei. No. Hmmm...something different maybe?" she mused as she began typing away at her computer. Her fingers moving rapidly over the keys as she pondered and rejected ideas. What finally shaped up after a surprisingly short period was a combat suit that would be like a second skin. Smaller, thinner, and lighter than the original. Forcefields combined with traditional armor plating. Ether manipulators in the palms and feet to facilitate firing energy blasts and propulsion with a larger propulsion pack on the back useful for hovering in place.

"That's the right stuff...huh...need to work on it some more. Something missing...right! Make it easier to work!" She worked to get it right. If she was wrong then her brilliant idea would fry Kasumi' brain. Not a good thing. Dad would kill her. Installed in the helmet would be a Telepathic Link so that she could 'think' and the mech would 'do'. No instruction manual required since she was installing several battle simulators and a tutorial. Maybe a hard copy would be good too. She had the computer create a book while she got to work on the powerarmor.

"She is totally gonna love this!" Skuld cackled with glee as she set to work.

Back at the Tendo Home...

Ryo was used to being stared at by this point. If Ryuunosuke and Nabiki hadn't run out to the kitchen dinner wouldn't be on the table. He shook his head. Had they really be talking about his story for that long? It had started since they walked in the door. Ryuunosuke innocently telling them about what happened and suddenly they have him seated at the table essentially grilling him. It took some doing but they had hammered out the details. A Ryoga Hibiki from another world they had actually bought fairly easily. The fact that he saved the multiverse? That took some heavy explaining. He wished Xiao was here. The catgirl would be all the proof he needed.

How do you argue with a girl that wields six-foot swords in both hands?

Dinner was an interesting affair as well. The food was good and a blushing Nabiki was revealed to have done the tempura and the miso. He did a good job of not double-taking or spitting out his food. Who knew the girl could cook like this?

While they ate it was their turn to explain what had been happening. They told him about the catdroid, Nuku Nuku, and about taking Akane and her away on a training trip. The part about Mishima Heavy Industries made him boil. He was especially put out by Kyuusaku and 'Mama-san'. The doctor wasn't doing it on purpose but the two of them were playing tug-of-war with their son. Not his place to question things. Considering that the people Mama worked for were willing to use lethal force to take him made the doctor the clear winner in this custody dispute.

"Well...I'll do my best to stick around. Can't have Knight Saber Kasumi doing all the heavy lifting right?" He quipped good-naturedly. That was the other thing they were getting used to. A Ryoga that wasn't depressed and upset all the time. The only thing that did kind of annoy him was that he couldn't contact Bahamut. Unacceptable but he had to live with it.

Then again summoning the God King of Dragons might be a little much against a helicopter.

"So you are a martial artist then?" Soun asked. "If so then may we see some of what you can do?" Ryo nodded his head.

"Sure thing. I was about to go do my practice anyway. Can't be slow when the time comes right?" He joked. That was definitely something they were getting used to. He was so cheerful and upbeat he seemed to radiate it in waves. With dinner done the household adjourned to the back yard to watch the show.

He spent several moments in breathing exercises as he slowly assumed a loose stance. The fanged warrior moved slowly, extending his arms outward and twirling his wrists in sinuous movements. Gradually he incorporated his legs into the dance as he took slow steps as if stalking with his hands now taking the appearance of tiger's claws. As they watched he began to gradually pick up speed. His hands lashing out in short, invisible bursts of speed with his feet flickering through the dance. Without warning he went straight into a full speed power kata that sacrificed none of his speed for the clear strength it held.

He reminded them of Ranma in many ways including the way he practiced. The only difference seemed to be that Ryo preferred to dance as he moved instead of the traditional movements. He was graceful with a serene look on his face. He shifted back into a flowing water dance before a lightning fast movement saw his Keyblades appear in his hands. The tempo changed once more into a violent torrent of crashing waves as the blades whistled and swept through the air in a blizzard of strikes. He was glowing a vibrant red as he moved before suddenly glowing bright gold and calling out his most powerful move.

"Ars...ARCANUM!" He roared before executing a blistering combo of strikes that had anything been on the receiving end they would certainly have been dead. The golden energy lashed out in time with the swings seeming as if there were even more blows being made. When it was over the light show gradually died down leaving him breathing a bit more heavily but not by much. This wasn't his island so unleashing deadly super attacks was a strict no-no. Normally he was practicing in the ocean aiming it out into the distance.

Kyuusaku stared open-mouthed at what he had just seen. He was not a martial artist but he could certainly appreciate the show that had just been put on. A quick glance to his side showed his friend in a similar position. Judging by the looks this was not a normal occurrence. Nabiki was pondering it he could see.

