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"Whoa! Wait just one second!" Zach held up his hands as if making a statement, "You mean to tell me you've been staying with rich boy?"

"God you hand around with Joey too much!" snapped Tea, "He has been really nice to me!"

Why am I defending him? She asked herself.


Mysterious Feeling's - Chapter 6

After Zach's disapproval, Tea had returned to the Kaiba mansion and hadn't heard from Zach at all. She was angry with him for acting so stubborn when he had learned she was staying with Kaiba. Mokuba had been trying to get to make amends but Tea was having none of it.

"But he's your brother!" he whined.

"And he should have been grateful that Kaiba was looking after me!" she stated, collecting the books that were strewn all over the floor.

Since when did I get so protective over him? she wondered, what could have changed that much in the few days I've been staying here?

Mokuba sighed and also gathered up his textbooks and the homework Tea had been helping him with. She rolled her eyes when she saw his face and sighed.

"Will you please smile?" she begged.

"How can I?" he asked miserably, "It's my fault that you're not speaking to your own brother!"

"Look, we're both stubborn and we will get over it!" Tea smiled, "If it means that much to you then I'll call him later."

Mokuba smiled up at her, "Really?"

"Of course" Tea pulled him into a hug, which got a very happy smile out of him. Glancing down at her watch she gasped when she saw the time.

"Oh, I have to go meet the guys!" she rushed to grab her coat while shouting over her shoulder, "If Kaiba asks, tell him I'll be back in an hour or two!"

"Kay!" Mokuba quickly thanked her for helping him with his homework and she stepped out the door, pulling the long, brown coat on as her black boots clicked on the sidewalk. A slight breeze ruffled her hair and she made her way the Rose Cafe.

She loved the Rose Cafe. Her mom had taken her their as a child and she had introduced her friends to it after Yugi had helped her out that day and it had soon become a favorite hangout. The smell of coffee and bagles hit her and she smiled.

The bell tinkled as she pushed open the door causing five heads to swivel around, four pairs of eyes look at her and four mouths break into happy smiles. Tea smiled herself and made her way past the booths until she reached her friends.

"Bakura! Serenity! I didn't expect you two to be here!"

Serenity's smile faltered a little and her eyes fell to stare at the table.

"Listen Tea…" she mumbled but Tea cut her off.

"Serenity I'm not angry at you. And I'm not angry at Zach, just annoyed…"

Joey and Tristen moved over to allow their friend to sit down with them. She smiled gratefully. They had already ordered a plate of fries but Tea only picked at them. She did take a sip out of Ryou's soda though.

The conversation soon turned to her being in the hospital, which in turn, led it to being about where she was staying while her father was away.

"I've been staying with…Mokuba" she hoped that using Mokuba's name instead of Kaiba's, would lessen the impact.

"Mokuba? You been staying at Kaiba's?!?"

Tea rolled her eyes and sighed. "He's not that bad!"

"Not that bad? Tea what have you been smoking? The guys a stuck up, son of a-"

Riiiiiiiiing riiiiiiiiiing

Tea jumped and almost knocked over Ryou's drink. She grabbed her bag and rummaged through it until her fingers found her phone. She pulled it and flipped it open.


"Hiii Teaaa" Mokuba said in a singsong voice.

The brunette laughed, "Hi Mokuba! What is it?"

"Seto's going out for dinner and he said if you wanna come you gotta get back here now"

"Sure I'll come"


"Um, Mokuba?"


"What have you been drinking?"

"Well, it's brown, it's fizzy, it's got lots of E numbers, if you drink it too fast it makes your nose tingle…Coke!"

Tea sighed. "I'm confinscating every bottle of that stuff that's in the house. And I'm on my way"

She cut off the call just had Mokuba had begun a very long and agonized, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

She shook her head and slipped her phone in her bag before standing up.

"I gotta go you guys. We're going out for dinner."

Joey and Tristen started to protest but Tea merely laughed, said goodbye and made her way back to the mansion.

She was halfway down the street when she heard footsteps behind her. She looked back but didn't see anyone, but when she carried on, the sound started up again.

She gulped and quickened her pace, beginning to panic a little. Her breathing became very uneven when the footsteps matched her own speed and she broke out into a frightened run. Whoever was behind her laughed and tears were in her eyes as she pushed past the few people that were heading the way she had just came.

Two children ran down a side alleyway and the footsteps disappeared but Tea didn't slow down. She frantically pushed the gate release button to the mansion and slipped through as soon as they began to open. Tea hammered on the front door and when a very angry looking Seto Kaiba answered she threw herself on him, sobbing.

"What the-?"

Seto shut the door and guided Tea into the front room where he sat her down on the sofa and kneeled before her.

"Gar-" he stopped himself using her surname as he knew Mokuba didn't like it, "Tea what's wrong, what happened?"

She blurted it all out, but she was speaking that fast that he only caught words like "footsteps", "followed" and "scared". But with those few words he got the gist of what happened.

"Who did? Did you see them?"

Tea looked up at him, her watery blue eyes hitting something inside of him.

"It was j-just a k-kid but it scared me s-so much!"

