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Chapter 35: Dreams of Sorrow

Caitlyn woke up the next night feeling even worse then before, she even vomited this time. She was looking paler then normal, even Eric was a little concerned over her well being. Her hair was matted in sweat, a strange sensation she hadn't felt in awhile. It was almost warm to her, and dizzy spells caused her to grab her head in her hands a moan in discomfort. She began to drift away into sleep…that was much needed after her restless nights. Thinking always of him, and how to get him back. She missed him so much, it ached, everywhere. She missed his scent, his breath, his touch, his icy stare, the touch of his lips against hers… She missed all of it, and she needed him to be complete again. Her thoughts would trail to what she did to Gabriel, and she felt nothing. No pain, no guilt, no satisfaction. Just nothingness and she almost craved more…in fact, the more she thought about it the sicker she'd become. Every night she would awake with the thoughts of him over her head and she'd have to sprint for the bathroom. This was the least of her worries though, her dreams have become unbearable.

He would be there…in the chains, I could almost feel it digging into me as well, the pain made it feel as though my arms were being burned as they were being ripped out. Vlad's face lifted to greet me. It was a site I hadn't seen in what had felt like a lifetime. I looked deep into his endless eyes and saw nothing but pain and a deep sense of weariness. I kept trying to get closer to him to tell him how much i needed him, but there was only silence when i began to speak. He couldn't hear me. Satan wouldn't allow him ...Dracula...my love to hear my cries of pain.

"Countess?" Emily asked timidly, awaking Caitlyn from her nightmares.

"Yes…?" Caitlyn whispered, her mind was still very far away, which deeply concerned Emily.

"You must move on Caitlyn…The Master wouldn't have wanted you to do this to yourself…" Caitlyn's eyes turned and focused on Emily. The servant shuddered at the empty gaze and the large bags that surrounded her eyes. "Why don't you get out of the castle for a bit? I heard there was a scientist speaking in London on one of his lastest theories. He's trying to find some funding." Caitlyn took little intrest in what was being said, but she knew Emily was right…she needed to get out of the castle, and soon.

"Who is speaking?" Caitlyn asked, her voice very quiet and hoarse.

"Doctor Victor Van Frankenstien…"