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Beside me he groans sleepily, his notebook lay atop his desk filled with doodles and peculiar drawings of our literature professor. I know, in a few weeks, as midterms approach, he'll steal my notes to photocopy and spend night upon night cramming, as he barely scrapes by.

"Hey!" he says, snatching at me as I grab his notebook, "Give that back Kagome!"

I look at him, my smile wry and mischievous, "I'm just browsing... I want to write you a little something if that's alright?"

"Fine. Whatever." He says, the moment I stop peering at him he snatches the book back from me, mid sentence.

"Okay, you'll never know then." I say, crossing my arms and pretending to listen to Naraku.

"Like you ever have anything important to say." He huffs, looking at the beginning of my note, "Dear Yasha, I just wanted to say... say what Kagome? Do you love me is that what you want to say?"

"Of course not!" I reply, blushing under the attention coming our way, "Could you have said that any louder?" I hiss.

"That would be causing a scene, now wouldn't it?" Our professor says, tapping his pen against his palm, "What are your names, children?"

"Kagome Higarashi." I reply sheepishly.

"And you, Hanyou?"

"Inuyasha." He says.

"You're dismissed... just leave." Professor Naraku says, pointing towards the door, "Don't expect to pass if you can't pay attention to anything but yourselves."

"Sorry sir." I say, grabbing my bags and Inuyasha's wrist, "Come on."

"What a prick" My companion states as we enter the campus grounds, sitting down at a table, I look over my notes skeptically, "Stop studying."

"I'm just trying to get a grip on the concepts... he's going to be marking us hard, you know that. I bet you he hates me now, after your little scene."

"My scene?" He says, pointing towards his chest in a manner that suggested he may actually be offended, "You're the one who kept playing with my notebook, and stealing my stuff."

"Shut up." I say, glaring at him, "Just shush."

"Just sleep with him, I've heard about that in Colleges, you know? Professors having affairs with their students- he'd be forced to give you a better grade."

"Disgusting." I reply, gathering my books again, "I don't know why I hang out with you."

"Cause I'm the only person who feels sorry enough to spend anytime with you."

"That's not true." I reply, walking away from him, "It's pretty much the other way around... you're such a stubborn pig, Yasha."

"What are you talking about?" He follows me, grabbing my bookcase and throwing it over his shoulder, "I'm a gentleman."

"Sure." I reply, stopping my the cafe' to order an icecap, "Real prince charming."

"Well at least Kikyo thinks so." Inuyasha replies, smirking, "Now she's a woman."

"Compared to who?" I reply, agitated. I don't much like Kikyo, not that there is much to dislike about the smart, funny, outgoing, beautiful girl... except that my Inuyasha thinks so too...

"You." He says, dodging out of the way as I move to swat him across the head, "I'm kidding! Don't get mad, I'm sure you're plenty woman."

"I'll have you know, some people are quite attracted to me."

"Miroku doesn't count, Kagome, he's 'Quite attracted' to everybody."

"What about... Hojo?" I reply, shooting him a wry grin, "He likes me."

"Hojo?" He scoffs, almost choking on the apple he's been gnawing on, "I'm pretty sure he's gay actually."

"Then how about Koga?" I say, turning to him, "Koga is definitely not gay!"

"Yeah." Inuyasha agrees, then adds, "But he's definitely a creep."

"Who would you suggest, then?"

"I don't know... someone charming, handsome, smart, strong, brave... someone like me."

"You forgot to add, self-absorbed."

"No really. I'm a pretty great guy."

"Uh huh, so then why don't you just take me out, Inuyasha?"

"Well... just because."

"Because why?"

"It might be awkward, what would we talk about?"

I pause, thinking about a way to con him into actually doing it, "We'll we're talking about stuff right now."

"This isn't the kind of thing you'd talk about on a date though."

"Then how about you pick me up tomorrow night at seven and show me what we'd talk about? Let's go somewhere fancy, alright?" I reply with a smile, kissing him on the cheek, "See you tomorrow."

"Hey wait... Kagome!" he yells after me but I pretend not to notice.

Enter Page Break

Six-thirty five, my hair, my cologne, nothing seems... right. Maybe that's just because this is so, so wrong. Somehow the wench, the evil conspiring wench convinced me to take her out on a date, has anyone ever heard of such a bad, bad, bad idea? I have this nagging, sick feeling that it will be really awkward and just ruin things, I don't much like the idea. What Kagome and me have is, well special. She gives, I take, we don't much talk about anything deep, she doesn't ask me how I feel about things or to hold her hand in public, so why do we need to... go on a date. The idea alone gives me the chills, the heebie-jeebies, and a bad case of the flu.

I leave my apartment, and make my way over to hers... across the street. She answers the door, wearing a short black skirt, a red tank-top, sweet, sweet perfume, and a smile, it crosses my mind that maybe, just maybe this wont be so bad.


So, chapter one I guess, seeing as the other was a prologue and done a long-ish time ago, I figured I should continue with this so I have a little variety in my writing schedule. I'm also currently working on a story in the final fantasy genre, or re-working on it I guess would be the phrase, if you like my writing check it out. This chapter took me a total of about ten minutes, I felt pretty proud of myself, it's been kind of edited, I guess... but yeah tell me if you like it, flame if you want. Read review and enjoy.