Summery: Dracula has been lonely and depressed, but when he sees a mysterious girl during one of his hunts, its love at first sight. Who is this girl, and can she return Dracula's love? Or will horrors of their pasts destroy the start of something new?

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Chapter 1: Intro

A/N: This is pretty much a cap of what's been going on. This story takes place 3 years before the opening of the movie. I guess that makes it 1884 I believe? Dracula doesn't have any brides at all; he's been alone for hundreds of years. Well, on with the story!

Dracula sat alone in his study, reading a book he'd only read thousands of times before. He sighed heavily as he slammed the book shut and threw it across the room.

"Is something wrong Master?" A young servent named Emily called nervously, picking up the book slowly.

"Nothing," he barked bitterly, resting his head in his folded hands, staring into space. "The book's ending has yet again annoyed me…."

"Master, if I may be so bold……… to ask………… that really why you have been so agrivated lately?" He sighed in annoyance.

"Isn't there some chore you should be doing?" He growled, not willing to share his personal life with his servant.

"Well Master, its just…..we have all noticed, I mean, over the years you've well. Your not yourself, at all. And we are worried."

"Well, it isn't your business. I need to hunt if you'll excuse me." Dracula quietly left the room, but not without knocking over some chairs. Emily sighed as she picked up the chairs. She watched from the window as Dracula shot into the sky, screeching.

Dracula circled the quiet town silently, waiting to catch his prey. He landed silently on the ground and walked through the town. He watched as a young grave digger, was digging in the yard, under the supervision of an older man. Dracula waited for the older man to step inside before he made his way over to the man. The man was well built, tall, and broad. Dracula stood behind him, and then grabbed his shirt.

"Wah? No!" The man swung his shovel at Dracula, who easily blocked it.

"You shouldn't fight me…….." Dracula said slowly, he extended his fangs and bit him, draining him of blood. He threw the body in the grave he had been digging. He groaned angrily, even hunting lost its excitement………..he was bored out of his mind. He walked down the road and stared at the Valerius household. He hoped they would hear him and come outside for a fight, but his prayers weren't answered, so he kept walking. He looked around sadly, peering into homes. Looking at what he couldn't have.


Someone to love………

Dracula sadly remembered the last person he tried to love, and grimaced at the memory.

"Katrina…………" He growled into her neck, she whimpered in fear as she tried to back away.

"I love you Katrina, why won't you give me what I want……"

"You have no love Dracula; only lust……let me be free……please……" Dracula caressed her body, then she pushed him away and ran for the door. Dracula growled angrily and grabbed her arm.

"Why? I have given you everything I can………why don't you love me?"

"I love another…" She whimpered, crawling away from him, avoiding his eyes. His face sunk sadly. He had been nothing but kind and caring to her……what could he have done wrong?

"Is it me? I can change for you Katrina! Tell me what to do! Please!" He was on his knees before her.

"I am sorry Vlad……there is nothing you can do……"

"Tell me who it is……" She looked at him in confusion. "Tell me ho you love." She didn't respond.

"TELL ME NOW!" He snapped, standing up, pacing. Tears were now flowing from her face.

"I love Gabriel Van Helsing……" She whispered. Dracula cried out in rage.


"You won't feel the same once I transform you into a vampire and make you my bride."

"I'd rather die!" She spat at him, and then she ran for the balcony. Dracula watched in horror as she dove into the abyss below. All that could be heard was Dracula's scream piercing through the night……

Dracula was awoken from his trance when he heard a noise. He instantly looked up and saw a young women sitting on the roof. He watched her in awe as snow fell down softly from the sky. She had yellow eyes that looked like gold and she was wearing strange black clothing. (A/N: It is what Edward Elric wears in the hit anime Full Metal Alchemist, also similar to Yoh Asakura's battle uniform in Shaman King.) She had brown hair, that went to her shoulder blades and she had many weapons on her person. Her huge black boots squeaked together as she watched the stars. He then noticed a strange aura around three tablets she had strapped to her forearm. Dracula watched her for the longest time, before deciding he would make her his. He appeared next to instantly grabbing her from behind. He expected her to squirm, but instead she tensed up, grabbed his arm, and threw him off her. She then leapt from the roof and ran into the woods at an incredible speed. He fell to the ground dumbfounded. She countered him, skillfully, now he had to chase her. He transformed and took off to the sky.

He soon found her, as she jumped from tree to tree, in a panicked pace. She landed in a clearing and dashed at top speed towards the lake. Dracula laughed, as he swooped down on her. He caused her to trip, she wasn't expecting that. She tumbled into a rock, hitting her head. Blood trickled down her face from a nasty gash as she was lifeless on the ground. Dracula landed next to her, cradled her in his arms, and took off towards his castle.

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