Love Is A Battle Field

Riza laid awake in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. Should I follow my head or my heart you got the lead baby you got the start. Should I follow my head or my heart. She sighed and sat up in her bed. Black Hayate started at her, with a sad look on his face. "What do you think I should do?" Riza said, looking at him, wishing he could answer all her questions.


Riza walked down the street to HQ. Another work day, filled with men. Her favorite person would be there too. Roy... what am I going to do with you Riza thought walking into the office. Furey and Falman where already there.

"Hawkeye, what happened. You look horrible." Falman said.

"I had a long night." Riza said. She sat down at her desk, and started her paperwork. After a couple of minutes Havoc walked in with West. Riza refused to make eye contact with anyone.

"Hey Hawkeye, what's up." Havoc asked.

"Will you leave me a lone." Riza said, her voice cold. Havoc stepped back. Roy walked into the office, preparing to get yelled at for being late, but to his surprise, Riza did nothing. Everyone stared at her. Everyone's eyes widened as they saw a small tear made it's way down the side of her face, and onto the paper she was reading over. Her eyes widened, as she saw the small tear.

She quickly stood up and walked out of the office, and to the girls locker room. Riza walked into a shower and sat on the floor, not caring she turned on the water. She looked up hoping that it would wash away her tears, but it only made her cry more. my head says Josh, he's less likely to cheat on me or go off with another woman, or flirt. But my heart... my heart says Roy.

She hung her head down, and sobbed. Maria Ross, walked into the empty girls locker room. She herd one shower head running. Someone must have kept the water running. She thought, walking to the shower that was running. She gasped when she saw Riza, sitting there wearing her uniform, with her knees pressed up to her chest and hiding from the world.

Ross smiled, and turned the water off. Riza quickly look up to see who was there. Her eyes where all puffy from crying. Ross bent down. "What wrong Riza?" she asked. Riza's eyes watered, as she hugged Ross. Ross hugged her back.

"I don't know what to do." Riza said, changing into a dry uniform that Ross had. "My head says one person and my heart says another, and there both in the military and it's against the rules." Riza kept babbling.

"Me and Bloch are in the military, but I still love him." Ross said. "Who does your heart say?"

"Roy..." Riza said, looking down. Ross started at her for a minute.

"I'm behind you every step of the way. You do what your heart says. And I always have a shoulder you can lean on." Ross said. Riza smiled, and walked out of the locker room, much better now then she was before. Riza walked down the hall and stopped in front on her office.

She opened the door, and to her surprise, all of them where doing there work, and even Roy was. Her mouth dropped as she stared at them. "Get to work Hawkeye." Roy said, not glancing up from his paperwork. "Yes sir." Riza said, sitting down at her desk, and started to read over her papers. Soon it was lunch time, and everyone was leaving to the mess hall to eat.

"Riza, do you mind if I talk to you." Josh asked walking up to her. Roy looked back at them, and glared at Josh. It's what she wants... Roy thought.

"Sure what's up?" Riza asked.

"I was wondering if maybe tonight you would want to go out to eat?" he asked. Here it is the moment of truth... Roy thought.

"I'm sorry, but I can't see you as anymore then a friend Josh. If you meant as a friends going out to eat then maybe. But I know your intentions aren't that." Riza said, walking to catch up with the rest of the team. She smiled, and made fun of Havoc, not being able to get a date.

"Why did you do that?" Roy asked, pulling Riza away from everyone.

"Do what?" Riza asked.

"Turn West down, just yesterday you would have died if he asked you."

"I had to follow my heart and not my head."

"What do you mean by that?" she smiled and winked at him, walking away. His face grew bright red. God I hate women. He thought.

"Havoc are you gay, I mean, if you are it's okay I'll understand." Riza said.

"I'm not gay!" he yelled.

"Then how come you can't get a date?" Roy asked, sitting down in between Josh and Riza.

"Because, you always pop up and take there heart from me." Havoc said, glaring at Roy.

"You know, I think you should ask Sciezska out." Riza said.

"You know, I think they would look good together." Roy said.

"And I think she would like your ducky underwear." Riza said.

"There boxers!" Havoc yelled. Everyone laughed, but Josh. Everything was like normal.


Just like normal. Riza sighed, sitting on the couch, waiting for Roy to finish his paper work. Roy picked up the rest of his paperwork and sat down next to Riza. He leaned over and started to sign papers. "What did you mean follow my heart?" Roy asked.

"There someone that I would give my whole heart to." Riza said.

"Who?" Roy asked.

"I'd never tell you." Riza said, with a blush.

"Do I know him?" Roy asked.

"Yep." Riza said.

"Is it, Furey?"



"Gross, no. He's like older then my dad." Riza said, going to pick up a paper.

"It's not Havoc?"

"No it's not Havoc." Riza said, signing a paper.

"Is he in the military?"





"Roy, he's married..." Riza said.

"Um... Bloch?"



"Hell no."

"Is it a girl?" Riza gave him that look. The shut-up-you-dumb-ass- look. She rolled her eyes. "It was just a question."

"A really stupid question."

"Who is it then."

Roy you are such an idiot. Riza thought.

"Is it Breda?"

"I think I just throw up a little in my mouth." Riza said. Roy laughed a little. Black Hayate came out from his hiding place and sat by Roy's feet. Roy picked him up and placed him on his lap.

"What's that look for?" Roy asked.

"Idiot." Riza said, getting up. "Do you want any coffee?" she asked.

"Sure." Roy said, picking up another paper. Riza walked out of the office to get some coffee. After a couple minutes Riza walked back into the office with two cups of coffee. Roy was scribbling on a piece of paper.

"What are you doing?" Riza asked, placing the cups of coffee down on the table.

"My pen isn't working." he said.

Riza leaned over and pulled a pen out of Roy's pocket. Black Hayate jumped down, hitting the back of Riza's legs. She lost her footing and fell forward, landing on Roy. Her face grew bright red. "Sorry." she whispered. Roy garbed her hand and started to pull her up. They both stopped and stared at each other. Why can't I look away Riza thought trying to turn away.

Roy leaned down, as Riza lifted up. Riza's eyes slowly started to shut. Roy leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips. The door swung open. Maes started blankly at the two kissing. After a couple seconds that felt like minutes they broke apart. They both look over at the stunned Maes. Riza's eyes widened as her face turned bright pink. "I'm just going to walk away, and pretend I didn't see that, but I got a great picture of it!" Maes said, running out of the room.

"Did he just say he had pictures?" Riza asked.

"I think so."

"Let's kill him." Riza said, pulling out a gun.

"Fine with me." Roy said, putting his gloves on, they both ran out of the run to find Maes.

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