"That was interesting... How did you do that? That part at the end?" The middle girl asked inquisitively.

"Magic. Ars Arcanum is a powerful magical attack utilizing the wielder's ki as well. Very few spells use both magic and ki to fuel them but it is a martial move. I know a few like that but Ars is the only one that has a short range. It's my strongest but shortest range attack. Sonic Rush would go too far and it's too fast to control in tight quarters. Strike Raid is simply a Keyblade toss. Ragnarök fires a barrage of mystic rays. I picked up a couple more recently due to a trip to a place called "Castle Oblivion" but let's not go there okay?" He said pleasantly but it was clear there was a dismissal in his voice.

"Well now...with that out of the way...we can move onto more important matters. Where is Kasumi?" Soun asked.

Back at the shrine...

Normally it was Urd taking her orders a little fast and loose but today it had been Belldandy. She had been told by Skuld that she would need to guard Ryuunosuke since Kasumi was coming to the shrine. The middle daughter had a better idea. Why not summon someone who could act independently? Ryo fit the bill nicely. He was Fates' Warrior after all. The Keyblade Master was one of the few beings that Fate had on speed dial for when things were too hairy even for them. He was given power that could crush a god in single combat but could be trusted not to due to his pure heart and kind nature.

The Hibiki boy was quite possibly the most brutal and violent Keyblade Master they ever had she mused as she sat on the couch. Keichi wasn't home yet but he would be soon. By then Kasumi needed to be out of there since it would be bad policy to get her involved in all this. With her fiancée home then Mara would come around. It was a cycle that was starting to try even her patience. Maybe Ryo could...? No, the Doublet System would not allow that. She blushed for thinking so uncharacteristic a thought but her traitorous mind kind of liked it.

Kasumi was testing her new hardsuit in the back yard. It was sleek. It was shiny. It fit her like a second skin. The under armor was so tight to her body she would have no need of a bra. It breathed and moved in a way that normal techno armor didn't. The armor was a very pale pink with white arms and legs with it turning into a darker pink over her chest area and back. She was field testing the under armor without the top layer at Skuld's insistence so she could tell if it was too tight or restricting.

The Tendo girl was amazed at the armor. The younger goddess had informed her that this was only the first layer. This was the interface layer that would go under the main armor. The reason it was so light was that it was made of a fine mesh of mithral. Skuld demonstrated just this layer's defensive power by hitting her repeatedly with a blaster array in the chest. The young woman had been plowed into the wall by the rays but she wasn't hurt. She blinked several times as she registered that.

"Whoa...this is way better than even my simulations made it out to be. Ready for the second layer?" Skuld asked with a grin. Kasumi nodded her head as the girl typed something into her computer. A circle of light appeared around Kasumi before turning into two separate rings that moved up and down her frame before vanishing. Kasumi stared at the second layer. Now she had gauntlets and boots. Thigh protectors and upper arm guards. There was a collar around her neck leading into a light chest covering. This was done in pure silver. Skuld called it "Chekhari Silver". She called it a powerful and light mystic metal. Kasumi checked the new parts.

"What should I do?" The girl asked. Skuld called up a few targets. They looked like Mishima mechs.

"Take them out. We're also testing the durability of your armor as well as flexibility. They WILL fight back." Skuld warns as the machines begin firing. Kasumi quickly dodges to the side much faster then even in her old hardsuit. The ether propulsion would take some getting used to she realized as she practically skated on the shimmering energy jets. Kasumi did as Skuld had said and pointed her hands, palm out, at the machines and unleashed the ether busters on the two machines. The mecha continued firing as they tried to flank her with their rounds bouncing off of her new armor. If they had shot for her exposed head she would have been dead but that wasn't the purpose of this exercise. It was to test each portion to see if it worked with the others. The ether blasters released their payload causing both machines to detonate impressively.

"Good job. How did that feel?" The younger girl asked. Kasumi was breathing a bit more heavily but mostly from adrenaline. It was as light and responsive as she hoped it would be.

"It's...amazing..." Kasumi said with wonder in her voice. She stared at the silver armor in awe. It was like they were turning into a shining knight. She giggled as she thought it. Skuld smiled softly at the girl's childish reactions. Despite looking like a child she was still an ancient goddess.

