Inclinations and Rapports

By: Apherion

(A/N: Sorry for procrastinating!)

Chapter 12

They entered the Hyuuga Mansion, seeing four pairs of eyes on them. Hiashi, Neji's mother, Hinata's mother, Hanabi, they had all stayed up to wait for them to come back. Hanabi shouldn't have been allowed to stay awake. Neji internally cursed Hinata's mother for being so rash with the child's sleep.

Silence was piercing, and no one was breaking it. All of the eyes had noticed indefinitely Neji's hold on the heiress. Still, no one dared to speak. None were bold enough, except Hanabi—too young to understand the tension and when it was best to hold her tongue.

"So does this mean that nii-san and nee-san are together?" Her curious voice did not totally alleviate the atmosphere's tension. It did not register to her, her young my polluted by knowing Neji's fondness for her sister. Hiashi's eyes widened and looked down at Hanabi.

"Dear," Neji's mother said, not to Neji, but to Hanabi. "Is that what you think?" Hanabi looked at her aunt and smiled toothily. She was too young to know she shouldn't speak.

"Of course, Auntie! Nii-san and nee-san should be together!" Hinata heard Neji's sharp intake of breath. Hanabi you fool, Hinata thought with a tinge of anger.

"Hush, Hanabi, off to bed with your sleepy head," her mother quieted her, but Hanabi would not be silenced.

"But they should be! They love each other!" The adults' eyes were on them now, bearing down on them. Hinata was close to burying her head into Neji and start crying, but she stood strong.

"Is this true?" Hiashi asked, his lips pursed together. Neji only nodded, looking away from the faces to pull Hinata into him as though they weren't there. Neji was almost too tense, holding onto Hinata as if, at any second now, they were to be ripped apart.

"Let her go this instant! Hanabi, bed!" Hanabi and Hinata's mother was not one who normally raised her voice, but it now was several octaves higher. It was as though she didn't want her younger daughter to become twisted by the perverse situation at hand. Hanabi did nothing to acknowledge she heard her mother. Hinata let herself be pulled closer into Neji, discreetly wrapping her hands into his shirt to help her fight off tears and rash words.

"I will not release her until she says she wishes to be let go of. She isn't complaining, and she would tell me if I was hurting her. She's always told me when she was hurt. She came to me for comfort when she thought love was lost, Uncle. I gave her the ability to love again." Hiashi's voice roared over them.

"You will not touch Hinata or Hanabi! You are banished from here, Neji! You…are no longer…family," he said between clenched teeth. Neji shrugged stiffly—fazed but not at all intimidated.

"Fine by me, but whether or not I touch her is for her to decide, not you. Furthermore, if I am no longer family, then we are no longer cousins, therefore enabling us to have a relationship." Hiashi's frustrated growl of anger did nothing to sway Neji from his cool, calm speech. Hinata however, quaked against her love, afraid of her father's reaction to it all. She was still wondering how she should interject, her shyness almost crippling her right now.

"Get out," Hinata's mother said darkly to Neji, cutting the words. "Get out, and never return here." Neji turned to look at his aunt.

"No," and his face was just as defiant as his word. Hinata felt as though she was being spurred into speaking.

"Mother, Father—you took away Naruto from me, I won't let you take Neji too!" Hiashi and his wife glared at their daughter and nephew, together and holding hands. Hinata didn't notice that her hands had slipped into Neji's. They were comforting her now, his thumbs brushing over the tops of her hands. She didn't realize that she longed for this touch from him. It was almost too much to ask after all she'd said.

"Hinata, darling, it is forbidden. It is not allowed," her mother tried to coax Hinata to calming down a bit, but Hinata changed personality it seemed like, allowing herself the confidence Sakura had. I've always looked up to Sakura.

"I don't care." She bit out, fighting the tears in her eyes, looking at her mother. "I loved Naruto and would've gone to the ends of the Earth for him, but you decided that I wouldn't be allowed him. You forbade me my first love, my only love." Hinata didn't raise her voice, and the tears were finally allowed to flow from her eyes.

"I didn't love Neji. I loved him like I should've, platonically, but…" she choked, and Neji infinitesimally shook his head to indicate the phrase 'Not now.' "I realized I did love him. I had sworn I would hate him forever, but I couldn't. And then…" Hinata choked on the words.

"Then I had someone who tried to…tried to…never again. You will never decide who I am to love ever again. I love Neji; Neji is the one I'll marry. Neji is the only one I'll marry, and if we have to run away to another country, then so be it." And on cue, Neji pulled Hinata into his arms, and they were gone from the house.