Seto clenched his fists and let out a small growl. That team had better get those results back soon…

"Seto! Is Tea back yet?"

The two brunettes heard him run around the various rooms causing Tea to let out a small laugh as she tried to wipe away the mascara that had run a little. Mokuba burst into the room just as Seto had taken pity on the girl and gently wiped the remaining make-up away.

Mokuba took one look at Tea and Seto's action was out of his head as he rushed to her side.

"Tea, what's wrong? Why have you been crying?"

Tea gave him a weak smile and pushed her back so she could see the boy properly.

"Nothing. I got myself worked up over nothing. It was silly of me." She pushed herself up and Seto followed suite, brushing himself down.

"Go and get ready" Seto said, and it was only then that Tea realized what he was wearing. Her eyes traveled upwards starting at his shoes were black and then upwards to his dark denim jeans. Her blue orbs lingered on his black shirt with the first two buttons undone, exposing a little of his chest. She shook her head and looked back up at his face as he looked at her with an amused look.

"Your staring Gardn- Tea" Mokuba looked up at him and smiled in a thank you gesture for calling her by her first name.

Tea turned and slowly moved towards the door. She pushed it open but then turned back as she remembered something.

"I don't have anything to wear!" she stated, "I only brought a few things and they weren't exactly ball gowns or fancy dresses."

"Go and get ready" he repeated.

Tea frowned and shook her head, turning back and making her way up the stairs to her room. She slowly pushed open the door and fumbled to find the light switch. She finally flicked it on and stared at her bed. Hanging form the frame around the top that was supported by four posts was a brand new dress. She walked over to it and ran her hand over the silky, light blue material. The dress was studded with a few sequins and there were matching shoes placed beneath it.

A noise behind her shook her from her trance and she turned to see Mokuba hovering by the door.

"Do you like it?" he asked nervously.

"It's beautiful but…I can't accept this." She said.

"Why not? Is it the wrong size? The wrong colour? The-"

"Mokuba it's fine, the right size and everything but…I doubt I can pay you back for this!"

Mokuba laughed. "You don't have to pay anything back. It's a gift."

She smiled and pulled him towards her into a bone-breaking hug. "Thank you" she whispered.

"It's not me you have to thank," he choked, "It's Seto"

She finally let him go and he rubbed his neck a little. "Kaiba got me this?"

"Yeah, but he isn't gonna get you anything else if you don't hurry up and get ready!" he bounced out the room, shutting the door behind him, leaving Tea to slowly make her way towards the dress.

She gently pulled it form the hanger and held it up against her. She could tell it would fit her perfectly and wondered why on earth Kaiba would get her something like this.

She sighed and began to undress. Tea slipped the dress on carefully over her head and smoothed it out. She then applied some make up and brushed her hair through, leaving it down. As she suspected, the dress did fit perfectly. It was a halter neck and the material gracefully fell in place around her body. Tea didn't think she had a particularly curvy body, but whatever curves she did have, were definitely highlighted. The back line was low but not low enough that it showed off her butt. It stopped just as it reached the small of her back.

She smiled as she put on the matching, slightly darker, blue shoes before grabbing a jacket and making her way back downstairs. She reached the top of the stairs and noticed the two brothers standing in the hall talking to each other.

As Tea descended a few steps Mokuba looked up and saw her first. His face broke into a wide smile causing Tea to blush a little and Seto to look up.

Seto swallowed awkwardly, trying to get some moisture back into his mouth. As she neared the bottom of the stairs, he tried to speak but only succeeded in making a fool of himself as he tripped over his words. She looked amazing.

"You look nice" he settled with, as it was the only thing he could get to come out properly.

She smiled at him. "Thank you" she said quietly.

Mokuba looked from Tea to Seto with delight on his face. Both teens were blushing slightly and they were both fumbling over what to say.

"Shall we go?" Mokuba asked laughing.

"Um…don't you think this a bit, um…fancy just to go for a meal?" Tea asked.

Since Seto was still recovering, Mokuba decided to answer. "Well, we're not just going for a meal."

Tea's eyes narrowed.

"We're actually going to an anniversary do." Seto said finally finding his voice again.

"And we're probably gonna be the youngest people there!"

Seto sighed, "No we won't."

"Really?" Mokuba skipped towards the door, following Seto who had turned around and grabbed his coat.

"It's a big celebration" he replied, "A lot of people are going to be there and if they have kids then they're going to be there too."

"Woohoo!" Mokuba ran around like a headless chicken almost tripping his brother up.

They got into the limo and Roland shut the door behind them and climbed into the drivers' seat. The privacy screen was up and the trio sat back to enjoy the luxurious ride to their destination. A bottle of champagne was opened and Seto handed a glass to Tea who accepted with a smile. He also handed a smaller glass to Mokuba who had insisted that he should have some too. Tea laughed as he took a sip and almost spat it out and gave the glass back to Seto.

The three of them chatted about random things that popped into their heads, causing Tea to almost spill her drink down her as she fought for breath. Seto smirked at her as he tried not to laugh as to uphold his cold-hearted demeanor that was gradually slipping away for him.

Tea watched him closely and smiled to herself.

Am I falling for him?


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