"Last layer. The third layer is made entirely of orichalcum. This is also the layer with all the enhancers. Your will is very important now. It will determine how powerful your shields are as well as other aspects such as strength, speed, and dexterity. Do not lose sight of your goal and never lose hope." Skuld warns her as she initiates the final layer. Kasumi is encircled once again by the twin rings. When they vanish she is standing in a complete suit of armor. Her helmet resembles Priss from Bubblegum Crisis. The stronger plating is once again molded perfectly to her body. The helmet connects with the collar around her neck while the full chest plate and thigh guards appear. From the chest plate are a pair of slender shoulder pads. On her back is a small pack with a single ether emitter. The pack was merely for sustained hovering but combined with the feet would allow for flight. Elbow and wrist armor connect to the gauntlets while knee and shin guards combine with the leg portions. The rest of the color scheme is in fuchsia.

"Well! I must say she IS pretty snazzy. So sharp and dazzling in that new armor of hers. What do you say to a test run children?" A voice says from off of the property. The sound of people screaming in terror is clearly heard. Kasumi stares at Skuld.

"Who is that?" She demands.

"That's Mara." Urd said with a nasty look on her face. She was not a happy goddess right now. Mara was here and already causing trouble. Before she can say anything else the eldest Tendo daughter vaults over the outer wall to help the screaming victims. If she had stayed longer she would have been told it was a trap.

"Damn!" The eldest goddess swore before Belldandy placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Let us go and see this. Should we need to intervene then we will but right now Father wants to see one of his children defend her world without us." The middle goddess said. Urd and Skuld both visibly wilted with that realization. Without further discussion they vanished.

The new hardsuit was a formidable piece of equipment according to Skuld. Kasumi was not worried if it would perform as advertised. She knew it would. What she was worried about were the people on the other side of the wall. When she landed and performed a quick scan she realized something. She had been completely tricked. It had seemed like the best course of action to jump the wall but now it didn't look that way. Too late to worry about it now. A woman floated in the air. She had long curly blond hair and was dressed like a biker slut from Hell. Mara would have objected and corrected you with "from Niffleheim". The reason she knew that she had been duped? Arrayed before her were a host of demonic entities.

"Should let you know where you stand in the great scheme of things human. Even with that delightful little toy you're still demon meat. Now why don't you just send that thing away so my boys can have some real fun?" She smirked evilly as her demons began salivating.

Everyone wondered sometimes where Akane got her pervert senses from. Kasumi was reinstalling the beta version of those old protocols. A ripple of fuchsia and blue suddenly lashed out from her form causing the demons to throw their arms up to block the sudden gust. A crackling sound was heard as Heaven's finest technowizard's new baby revved up and prepared for battle. The demons rallied themselves and charged the suit thinking they would stop it from powering up.

They were far too late.

Skuld sweatdropped. Massively. When Kasumi suddenly used all that ether energy she had suddenly built up to conjure a hammer that would have put Mjolnir to shame before slamming it into the oncoming horde of demons. They were instantly blown away and into the distance with numerous pings letting everyone know that they had successively breached LEO. Mara stared before blinking at the situation. Demonic horde? Check. Sinister trap? Check. Totally owned once again by the goddesses? Check. Done in by their pet mortal? Aggravatingly...double check. She had taken her eyes off of Kasumi during her internal rant.

"That was not very nice." Kasumi said in a gently scolding tone that was completely at odds with the massive energy blast she was building up between her palms. Before Mara could think of dodging the blast was released, catching her in the chest, and throwing her clear out into the stratosphere. Maybe she should take a vacation? Kasumi stopped her assault breathing heavily. The goddesses were evaluating her and silently thanking Mara for that.

"If she can handle that many damned then those Mishima guys won't know what hit 'em." Urd stated confidently which Skuld eagerly agreed with. Belldandy still looked faintly troubled.

"We shall see..." Belldandy said as Kasumi leaped back into the shrine. The Tendo girl was staring at her hands with something approaching shock. Such power from her? According to Skuld it was all based around her willpower. Her will was that strong?

"In order to keep your home as ordered as it is would require a strong will. To not collapse in the face of such a monumental task takes a strength of character few would be capable of. I am Belldandy." The middle sister said with a smile.

When Kasumi returned home it was quite late. They had her stay for dinner and they had talked. The topic of conversation was explaining her limits. She would understand what she needed to do that was certain. Her hardsuit was the singular most powerful armor on Earth at the moment but it was very limited. She would still have to keep an eye on the enemy. Just because she could take them didn't mean that her friends and family could. They were trained soldiers who would take advantage of any opening she left them. Just because she could break them all day didn't mean anything if they got around her.

