Disclaimer: Don't own Naruto, but I am using a different type of storyline. Neji's 5 years older than Hinata (Neji 19, Hinata 14). There will be a time jump in this fic. Don't know how long it was last, but it won't be rushed. Hope you like.

Inclinations and Rapports

By: Apherion

Chapter 1

Hinata whimpered slightly when she heard the doorknob to her room wobble and turn. One slightly heavy foot creaked on the floorboards and Hinata didn't need to see to know who it was coming to call at such an hour. He had, in fact, put the blindfold on her not minutes before. She shouted at him.

"I love Naruto! C-can't y-you just l-leave m-me alone?" His bitter laugh was enough for her. She didn't need to be told his opinion of her. He just wanted to break her, to make her give up being the heiress. She knew what this was about.

"You can't, you'll realize a moment too late that you cannot and even you're own house won't take you back!" This argument was old, but he had never said that before. What was he playing at?

"You're just doing this s-so y-you can b-be in the m-main house!"

"Eventually, you will comprehend." His cold, stoic manner was irking her beyond all reason. He had her hands tied behind her back for goodness' sake!

"Never, and I will always hate you!"

"One day you will love me." Neji then exited shutting the door behind himself and locking it with its only key. He smirked and walked away from the door. He would have her one way or another.

"Neji, darling, is that you?" His mother called him from the living room and he answered in a bored drawl,

"Yes, Mother."

"I've been worried about you my son; did you know that it's just two more years until young Hinata is to be wed?" The wedding, the arranged marriage, how could Neji be so forgetful? He snorted with dissatisfaction.

"Why, pray tell, are you so critical of the wedding that will partake, hm?" His mother didn't understand. Maybe it was the fact that she didn't want to understand, but ever since his father was sent to Cloud, dead, his mother has gone downhill from there. She's even considered mad by his grandparents, uncles, aunts, and even some cousins. Hm, Mother, the reason why I am displeased with the wedding arrangements are because I am not the one doing the wedding, now am I? Oh, but that will soon change. I will have her at my feet begging. She's always been weak. Always.

"No reason to concern yourself over, Mother. I have no intention on filling you in either." With that, he stormed into his bedroom with quiet fury. His mother didn't follow him, or bother him in any way.

Neji remembered everything that had happened to begin his plot, and as he grew, so did his mischievous acts that he could use to bring her closer to him. He befriended her as a child. Ignored her until she became a genin, that's when she became competition. And though she was now a chuunin, she was still as impressionable as a child. Naïve Hinata, weak and young, I will have you before I am done. He thought that as he imagined her cowering form.

This had been happening since she came to him that night, of her own free will. Six months may be little time, but she was easy to correlate with. Only, she was easier to mold then the other girls her age. He couldn't have gotten to them like her. But then again, if he knew where they lived and had the keys to their places, he could break them as well. In due course, of course, and five years ahead of those teens was an advantage he was willing to take up.

Hinata sat on her bed, tears leaking out from under her blindfold. Her wrists hurt and she wanted to sleep, but the pain was not permitting her that needy desire. She wanted nothing more than to not exist. She was tired of it. She wanted her position, but if Neji would go so far as to try and earn her love for it, she would be crazy to try and keep the position that was 'rightfully' hers. True, Neji had five years of experience ahead of her, but he seemed to know more that her father, the Head Hyuuga.

Fourteen and she had experienced something most horrible indeed. Her cousin wanted her, by any means necessary. She shivered as she recalled the incident that had instigated it all (to her at least). She dove into the memory, for at such an early hour in the morning, there was nothing that she could do with the bindings on her hands and the bandana over her eyes.


Carefully, Hinata watched through her white eyes, she hoped she didn't draw his attention, even though she secretly did. Oh, Naruto-kun, if I could tell you what I really feel. She blushed and hid, noticing that she must've moved to suddenly to stir his interest. Hiding behind the wall was a good idea, she thought, regulating her rushed breaths.

"Hinata-chan," an over-excited blond cried out, starling her, and causing her to jump about a mile. She blushed and looked at her feet mumbling,

"H-h-hello…N-Naruto-k-kun." He giggled and slapped her back softly. She lifted her gaze to look at him, and her blush deepened. She felt his lips against her cheek and she giggled nervously, grinning shyly at the exuberant boy. She nearly fainted when she head Ino's croon.

"Ooh, Hinata and Naruto! What were you two doing?" And without waiting for a reply for either party, she ran for it, screaming down the streets: 'Naruto and Hinata are a couple!' Hinata could've sworn she had gained a severe sunburn all down her arms, and possibly legs too. Naruto scratched the back of his head.

"Heh, sorry about that Hinata-chan, but you are really cute!" Before Hinata could properly express her feelings to him, he bolted after Ino. Hinata could breathe at last, but she couldn't help but giggle and shake her head at the way the boy acted.

"Tadaima, Mama," shouted Hinata from the doorway of the Hyuuga complex. Her mother called from the parlor for Hinata to come join her for tea. Her father would be still inside that meeting with Neji. I would like to find out about it…maybe Neji-nii-san will tell me, she thought as she slipped out of her ninja boots and into her house shoes.

