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Kim Possible: Realities
Chapter 1: The Door

The bell rang in the halls of Middleton High signifying the end of another school day, the grateful students were more than happy to comply with it and went to their lockers to gather what they needed before they returned to their homes. Among the droves of students filing out of their respective homerooms was the world famous teen crime fighter Kim Possible. She arrived at her locker just in time to be greeted by her best friend and now boyfriend Ron Stoppable.

"Hey K.P." Said the blonde boy as he walked up to his friend.

"Hey Ron." Replied the red head as she started to work the combination lock on her locker.

"Alright check it Kim. I have the perfect plan for us tonight." Stated Ron in a mildly excited way while spreading his hands apart like he was presenting something.

"Let me guess… Bueno Nacho then back to my place to chill for the rest of the night?" She said in a sarcastic tone as she dialed in the last digit on her lock and opened her locker door.

With a look of shock painted on his face Ron cautiously asked, "Okay K.P., you're scaring me… how did you know I was gonna say that?"

Kim rolled her eyes at his question while taking a book off the shelf of her locker, "Gee Ron, I don't know. Maybe because that's what we've done every night for the last week!"

Ron pulled his hands up involuntarily like he was trying to protect himself from Kim's words. He flashed his goofy grin at her and said, "Okay, okay, I get it. How bout a movie then?"

Before Kim could even think about answering the question, her computer monitor turned on and an image of Wade came onto the screen.

"Kim! We just got a hit on the site." The young computer wiz said enthusiastically.

The two teens looked up at the screen now knowing any plans would pretty much be for naught at this point.

"There's been a break in at a-" but the boy genius never got a chance to finish his statement.

"Top-Secret-Lab?" Questioned Kim.

"Naww, I'm thinking some kinda Government Facility." Said Ron who couldn't help but throw his thoughts in on the matter.

"You got it Kim." Stated Wade.

"So any idea what was taken Wade?" Asked Kim.

"That's the thing Kim, they were kinda cloak and dagger about it all. But they did mention it was able to destroy Nevada. So you guys can guess what that means." Said Wade.

"The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer." Said both Kim and Ron in unison.

"So, any idea who has it and where?" Inquired Kim.

"Well, I have a few leads. The closest of the possible locations is right on the outskirts of Middleton." Said Wade as he typed away on his keyboard.

"Convenient!" Chimed in Ron.

Wade continued, "It's a warehouse that's been having some materials compatible with the Vortex Inducer being shipped to it."

"Then we're on our way." Kim said as she closed her locker and ending the transmission

A short while later inside the warehouse on the outskirts of Middleton, only two people occupied the building. One of them was feverishly at work while the other just watched him toil away.

"Sooooo why did I need to get that pan thingy again?" Questioned the woman in a black and green outfit.

The man she was talking to was busy connecting wires and plugging plugs when he asked his own question, "Shego, do you remember when we were trapped in the cable signal because of the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer?"

Shego sighed and answered, "Yeah, I'm still trying to forget it. You have a point?"

Drakken continued to work on his machines while talking, "Before, I was content on using the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer to trap Kim Possible in a vortex of doom. But now, I will use the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer to travel into alternate realities and find a world that is ruled by me. I'll then convince that me to give me technology that I can use when I return here to take over this world, and thus be rid of Kim Possible forever."

"Sounds better than most of your plans. But why did we have to pick a lair right outside little miss perfect's home town?" Said a puzzled Shego.

"Because Shego, she'll never expect us to be so close to her. She'll probably expect us to be on an island somewhere or in a mountain lair somewhere across the world." Stated a very confident Drakken.

His confidence didn't last long as he heard a loud explosion followed by two teens rappelling down from the ceiling.

"Stealing the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer again Drakken?" Quipped Kim as she landed.

"You know you can always take a few months off to think up new ideas if you need a break." Said Ron trying to throw some helpful information into his banter.

"KIM POSSIBLE!" Yelled a surprised and frustrated Drakken.

This was met with Shego mocking what she was just told moments before, "Let's have a lair right next to her home town, she'll never expect us to be so close."

Drakken was less than pleased with how the events have unfolded thus far so he let out a frustrated growl before yelling, "SHEGO!"

Shego knew the drill by heart by now. Jump in, ignite hands, fight Kim Possible, yadda yadda. It was a dance that all were familiar with. Kim knew her part in the play as well, stay away from Shego's hands and try to take her out so they could end Drakken's latest take over the world scheme.

Ron Stoppable also had a part to play. Since he wasn't needed for the distraction, he proceeded to head for Drakken's heap of technology and try to take it apart. He proceeded to grab anything that looked important and started to rip it apart.

Drakken who was enjoying watching Kim and Shego fight had like always forgotten about Ron, until he heard sparks and mild explosions coming from his equipment.

"THE BUFFOON! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Drakken screamed as he ran over and pushed the boy out of the way to survey the damage that was done. A quick once over told him all he needed to know.

"You destroyed the Recall Matrix and the Quantum Cataloger. Without them I won't be able to return or know where I am." Said the distraught blue skinned villain.