It was something to think about at least. Kasumi reflected on this as she stood in the koi pond with her arms folded over her chest. The skintight bodysuit was still the same with circuitry embedded into it for better synchronization. She looked up from where she stood to see a very confused looking young man with a bandanna. Kasumi was trying to understand who he was and why did he have that glazed look in...his...eyes...?

When she looked down she realized she was unconsciously pushing her breasts up with her folded arms and felt an eyebrow twitch. The young man blushed and looked away quickly even as she stalked over to him. A very un-Kasumi-like was percolating in her brain as she stood before him. Before she punted him Nabiki stuck her head out.

"There you are!" The middle sister exclaimed as she ran out to drag her confused and unresisting older sister inside. The young man shook his head before hopping to his feet and following them in. Her father sat at the shogi board with Kyuusaku staring intently at the pieces before Nabiki came blowing in with Kasumi in tow. Predictably, their father leaped to his feet and smothered her in a fierce grip.

"Oh Kasumi-chan! You're home!" He bawled while the doctor merely waited for it to end. Without even thinking about it he moved several pieces before catching on to what he was doing. By the time he was finished musing the spectacle was over. Watching Kasumi getting crushed in her father's embrace was a bit amusing though. With that over with he asked the question everyone was thinking.

"Where did you go Kasumi-chan?" The girl in question blushed a bit at the "chan" suffix, but instead on commenting on it, began explaining what she had been up to. When prompted she showed them the new suit of powerarmor. Kyuusaku stared at it hard as it slowly filtered into his brain that such a piece of technology was far out of his league. The fact that the size was cut down so dramatically was also apparent.

The reactions were interesting to note. Nabiki looked faintly jealous. Not only did it look cool but it did all sorts of flattering things for her figure. Soun blinked several times at the deadliness of it but also the fact that it hid little of his child's person. That bothered him. Ryuunosuke thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen after his own sister of course. Ryo merely raised an eyebrow at it. Part of him was starting to worry that things like this were becoming blase.

Then came her turn to hear about events. She was horrified to learn that Ryuunosuke had been attacked and the real goal of these enemy hardsuits. The horror was quickly followed by relief at Ryo coming to his rescue. Part of her was wishing that their Ryoga could be like this polite and friendly young man. Of course hearing how he systematically killed both pilots while inside their suits made her squirm a bit. She didn't want to kill anyone and to hear that he did it so easily kind of worried her. Would she become like that? Would she have to kill? Then hearing his story made her understand why he was so easy with it.

In his life there were three kinds of people. Friends and loved ones, could be friends, and enemies. Enemies needed to be eliminated to protect all his precious people, even the ones he hasn't met yet. Very simple and tidy as he put it. Cuts down on confusion. Attacking a child puts one so far in the enemies category he doesn't even think about letting them go. That was something they could both agree with.

"Hopefully that's the last of that for tonight..." Ryo said since he didn't want to explain his story anymore. Somehow he and Kasumi had ended up sitting outside in front of the koi pond. Soun and Kyuusaku were once again playing shogi. Nabiki was in her room finishing up her homework. Ryuunosuke, unsurprisingly, went straight to bed. After the day he had there was no question that he was tired.

"I hope so too. There has been too much chaos recently. I thought, naively, that it would slow down a bit with Ranma out of town but it seems to have only magnified." Kasumi was back in her dress with he legs tucked beneath her. She simply stared at the koi pond without seeing it.

"For your first time in combat you're holding up well. Guess being the daughter of a martial arts master counts right? As for the chaos...it's been my experience that anything that has Nerima in the name is just another way of saying 'Chaos'. You don't need a Ranma to make things wild. Look at my experiences! All that was put in motion long before Ranma and I were born. We ended up playing a bit part in a huge multiversal play. All the people I met were just the actors. Do you see? Nerima is a lot like Eerie, Indiana. The source for weirdness." the Eternal Lost Boy sat back on his hands with his legs straight out. The girl beside him contemplated that before deciding to ask a question that was nagging at her.

"How do Ranko and Shampoo deal with you being gone all the time?" She asked. The Lost Boy stared off into space for a moment.

"They hate it. They love me but they hate my direction curse. It's not too bad since most places I can summon Bahamut to take me home. I can't feel him here which is definitely a bad thing. Too bad I can't contact Virginia..." He trailed off at seeing her confused look.

"Virginia Maxwell is a gunslinger, or Drifter as their called on her world, who has access to another multiverse traveling dragon named Lombardia. If I could get a hold of them I could go home but I wouldn't want to yet." Ryo said.

