The Moonlit Night

As Kimiko one night sits outside the temple sad and depressed over her mother and father having a huge fight, will a special someone be able to help her find the light at the end of the tunnel? RaixKim Oneshot, R&R please!

As Kimiko got off the phone, tears filled up her eyes. She ran out of her room not paying attention to where she was going she ran into Clay.

"Kimiko, what's wrong?"

"I-they-she-he, oh Clay!" she was just so upset she hugged him.

He sigh and hugged her back, "Kimiko please try to calm down and tell me what happened."

"My parents Clay, something happened with my parents!" that's all she said just before she ran off.

Later that day…

"Hey Omi!" Kimiko smiled at Omi's happy, friendly face.

"Hello Kimiko!" Omi greeted her with his female is here smile.

She giggled and went to sit down at the table with a little snack. As Omi joined her he asked, "What is down with you?"

"I think you mean what is 'up' with me?"

"Oh yes, Kimiko, what is up with you?"

"Nothing really," she looked down at her plate. Tears filling her eyes.

"What is wrong?"

"Oh no Omi. I'm fine I really, I am." Omi knew it was a lie, but he didn't want to bother her too much.

"Okay, if you want to talk I am here." he said as everything turned awkwardly silent Raimundo walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple, washed it off and threw it up in the air and caught it smoothly hoping to impress Kimiko. It didn't seem to work, like she was distracted.

"Hey Kimiko, what's up?"

The young Japanese girl smiled as her eyes gazed at the handsome Brazilian that stood to the side of her. He was so perfect, the perfect smile, the perfect teeth, the perfect hair, the perfect body shape, the perfect height and the perfect eyes. 'Oh no, his eyes! I'm staring at him, he must know!' she broke the stare as she looked out the window. Raimundo chuckled, "Not very talkative or do you just like to look?"

Kimiko blushed as she said, "Hi Rai, nothing, you?"

He chuckled again and said, "Nothing much, hey Omi, you been working on the slang?"

"Oh yes! I have moved on to a new one."

"Let's here the one I told you first-"

"Talk to my fingers!" as he put his hand out about four inches from Raimundo's face, as he moved them back and forth.

Kimiko giggled forgetting about what she heard on the phone, then stopped as a flash back popped into her head.

Flash back…

"I can't believe you!"

"I can't believe you either!"

"How could you do something like that!" Kimiko's mom screamed at her husband. He threw a glass against the wall as tears from Kimiko's sapphire eyes rolled down her cheeks. She was at the temple hearing this through her sister Kieko's cell phone; she could also hear Kieko crying as well.

"I could only do something like that because of what you did before!"

"I was young you can't blame me! It was the passed, let it go! Think of Kimiko and Kieko!"

"Don't bring them into this!" he screamed.

"Don't tell me what to do!" she screamed back.

Kimiko heard Kieko put down the phone, "Kieko no!" it was too late, Kieko had left and now Kimiko could hear her voice went into the screaming.

"Mom, Dad just stop it!"

"You have been listening in on us!" her dad almost exploded. He backed Kieko over to the stairs, as Kieko now started bawling.

"Don't you dare touch her! If she cries any harder than that I'm kicking you out of this house!"

"You can't it's my house! And you would have no money to take care of it plus yourself and Kieko! And when Kimiko comes back!"

"You gave me some of the money! I would do better than with you here too!" At that he stopped screaming all together and took his jacket and the keys and left slamming the door, as Kimiko's mother sat on the couch crying. "Oh Kieko dear come here," she locked her daughter into a hug. "Kimiko was on the phone right?" now Kimiko could barely hear anything, but she could still make out what was said.


"I love you two more than ever, and your father and I want to make you two happy, but sometimes it doesn't work out and we fight."

"I know Mom, I know."

End of Flash Back…

"Kimiko? You okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, yeah I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"Yeah Rai, I'm sure." she said getting up and walking off. Then she came back and grabbed an orange slice off the plate and then walked away again.

"Sometimes, I don't get that girl." Omi then dragged Raimundo off to where he made sure Kimiko could not hear.

"Something is wrong with her…"

"I could tell too." Raimundo looked in the direction Kimiko walked off.

"Everyone! Shen-Gong-Wu alert!" Dojo called out as everyone came into the room. Raimundo glanced at Kimiko and her eyes were red, it seemed like from crying.

He sigh and said, "What we got?"

