Title: What hurts the most

Chapter 1

The fallen leaves cracked, and rustled below her black boots that stopped just below her knees. She knew she should have worn something a little warmer because the black skirt and white blouse just wasn't doing much.

The Autumn breeze blew her hair out of place and mostly in front of her face that was red and puffy from all the tears she had cried.

She wasn't sure where she was walking but she had to find someone who would understand.

The sun was going down, and it was getting darker she knew she should have headed back home but couldn't something was stopping her.

She finally came to a spot and looked down at the ground below her before she started another crying fit.

Sinking to the ground she huddled her knees close to her chest.

She wasn't concerned about who saw her she was in too much pain to care right now.

"Georgie what are you doing?" she heard a familiar voice call her.

She lifted her head from her knees that were now soaked because of her tears and looked around but saw no one.

"Georgie" She heard her name again, this time she saw someone walking towards her it was her sister Maxie.

Georgie lowered her head to her knees again continuing to cry how would she ever get over this?

"Why are you doing this to yourself?" Maxie took a seat on the ground next to her.

"doing what?" Georgie finally answered.

"I'm here if you need someone" She stood up it was impossible to reach her now it was too late.

Georgie's eye's followed Maxie as she walked away leaving her alone again, and that is what she needed to be alone and let this sink it that it was really over.

She would have sat there all night if it hadn't started to rain.

It wasn't just raining it was like the sky opened up and buckets of water were being poured on her.

Pulling the blanket she had with her around her body tighter she began to run, she had to get out of there and fast.