"But if you miss your loved ones..." Kasumi started only to have the young warrior shake his head.

"I miss them terribly...it hurts being away from them...but my code won't allow an innocent to be left n danger. Until everyone gets back from the training trip I want to stick it out here." He said to her. She smiled.

"I didn't know if I could handle this on my own." Kasumi said seriously. The Lost Boy nodded.

"Sounds like me actually. After I found myself in Traverse Town with a locked girl curse. I had help then so the least I can do is pass on the good I received." He says with a chuckle which cut off as if it never existed. The more experienced warrior hopped to his feet with a look of intense concentration that had Kasumi instantly on edge.

"Gear up somethings coming!" He growled out as the twin Keyblades flashed into existence. Kasumi ran inside to get her bodysuit. They made it so that she could summon her armor with it on but not if she took it off. Chiding herself for being stupid she made it to her room and had her dress almost off when she heard the sounds of heavy combat outside. She felt panic start to take hold when her wish let her see what course she had before her. There would be time but only if she acted smartly. By blindly tearing at her dress it would take longer.

She forced herself to calm down and slip into her bodysuit before willing the suit into existence. Ryo yelled up from outside.

"One of them is in the house with you!" She heard and understood. Kasumi quickly made her way to the Natsume's room when she heard a crash from inside and Ryuunosuke call out in fright. She went to throw the door open when suddenly a black shape came hurtling through the door with the speed of a train right into Kasumi's waiting grasp. The Tendo girl reacted on instinct and broke the thing over her knee. She gasped when she realized what had just happened but quickly rushed into the room. Plenty of time to worry later. Who had done that?

The answer was a tiny little man who was so wrinkled it was unsure if he even human anymore. Ryuunosuke was staring in awe at the man who was even smaller then him. Kasumi felt relief flood her as she recognized who it was. Apparently even threats of blackmail could not keep him away.

The Grandmaster of the Anything Goes Style, Happosai, had returned.

Ryo couldn't afford to use any of his crowd clearing special attacks since the house was so close. Soun was making an excellent accounting of himself. As long the Lost Boy held off the greater flood of enemies then he could handle what got through. The mechs had realized fairly quickly that shooting would be a bad idea since he cast Reflect on the house and on the defenders. It was a constant draw on his mana but he could easily live with it. The only time it was hard was when they were actually firing on it. But they learned quickly that opening fire on a Reflect spell made everything go back at the ones firing. It was how he was doing damage control.

These things were fast though and powerful. He dispatched two because they fought defensively. Early blows had crippled their offense and then he took them out at his leisure. This time they were fighting in waves. There were eight of them right now with four more waiting to relieve anyone who needed it. Ryo thought fast. That made for a very nasty set up especially with their refueling stations right outside the house. They could maintain the eight man strike force. He slipped into the mindset once again.

This was already looking like a very bad situation because this was the third time he had used his Mindset and each time it was getting harder to maintain. He felt time slow down as the mechs began approaching at ludicrously slow speeds. Ryo unleashed blows upon them at Amaguriken speeds. These had been made hardier then the last types. Much more durable. His Keyblades scraped and scratched them but didn't shear through them. Soun was starting to tire he could see and he sure as hell wasn't any better.

He broke from the engagement as the Keyblades started to glow. He had no choice. He had to do it. The mechs came charging in linearly to attack him from the front. Ryo began twirling his Keyblades, angling them slightly, as he used Firaga and Blizzaga to heat and cool the twin weapons. Thundaga was trailing along the two blades causing visible clashes of elemental fury with each rotation. Aeroga began forming around the twirling Keyblades as he used the principle of the Hiryuu Shoten Ha to increase the power.

The mechs began registering a powerful meteorological disturbance far too late to save them. Ryo cut loose with his super move instantly shredding the powerful mechs attacking them. The one that was engaging Soun disengaged to attack Ryo while he was distracted. Too bad several high power explosives came winging in from out of nowhere to blow the menacing machine into scrap. The exhausted pair of warriors looked to the roof to see who had just saved them.

Soun fainted from surprise and relief. Ryo just...fainted. Happosai smirked down at the battlefield. What would they do without him?

End Chapter

Author's Notes: The reference Ryo made was to Wild Arms 3. I do not hate any of the characters. They can annoy me greatly but I don't hate them. It's a comedy so their faults and flaws are blown out of proportion to make it more humorous. Even Happosai had a good side, which didn't come out much, but it was there. I'm having a blast writing this story and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you've read "A Different Side" would you like me to bring in someone else from there? I'm accepting requests. Have a good night everybody!