The first (and possibly the only) Punish Shipper fic.

Ch 1. Do blue & violet mix?

Rated M, BIG TIME!

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Warning: Strong sexual conduct, brutish violence, attempted suicide, crude language, & blood (both human & pokemon)

An old friend told me this: "Do blue & violet mix?" I said, "Yeah…It's called indigo."

That topic applies to the story I am about to unfurl. A very unusual & out of the blue story. Not an easy job keeping the character feelings in the first ten chapters. Please bear with me here.

Remember: Mewtwo's speeches are in Italic format.

And this story is a bit mixed with the anime, manga, & game with a touch of originality from me.

Freedom, that is all that he has, nothing else.

To Mewtwo, it was all that he wanted.

To be free from all.

No more relying onto anyone.

No one to rely on him.

But… is it that he really desired?

Can their be something else…

He is alone in this small world.

He did not care. That is how it was meant to be. He is the only one of his kind. Rather than seeing it as a hopeless fate, Mewtwo saw it as an opportunity to rid a burden. The burden of having another of his species to undergo the same discrimination he has to deal with for the remainder of his life. If it were possible to create another Mewtwo.

To be nothing more than a living tool. A tool that can feel, but nothing good can come out of it. That was his life. Now & forever. Anyways, there was no point in the very thought of a Happiness.



A mate.


Those things never matter for him. Yet, the very first thought that strayed to this topic, always resulted in bitter depression. "Only pain, betrayal, hatred, and death are all that I have. I only need them for the remainder of my life." The only way to subdue the agonizing feeling, the clone had to resort to follow a path of his former life. The old Mewtwo never had strayed away from his subconscious. By old, it meant doing the one act that separates angels from devils. And that is to commit murder. Unlike any pokemon, killing was more than a second nature to him: it was the one true aspect of life that was always true.

Kill or be killed.

NO longer does the clone go after the innocent humans & pokemon, as he had once done oh so many times before, during his times with Team Rocket. Petty thugs, drug dealers, even the occasional back alley rapists were his targets. They became his only means to quench his thirsts for his substituted vengeance. Though he did these unnecessary acts of self-justice, it was never to help the humans. That would be for him: a sheer coincidence of luck for them.

What would appease his callous abominate soul is to be truly free from the emotional shackles of his heart. To be unsought by all...But is that what he wants… or is there something more that lies in the future?

High above, hidden within the skies after dusk, he was on top of the northeastern regions of Johto, flying through silently to avoid being spotted by who knows what. For a while, he had explored the southern lands that is Hoenn. So far….there wasn't anything interesting besides gathering any data on different regions & the inhabitants. There was no need to go back to Kanto, unless if he had a death wish & be spotted by Team Rocket again. Johto had provided more of a mix of vast history & more importantly: isolation. The last thing that he needed was to be around anybody whatsoever. Away from the prying eyes of modern civilization. The area of interest was a remote mountain valley. Engulfed by rich forests, untamed by technology. Fresh streams of rivers migrating east towards the ocean that resides hundreds of miles away.

A tranquil location to seek out some undisturbed refuge from the rest of the world. His powers were in many ways god-like, but his body is mortal, so he needs to recharge his system. He knew there won't be any sights of both human and pokemon.

Descending down to the forests below, the clone scanned the area for some type of shelter. Then, his amethyst eyes darted towards the left. A cave carved out in the image of a mythical dragon. "Hmm, this looks like a perfect spot to rest & to meditate long enough to fully restore myself." Not wanting to exert his powers, Mewtwo decided to use his legs to take him the rest of the way. Upon nearing the mouth of the cave, he saw a sign.

§Trespassers will be punished for entering the sacred Dragon's Den: Blackthorn Gym Leader Clair. §

Not giving a damn to any laws, Mewtwo scoffed, "Bahhh. A useless attempt to drive off intruders. Her laws does not imply to me…" Moving along, he went into the den. Embarking into the depths unknown, Mewtwo ventured through deep into the den. Going in deeper, Mewtwo looked around the cave. Even though it was pitch black, he could see well. After wandering for ten minutes of exploring, the weary psychic found one room that would suit his need. Walking through a narrow passageway, his gaze spotted an odd object. Upon a closer inspection, a shrine with a decorum of traditional Shinto fixtures. "(A shrine? Must be to honor dragons. It does have a way with tranquility. Might as well rest up here.)" With one final inspection, Planting his tail down, he makes a small comment before he retires for the rest of the night. "(Soon...I'll be on my way & never to return here… )"

How life seems to throw in the unexpected…


Unbeknownst to the super-clone, somebody was heading his direction: straight towards the shrine. And it's none other than the Blackthorn City gym leader Clair. Lightly rosy, the 5 foot 7 cobalt haired 22 year old, trekked through the open forest trail, towards her goal for the remainder of the day. Wearing her azure body suit and the traditional cape of the clan, Clair went along a narrow trail pathway. Apparently there was some hostility needed to be said. "Fuck! Another day over, another wannabe pokemon master in progress who failed to beat me. Do this, do that, I'm tired of all the stress. I really need relieve myself of this pent up frustration…" Being a gym leader is not always what it seems. Well, to her opinion anyways. Almost four years in as the Blackthorn gym leader isn't as glamorous as one might think.