Dojo took out the scroll and opened it, "Glasses of Memories, if you wear them, just lock eyes with an enemy and the person who you locked eyes with, bad memories will flash inside there head, if you lock eyes into an ally good memories will flash into their head."

"Perfect." Kimiko mumbled, only Rai caught what she said.


"Let us go!" Omi called out and the all followed.

Tampa Bay, Florida…

"The Shen-Gong-Wu is in the water, Dojo instructed, "Time to get wet." They all knew what he meant and jumped into the water.

Raimundo touched it, but then saw that Katnappe and Jack Spicer were touching it too. They all went to the surface of the water, and Jack said, "Katnappe, Raimundo, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown! My Third-Arm sash, against your Orb of Tsunami, and Raimundo's Sword of the Storms. The last one to the other side of the bridge wins! But you have to stay on the cord line!"

"Jack, I accept your challenge!" Both Katnappe and Raimundo exclaimed together.

The scenery Started to change and the bridge rose up, the cords grew a bit bigger (balance, but walk able size) and they all three started on different cords.

"Gong Yi Tan Pai!" They all called out.

Omi, Clay and Kimiko were lifted out of the water to watch. As Kimiko saw how high the bridge was from the water (at least where they were racing) she breathed quietly so she was the only one to hear it, "Be careful Rai."

Raimundo was in the middle, Katnappe was on his right and Jack was on his left. "Third-Arm Sash!" Jack called out.

"Whoa!" Raimundo dodged it just in time, and instead it grabbed Katnappe and pulled her off her cord. Luckily for her she landed on Raimundo's cord, but behind him. "Sword of the Storms!" a lightning bolt came out and hit where Jack was one second ago.

"Orb of Tsunami!" Katnappe yelled as she got back on to her cord. It swept Raimundo over to Jack's and off the edge, but Jack had propellers. Raimundo fell into the water.

"Rai no!" Kimiko screamed jumping in after him.

"Kimiko…" Clay called after her groaning.

When Kimiko came back up to the surface with Raimundo they both started to cough. When Kimiko glanced up she accidentally locked eyes with Jack who was wearing the glasses. She immediately started crying. It was the flash back of her parents fighting (the one showed earlier). "Kimiko what's wrong? Don't tell me there isn't because otherwise you wouldn't be crying." he said after he got done coughing.

"Rai, not now!" she said in a loud voice.

"Later then."

Back at the temple…

Raimundo, Omi and Clay were sitting at the table, depressed because the Shen-Gong-Wu was lost. Everyone was still wet, but they didn't care. Finally Master Fung came in. "Everyone should go get dried off. One battle is nothing compared to all that we have won." he said leaving the room. As the rest of them got up, Master Fung's words cheered them up.

Clay and Raimundo came out of there rooms as Clay looked out the window then to Raimundo, "Rai, something's wrong with Kimiko, I think you might want to go talk to her."

He nodded and went outside. The sun had just set and it was now a bright night because of the moon. He walked over to the river by the temple and knew he would find Kimiko there.

"Hey Kimiko!"

"Hey Rai," she now had her raven colored hair down and brushed, a long black skirt on along with a black tank top.

"Chilly tonight huh?"

"Yeah," she shivered. Raimundo then took off his jacket and put it over Kimiko's shoulders, as she smiled she said, "You wanted to know what was wrong?"

"Yeah," he said looked up at the stars.

"My parents got into a huge fight that I listened to this morning. My sister had the cell phone on and we were both listening to the conversation. It was really bad; it was the first time my dad ever walked out on my mom."

"Kimiko I'm sorry."

"Don't have to be Rai," she smiled a little bit. "You were here to make sure I was okay." she giggled as she saw Raimundo blush. Then she scooted toward him on the grass and locked him in a hug. Shocked at first, but then Raimundo hugged her back.

He broke the hug and said, "You know I'm always here for you Kimiko. Always."

She looked into the water and saw her and Raimundo there sitting quite close. Her sight still set on the water, she put her hand on top of Raimundo's and lifted it up.



"I-I love you."

He paused for a second then loosened up, smiled and said, "I love you too Kimiko."

Their lips pressed against one another, so passionately, as Kimiko closed her sapphire eyes, and Raimundo closed is forest green emerald eyes. He then once again, broke the kiss. And they looked up at the stars and moon. "Always."

Little did they know Clay, Omi and Master Fung were watching from a full view window.

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