Love Is A Battle Field

Riza stood in her bathroom, brushing her hair. She turned the small tape player on that she had in her room. One thing my mom told me before I left home, in times of trouble, listen to REO. But don't let him go, just give him a chance to grow. She looked down at the half asleep, Hayate. She smiled as she pined her hair up. At work they where supposed to be getting a new 2nd Lieutenant, well Breda was gone. She walked out of her apartment and down the street.

She walked into the office early as always. Havoc was already there, but he was asleep. She slammed the stack of papers she was carrying on Mustang's desk. Havoc jumped up, "I'm awake!" he yelled, only to fall back asleep. Riza sighed and pushed his shoulder tell her woke up. "What is it morning already?" he asked.

"Yes." Hawkeye said, sitting down at her desk and pulling out a book to read.

"Are you still reading that book?" Havoc asked, getting up and walking behind her and glancing over her shoulder. She nodded. "What's it about?" he asked, after a couple minutes. Hawkeye slammed the book shut.

"If you read books, Jean, you would know." Hawkeye said. I really F-ed this time, she used my first name. Havoc thought quickly going to sit at his desk. The door opened and Furey and Falman walked in. Havoc smiled and waved.

"Hawkeye's on the rag watch out." Havoc said. Roy walked into the office.

"Maybe I should go home then." he said going to walk out the door. There was clicking noise, he turned around.

Hawkeye had her gun pointed at him. "Maybe I'll just sit down and do my work." he said, running to his desk. "Um... Hawkeye could you get me some coffee?" he asked. She got up and left the room.

"Wow, she really hates you." Havoc said. Everyone nodded with him. A few minutes later Hawkeye came back into the office. She put the coffee cup on Roy's desk, and then sat down at her own, and started to do her paper work. Havoc light a cigarette. Furey was playing with Black Hayate, well Falman was staring out of the window from his desk.

There was a knock on the door, and then it swung open. No other then Maes Hughes walked into the office. "Good morning everyone!" he cheered. Crickets chirped... "Does any one know what today is?" he asked.

"The day you die?" Mustang and Hawkeye asked, at the same time.

"No you silly heads. It's Elysia's 4th birthday today!" he cheered. Everyone sighed. "Oh and Roy, your new Lieutenant is hot." Maes said, leaving the room, feeling the icy glare from Riza.

"Finally!" Roy cheered. "We get a woman on the team!"




Roy gulped. "I'm a woman!" Riza yelled.

"Yeah but you don't act like it." Roy pointed out.

"The chief has a point." Havoc said.

"That's not true! I saw Riza, when I went shopping and she was wearing a skirt." Furey said.

Roy smirked. "Hawkeye in a skirt." he put his hand on his chin. "Yeah, I like that idea."

Riza's face grew bright. "You know now that I remember, Riza used to where bikini's when we where teens." Havoc said.

Riza's face was bright red. She turned to run out of the room, only to run into the chest of a man. "We hello, there little lady." the man said, helping her up. His brown hair was messy. Riza looked up at him. His brown eyes, smiled at her.

"Well I'll be damned, if it isn't Riza." he said, with a smile. He helped her to her feet. She started at him.

"Who are you?" Riza asked.

"Josh West." he said. Riza thought for a minute. Her face brightened, and she hugged him. And in the first time in forever, everyone in Mustang's group saw Riza smile.

A/N time

Sorry everyone, I had to redo the whole story. I didn't like how I had made it. But now I know who it is that Riza's going to be with. Well I'll up date soon.