The constant tedious work hours, strenuous amounts of volunteering activities. It all was getting to be so mediocre for her. The routines had dragged her soul down to the pits of despair. Much of her free time is not actually free. There services to the community that were needed to be handled. Thought her grandfather is spry for his age of 90, she must handle all the mind numbing & laborious tasks. It was somewhat alright, she needed some rigorous exercises. Though it did not falter on her battling skills, Clair needed something out of the blue. Something, anything to get her excited…After all: mediocrity is never good for a free spirited soul …

And now, she ventures off to the one place that could give some temporary relief to her bored soul: the Dragon's Den. This was the one place where she could be more of herself, without any back bearing tension from the outside. With so little effort, she guided herself through the halfway decent labyrinth that is the den. Heading straight to the shrine, Clair didn't see Mewtwo's tail sticking out from the back of the shrine. Standing in the middle of shrine area, she put two fingers in her mouth & made a silent whistle. To the average person, it was all in vain, but to a skilled trainer, Clair was calling out her solution.

"Here me fellow dragons, For I seek a worthy challenge! Who will accept?"

Deep rumblings from the shallow fathoms of the streams growled with life. Ferocious life. Suddenly, masses of roars rippled through the vast space. Hordes of Dragonites, Dragonairs & Gyarados immediately sprung forth into battle ready mode, as her eyes scanned the area for the scream. Her hands shook with anticipation as she gripped her pokemon of choice. Clair didn't have to wait long for the initial start of her challenge. Her lips curled into a sardonic grin as she gazed upon the residential dragons, "Show me why dragon pokemon are to revered; Attack me!" Clair voiced as she snapped her poke ball in the air, releasing her first pokemon, Kingdra. They knew of her prowess & began a dance that was a battle with heart.

Over the course of the challenge, the residential dragons caused quite a show, an elaborate display of raw power through the forms of their most powerful arsenal: Hyper Beam. Streams of golden beams of energy surged through the battlefield, with no stops along the way. Kingdra parried every assaults with evasive attacks, holding such finesse. Looking at battle at hand, a sad smirk crept up to her face, still wishing for that spontaneous moment that would take her away this Little did they know that their actions were to invoke a more omnipotent foe.

Sound asleep, Mewtwo made no indications of his whereabouts. (Behind the shrine.) However, upon the first impact blasts of the Hyper Beam created by the dragons, he woke up. Not so cheery when a calm nap is interrupted. "(Ugghhh) You insolent leviathans! Cease your careless dander before I shall curve it for you…the hard way!" The rich echoing of his voice, ceased the training. Only to provide speculations to all the residents, particularly Clair. "What was that?...Show yourself, whoever or whatever you are!" That was proven to be a big mistake in both parties. For when she spoke of those callous words, Mewtwo momentarily forgot his cool demeanor & rose out. While at the moment, he blew his cover from behind the shrine. Hovering onto the top, surrounded by a glowing blue translucent sphere, he gave an overpowering speech, giving off a menacing glare that was recognized as murder.

"Ignorant fool! I say cease your…." Mewtwo's voice halted as he saw the look on the human's eye. There was something odd, almost as if …it were…

Familiar. "(Those...eyes. Wh-never mind. Now is not the time.)"

But that only lasted for about a brief moment, though as he knew that one thing that he wanted was now shattered.

He was discovered by a human.

Too for now, he was spotted, there was no time to rationalize any evasive action. A battle was near in the horizon. The only words that she could form were of absolute shock.

"What. The. HELL!"

Author's Notes/ Does this seem familiar? It should: some of the lines in here were actually used in the rough draft of the first chapter of Part 1: The Outsiders. And one more thing. Rather: it's more of a confession. This story was originally meant to be a one shot fan fiction.

A lemon fan fiction.

'Miyuutsuu no Ecchi!'

Okay, so I had just came back from Anime Expo, & it is one hell of a shindig. This time: I got pics (not me in them: I'm touchy about my face on a pic) And a lot of stuff too. Including………another Mewtwo doujinshi. But it's a ecchi one. That means dirty stuff perverts like. (Not ME! I just hunt these down.)

Kudos to the Seiyuus: You wouldn't believe how long it took me to find their voices. (especially Clair's)

Ichimura Masachika 市村正親(Mewtwo ミユウツー)

Mita Yuuko 三田ゆう子(Clair イブキ)

Without this knowledge: I would never have made this fic. Just hearing their voices kinda gave the impression of power, serenity & care. A match made in heaven. (Kawaii!)

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