After hearing what he said a devilish grin grew on Drakken's face. "New Plan! Why bother getting help from another dimension if I can trap Kim Possible in another dimension."

Drakken quickly ran to where his laser cannon was and started to install the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer.

Ron saw Kim was too preoccupied to hear Drakken's new plan so he knew it was up to him. He quickly pulled out Rufus out from his cargo pocket.

"You go turn off the power to that laser somehow, I need to help Kim." He instructed his hairless pet, who nodded and jabbered indicating he understood what to do.

The two went their separate ways, Rufus scurrying across the floor to the power cord of the laser cannon Drakken was working on, and Ron went to try to protect Kim from a laser she didn't know was being aimed at her.

Kim managed to get the upper hand in her fight and threw Shego for a flip that caused her back to land against a wall temporarily knocking out the villainess. At that same time Drakken finished installing the Vortex Inducer into his laser cannon and took aim at the teen hero.

"Farewell Kim Possible!" Shouted Drakken in a victorious tone as he activated the laser.

This caused Kim to look in his direction to see a laser pointed at her from across the room. She saw the beam traveling right at her, and due to the shock of this, she momentarily panicked and froze in place. Ron reached her just in time, as he was able to push Kim out of the path of the laser. Unfortunately in doing so it put Ron right into the laser beam's path and he was hit instead of her.

Kim looked up from where she landed after being pushed by Ron just in time to see his image disappear into a type of portal that opened when he was hit. After his figure was gone the portal closed upon itself. Kim blankly stared at the area where Ron just was, hoping against hope that what she just witnessed was not real.

She was shaken out of it by the ranting of Drakken, "Bah, the buffoon may have saved you that time but now it's just you and me."

Kim wanted to do something but it was like all the fight had been taken out of her with that one move. Drakken took aim at Kim and activated the laser again.

However, this time nothing happened. Drakken tried activating the machine again but with the same results. He looked at the machine and noticed there was no power in it, so he looked at the power cord and saw it was chewed through and that the culprit was still sitting next to the wires.

"'ello." Said the naked mole rat while waving at him.

Drakken was shocked to say the least, "The weasel thing stopped me from destroying Kim Possible?"

Kim found her strength and stood up and was slowly making her way to the evil doctor.

"You're right Drakken…" said Kim in a voice that could put chills up the spine of anyone who heard it. "Now, it's just you and me."

Meanwhile, at that same time in an abandoned warehouse similar to the one Drakken and Shego were using, a portal like vortex opened and flung a young figure through it. The figure collided with a stack of boxes that were being stored in the warehouse that managed to knock the wind out of him.

After a short while the young boy was able to compose himself. Shaking his head as if he were trying to clear his mind from what just happened he started to survey his surroundings.

"Well… it looks like I'm still here." Said the blonde boy slightly confused. He then realized that he was the only person in the building, "Kim probably went off to chase Drakken and Shego."

Ron started to go deeper into the building trying to find some answers as to if Kim did in fact chase after Drakken, but the more he walked the more he thought something was up. He noticed that certain things were out of place, there were cobwebs on most of the boxes and most of the lights were off. When he was with Kim just minutes before there were no cobwebs anywhere and all the lights were on, not to mention he couldn't find any of Drakken's equipment in the warehouse.

"I better head back and find Kim." Was all he said. He somehow knew that she could know what happened to him.

The hard part was now getting to her. He had no idea where she was or even where he was. He ran out of the building and saw that he was in the same area he was just fighting with Kim in.

"The Warehouse District? I'm still right outside of Middleton?" Questioned the confused boy. "Ah well, least it'll be a short walk." And so he started on his way home and hopefully to some answers.

After about an hour of walking he finally made it back to his familiar hometown. He contemplated stopping into Beuno Nacho but decided against because he thought Kim might be worried if he strayed any longer. The sun was still up but not for much longer, he didn't want to make her wait for him and wonder where he was after dark.

He decided to head to Kim's house before his own because that was most likely where she would be. As he got closer he noticed a red haired figure walking alone on the sidewalk with her back to him. He knew immediately who it was and without hesitation called out to her.

"K.P.!" He yelled waving his hand at her despite her not being able to see it.

The female figure froze at the sound. She slowly turned in the direction of Ron and when she saw him she drew her open hand to cover her mouth as she just mouthed, "Ron…"

Tears started to form in her eyes as she slowly approached him, Ron didn't know what to do so he simply just stood there as his best friend made her way toward him. She slowly reached out a hand and hesitated just a few inches away from his face, and then she seemed to gather something inside of herself and pushed forward to place her hand on Ron's cheek.

Once she touched him her tears couldn't be held any longer and she started openly crying her eyes out all the while openly sobbing, "Oh God! Ron!" She then grabbed Ron and embraced him in a hug that she didn't intent to leg go anytime soon, almost as if he would disappear if she let go.

Ron did the only thing he could think of when his best friend was like this, he draped his arms around her to embrace her back in a hug and let her cry.

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