I lied.

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Yes, that last chapter was the ending.

-ducks flying objects and large axes aimed for head- PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! -runs-

Some people asked what happened to Miruko?

Whatever you want. Personally, I imagined him ascending into heaven after he committed suicide (extreme depression and Sakura-withdrawal) to watch over her.

Hehhe…joking. XD


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Limited to not only Naruto pairings, i.e., Fruits Basket, etc..

I really hate FF sometimes, though.

All this time, for the last chapter, I'm trying to make this totally pretty ending ruler thing, but every time I save changes, it thinks its correcting some grammatical horror, and deletes it.

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Do you think this should have a sequel? Or do you think it should be left as it is?

A little deviation from topic, again. Last time, I swear.

These random OOC moments have been brought to you by a very special person. By special, we're not really sure, but on with the weirdness:

Sasuke: You disgust me.
AE: -glomps- Awww! Cheer up, emo kid!
Sasuke: -has the wtf look-
Itachi: -snortlaugh- HAH! You went EMO cause of ME!
Sasuke: -twitch- must keeelll... -twitch twitch-
Itachi: -gulp- Gotta go! -runs for it-
Sasuke: -doing that breakdance move on the floor, foaming at the mouth- must –twitch- keeelll………-twitch twitch-
AE: -has been watching amusedly-

Sasuke: I'm an experiment?
AE: Yes. Shut up.
Sakura: Oh! Sasuke-kun! Experiment on me! -slutwink-
AE/Sasuke: -shudder-


And because I decided I couldn't keep my promise about diverging;

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