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Oneshot - KibaxHina

They had made it back from a mission, silently thanking the gods that they had luck yet again...and the fact that they had Shino.

Shino was the master-mind to all their missions, and although they were in their twenties, they always wound up together instead of being in different groups.

Tsunade said it was because they worked so well together.

Kiba said it was because she was too lazy to think about anything else but gambling. Which earned him a thwack on the head and a giggle from Hinata.

That made it all the worth while. Kiba, believe or not, was maturing. He was afraid, though, that he would loose all his humour. So he remained child-like when it wasn't important...all for the sake of Hinata and that smile of her's.

Sometimes, people couldn't tell if she was smiling, but Kiba could by just looking at her eyes. They showed all the emotions in the world, and when he told Shino that, he just got a blank stare.

Shino said that her eyes were blank, but Kiba wasn't listening. Oh no. He pretended not to hear, although having dog attributes meant you had good hearing.

Kiba knew Hinata like a book. After all, they were childhood friends.

On this night, he knew Hinata felt down because she had gotten them in a life or death situation. But, as always, Kiba grinned sheepishly and shook his head.

"Nah, don't think that Hinata. I was being a dumb ass anyway." He grinned as he shot the bug man a look for nodding fervently. "Anyways, how about we go get a drink - my treat?" He nudged Hinata lightly with his elbow, wiggling his eyebrows.

Score! A laugh. That was one point for Kiba, and no points for...well anyone else.

"I-I-I guess I could get a drink." She said, mumbling her words, yet an advantage to being a dog. Shino shook his head.

"Eh, I better be going. I have to prepare for the next mission." Shino said in his same monotone voice.

They waved good-bye and parted their seperate ways. Kiba began to ramble on as they went to the bar. Hinata's smile grew with every word that came out of his mouth, and she even made a few jokes herself. It was good. Life was good.

Hinata looked good. At least, thats what Kiba thought. Only to himself, though. If he ever tried to make a move on Hinata, it would mean that he was a rapist. That was the only thing that came to mind.

She was too innocent. He'd just have to wait. And waiting was something that was hard for a loud guy, like himself.

When they entered the bar, they sat at their usual spot. Usually Hinata would get water and Kiba would get sake. Tonight, however, he convinced her that it was time to grow up and let her have a drink.

So she had...a few. By the time they were done, Hinata had a small blush on her face and Kiba was quite sober. He grinned at her, as she giggled lightly.

"Okaaaay. So, Kibaaaa. I just know, I'm sooo obvious. Riiiight?" She giggled, as she took another drink. When Kiba responded with a 'How so, Hinata? Do go on.', her words came more slurred out. "I'm in luuurve with Naruuuuuuuuuto." She cracked up at this, silently laughing. "But, but, but - Kiba, he likes that filthy, pink haired whore, Saukarna, or whatever her name is...Sooo I was thinkin' well, I shooould give up on angsty men...Seriously! I mean Naruto had some...dark...dreaded past. Its so drama, drama, drama. I need someone...who is dependable. Whoooooo, " She broke off with a laugh. "Is quite good-looking...and has a nice butt." She laughed so hard that he had to take her outside laughing as well.

"Well, Hinata, if you do find someone, matching that description, tell me." He smiled, picking her up in a piggy back ride. She rambled on and on about the new guy she was in love with. Apparently, he was stupid but loyal and he had nice assets. Kiba, not paying attention to her much, just trying to get her home without anyone knowing.

If Papa Hyuuga knew about this, he would be killed. No, castrated. Yep. Stealth it was.

He got into her room, a place he knew how to sneak in and out of very well. Putting her in her bed, he tucked her in and kissed her forehead goodnight.

He had to get a reward for this. He just had too. Grinning down at her, he put a finger to his lips to calm her down from her rants on corn and toenails. She smiled, and nodded. It was like they had a secret. She asked him to stay a bit longer, and how could he refuse?

They laid on her bed, the blanket shielding him from her as they whispered to each other. He looked over at her and found her almost asleep. Getting up, he made his way to the window, when he heard her say good night. As he reached for the window, he looked over his shoulder and found her mumbling in herself.

"Kiba...I love you." She said in her sleep.

Kiba grinned. He racked up the points tonight.

He knew that she probably meant that in a brotherly sort of way and vowed never to get her drunk again.

However, this didn't deny the fact that when he got home, he checked out his butt in the mirror.

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