Years of passionate rivalry and endless months of hate between two people can lead to many things.

Both parties involved can be driven in opposite directions, never to see one another again, and things can end all but happily.

Or things can boil and brew until it comes to a head and they both explode into a bloody battle of hexes, hate and fury.

And in some cases, things can take a much more complicated route...

Author's Note: Yes, as I have promised for about a year now, "Chandra" is being reposted. The sex scenes will be severely edited to prevent the story's removal. Again. If you wish to read it in all it's lusty glory, please visit thesilversnitch(dot)net, my pen name is Saint Anger. It should be fairly easy to locate me. Thank you for your continued support. And yes. Yes I know male pregnancies are impossible. SPARE ME.