Konoha was sleepless for the next two days, searching for the heir and the nephew of Hiashi Hyuuga.

"I'm sorry," Tsunade said to Hiashi, as day three was drawing to a close. "They are no where to be found." Hinata's mother gasped, and cried onto her husband's shoulder.

"Are you sure? Have you checked everywhere?" Hiashi held his wife to him, internally berating himself for forcing Hinata to choose between family and love.

"Yes, we have. I'm sure…though I know you'd rather me not say, but I'm quite sure we could search for the next year and still never find them. They aren't here, Hiashi." Tsunade's words were discouraging, speaking to him like a friend. However, they held the finality that the search was over.

"Can't you go into the other countries and look for them there?" Hiashi asked, grasping at straws. Tsunade shook her head.

"We haven't jurisdiction in those areas, and searching for them would be near impossible as they could've gone into the recesses of the northern most country or beyond the waterfalls. There's no telling, Hiashi-san. You have my deepest condolences." Tsunade walked away while Hiashi's wife cried and he stood lock-jawed on the patio of his mansion.

"Dearest…" his wife sobbed as he rubbed her back consolingly. "Maybe…maybe we shouldn't have…pushed them…" Hiashi only nodded, holding tight to his wife.

Neji and Hinata stood, staring at their new home, the hidden village in the rock. Neji stared down at Hinata and brushed back her windswept hair.

"I'm sorry it came to that," he whispered, pressing his lips against hers softly, intimately. "I never thought…" he trailed off when Hinata's arms had snake around his waist, pulling him closer into her.

"It doesn't matter anymore, Neji… We…" she just let him kiss her, feeling better and worse at the same time.

They stopped at an inn, quickly renting a room. They would speak to whomever they needed to in order to earn their stay in the new village. They would get married as soon as it would be allowed. But tonight, they would treat tonight like it was their last night together.

"Neji…I don't know…" His lips covered hers gently, persuading her to lie back onto the mattress. He's being so gentle with me. She kissed him back, praying that he understood if they couldn't.

"Hinata, I'm not going to hurt you." His soft words comforted her as he kissed her hair, tugging loose the front of his jacket. Her warm hands pressed against him, gripping at his shoulders as his hand slid up her thigh, exposed by the too pretty dress that brought out the glimmer in her eyes.

Clothes became the issue in the night lit by the pale glow of a crescent moon. The light streamed in from an open window, and the scent of rain was permeating the air. The two on the bed didn't seem care if it rained in on them.

Neji let her go momentarily to pull her dress off. The silky material glided off of her, exposing the girl's pale form. She glowed for him tonight. He took off the remainder of his clothes, kissing her neck, hearing the moans from her as his finger found her entrance.

She ached into him, sighing at the gesture, the preparation. Another finger followed, mimicking the actions of sex, helping her adjust her body to the feeling. She almost cried when he stopped.

"Shh, shh," he whispered gently, kissing her forehead, loving the taste of sweat on her brow.

Warmth covered him as he entered her, tightening sporadically around him as she became acquainted with his member within her.

"Neji," she whispered. He understood, slowing pulling out to push back in. A hand was on her hip, guiding her onto him. Her hands anchored on his shoulders, clenching him to her with every move.

In, out, she could feel him moving faster. His eyes sought hers, and they met, holding onto each other, in more than a physical way. The flush on her cheeks was the exact color he wanted on her features. This moment where both of their breathing was terrible, hitching with every second, and every second was pure bliss.

And in this moment, nothing mattered except the two of them. Hinata and Neji. Neji and Hinata. It didn't matter that they had just runaway from the only home they ever had, and it didn't matter that they were cousins. All that mattered was they were together, that they had found a way.

As Hinata's eyes fluttered closed, Neji tucked her into the sheets, kissing her forehead lightly so not to wake her. He moved lithely from the bed, towards the window. The rain fell in sheets on the town, muddying the roads and, incidentally, erasing the last traces of their escape. No one from the Village Hidden in the Leaves would be able to find them now if they had pursued over the border.

He heard Hinata restlessly tossing in her sleep, and he quietly closed the shutters on the water falling from the sky. He laid down beside his beloved, lacing the fingers of one hand with hers.

"Goodnight, my beloved," he murmured into her hair, letting his own eyes close so he, too, could drift into dreams of the one in his arms.

The End.