Title: Snow


Note: Dedicated to amoebafive on Livejounal (or Kitsunebot FanFiction), because she asked nice. :P

Kagome had once thought that Sesshomaru was like the snow.

White and crisp; cold and pure; unfeeling and uncaring of who or what lay in it's path. She had seen him and his ethereal white beauty and his cold façade and knew that he was like the snow that had been falling.

Years later, Kagome knew that Sesshomaru was like the snow. Beautiful and untouchable – for fear that it may bite your hand; cause you pain. He was calming to look at, a joy to inhale, and impossible to touch.

In the end, Kagome knew that Sesshomaru was fire, because as he held her when she died, his skin was as hot as the sun, and his golden eyes blazed unsung emotions – emotions snow could never reveal.

Because in the end, snow will melt.