The ship he was captain over was taken command of by the Imperial leader swiftly, but he felt no anger—instead, he felt an immense joy quite unlike the sheer desperation he had been feeling the past few days.

He had heard whispers of this great commander, but never had he imagined that the great being would return and choose his ship as flagship.

He believed the Empire to be in dire straits, but now hope gleamed on the horizon. Now, the Empire could rise up brighter than ever.


A figure cloaked in black sat motionlessly in an ebony chair, his pale fingers resting on the chair's arms. Slowly, a sinister smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. The Empire was far from dead. He would ensure that.


Author's Note: This is just a tiny epilogue to draw attention to this story's sequel, "Galactic Sunrise." As Leia says in ANH, "It's not over yet."