While helping her mom with the sewing, they talked about various topics. Where Hinata would like to go one day, how great a kunoichi she is, and how being sweet, yet firm were just a minor dent in the things they talked about. Eventually the conversation came to boys and what Hinata had a liking for.

"Um," she started, blushing a deep shade of red before answering completely. "I like…Naruto-kun." She whispered to her sewing. Her mother gave a collected gasp.

"Not the abomination, now, surely my daughter has someone else in mind?" Hinata's mother wasn't even close to thrilled. Hinata had known a little too late that she had said too much.

"Your papa will hear about this, young lady, you will not see him again. I don't care if he gives you flowers every day!" A laugh sounded from behind Hinata's straight-back chair.

"Who gives my little ray of sun light flowers?" He said tenderly, cooing over Hinata.

"The fox child," her mother said disdainfully. As expected, Hinata's father went off on a roll.

"My daughter, my ray of sun light, has been given flowers by the kyuubi! Never, not while I live! He's unfit for the Hyuuga line and I absolutely refuse! No tainted beast shall ever have the privilege of courting my daughter!"

"B-b-but P-papa," cried Hinata, throwing her sewing on the coffee table in front of her, "he is the sweetest! Do not take him away from me!" Her father shook his head and looked at her pityingly.

"He's already corrupted your mind. You must forget about him. He is just an absent child with no family. Leave him be, Hyuuga Hinata." Hinata had tears pouring down her almost-fourteen face. She ran from the parlor and to one of the branch houses. Neji had to be in one of them.

"Hinata-sama," he said, with the correct amount of deceitfulness he had shown everyone for the past fourteen years. She was crying more than ever.

"N-Neji-n-nii-s-san, t-t-they w-won't l-let m-me s-s-see N-N-Naruto-k-kun! T-they s-say h-he's an abomination! I-it's n-not t-true, N-Neji-n-nii-s-san!" She fell forward, clutching onto his haori. She felt an arm circle her waist. She felt his left hand grasp her face and tilt it up to his. She protested against it, but he forced her to stay still. His lips swooped down on hers, taking her in for the first time.

When he broke the kiss, he smiled as though he had won something. He had just stolen her first kiss. Hinata's mind was working frantically. Is his mom home? Where is anyone in this house? Then his cold drawl played inside her ears.

"No one's here, Hinata, we're all alone." She froze, her worst fear concluded. Her eyes widened and she let forth a broken screech. It was cut short by her getting the wind knock from her lungs by Neji slamming her against the wall. He smiled when she gave a moan in pain.

"That's a girl," she heard him whisper vaguely as his kissed her throat. Her stomach didn't seem to be settling with this new piece of information. His tongue licked her jaw-line, tracing while he nuzzle whatever bits of flesh he could reach. She gasped when she felt his hands grope her chest harder than necessary. He was toying with her and it was getting to the point where she couldn't take it any longer. She didn't want him, or any guy for that matter, trying to feel her up and take her. She pleaded with him to stop his workings, but it was as though her imploring cries fell on deaf ears.

She cried out louder, earning a hard slap across her face. She was hushed upon that contact. Her weary white irises stared fretfully at him. When did he change? When did he become someone…like this? She bit her lip, and she turned her head away from him, shutting her eyes tightly. Her chin was wrenched to look at him, but she refused to open her eyes. Frightened she may be, but she wasn't going to watch him.

"Open your eyes, Cousin," he whispered dangerously into her ear. She dared not to disobey. She saw his white, gleaming eyes, and his long brown hair flowing over bare shoulders. In the time it took her to resist him, he had removed his haori. Her eyes disobeyed her, and trailed down his body. For the first time in years, she got to see him without his shirt on. Her eyes flicked up when his hand tangled in her navy locks. He tugged, making her wince and gasp in pain.

All at once, his body had forced itself into hers. His lips had covered hers brutally and his tongue had swept in at the chance she had given him. It was uncomfortable for her to experience. In between a muscled chest and a wall, she couldn't really say what it felt like. Neji was pressing himself into her, and she couldn't overpower him. Five years younger meant that she was five years behind him in strength, not to mention courage (which she lacked most definitely).

He broke away from her, panting heavily. His eyes were glazed with lust, and she could see herself looking at him in fear for his sanity. Finding her voice, she whispered horror-stricken,

"W-what is w-wrong w-with y-you? W-why are y-you…" she lost her voice tears forming in her eyes. Neji just smirked wryly at her, pulling her into his body sickeningly pressing her body into inappropriate spots for two cousins.

"It was only a matter of time before you came to me for your problems," he said cockily. The look in his eyes was murderous though and Hinata let out a muffled squeak. He got her against the wall again, but when he forced her legs to wrap around his middle he was careful to keep from ripping her outfit. She let out a wail, but had one of his hands clap over her mouth.

"We wouldn't want to draw attention," he whispered huskily, and she felt something against her womanhood. She felt her white cheeks stain with red. His laugh sickened her and he forced his mouth on hers once again. Tears leaked out of her eyes, trying her best to block out what all he was doing. He let her go after that last kiss, telling her not to tell anyone. She didn't tell, for fear that her father and mother would think her weaker than before.