Your Lackluster Heart

By Night Imp

A series of vignettes, one for (almost) each character, on their thoughts and feelings. Originally each one was to be based off of a different color, but I don't know if it will work out that way or not. (Thank you to my darling Tortoise, for coming up with that idea for me to steal)

Disclaimer: Despite my flagrant attempts to steal these beautiful characters, Alichino still does not belong to me. It belongs to Kouyu Shurei.


I'm Obsessed With You


Yellow was the color of her love's hair. An off sort of yellow, at any rate. And shaggy, shoulder-length now. It was shorter when they first met.

He was filled with life when they first met. So beautiful and charismatic. That's what had caught her attention, and ever since then he had been all she thought about.

She was obsessed with him.

She needed him.

She had to make him hers.

She did make him hers.

Her darling Ryoko was with her for nearly all of eternity…perhaps…at least, until the contract was fulfilled. But until then he was hers, and she was happy.

She would sit and run her hands through his hair; soft hair, golden hair. He would close his eyes and lean back against her. He actually looked like…like he was happy. Those moments made her feel so wonderful. She could wrap her arms around his warm body and rest her head on his shoulder, and believe that maybe, just maybe he actually loved her.