Ch. 4: Halloween! She's so mean!

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(October 30th)

What would you feel if you assistant is an undocumented super pokemon, that has an issue with humanity itself?

Why, you go to sleep angry.

Who would go & do that, you ask?

The one who had her hand prints on all over this mess: Clair.

No longer than one month later, has thing gone awry for the Blackthorn gym leader. The first in a line of unfortunate events: was the blunt argument employer and employee. Her perception on the situation that had gone by was that the clone felt very agitated.

(Quick Flashback)

"Because there are no such thing as grateful. This is life! Nothing but a cold, dark world, filled with pain, misery, hatred, death. There's no such thing as happiness. What can happiness do, huh? Does it bring answers that I need? No! Now leave me be, HUMAN."

What was she to do? To stand there & let him badger on about his own problems? And on account for what: blaming it on all of humanity?

Nope; if there was any last string of nerves that needed to be cut...Clair would be the one to hold on to a pair of scissors & run straight forward.

At the absolute moment of sheer recklessness, did the Blackthorn gym leader kicked the now empty bowl at him. What perfect timing for Clair to do so, when Mewtwo at the exact moment...dropped the barrier down.

A nasty thunk could be heard throughout the cave, as a sturdy piece of ceramic collided to the flesh.

She hit him right below. Though he did not show it, Mewtwo was in real pain. His pupils dilated, hands shaking & the bulging vein on his forehead indicated that he was about to snap.

What even made the whole situation more hostile is the fact that she continued on to berate him.


The way that this incident had occurred, it was the last straw. No doubt about it, even before she could come up with more words to unload, Mewtwo couldn't take any more second-handed insults from the likes of a human. He violently flung his hand forward, waves of psychokinetic energy pulsed through his palm, then finally, everything went blank for Clair...

(End flashback)

The following day, when Clair had regain consciousness, she had woken up, lying on the edge of her bed with the same clothes on from yesterday. Along with the contents of last night's stew all over her hair...


Up from that time, she haven't any form of contact with him since. Nor did she wanted to anyways, with that rude feeling of cold stew on her hair.

More in the contingent line of bad timing, on the same day: her grandfather announced that he had planned to go to Cinnabar Isle until mid-November. There was the lines of, "need a vacay, warm climates." It meant that there would only be one pair of hands for help around the gym. And it ain't the clones hand either.

That was the other problem next in line. It seems as though Mewtwo took it upon himself to...prove her right in one category.

That there is a pokemon, capable of being a total asshole.

The first week alone, ignoring an antisocial pokemon was in itself brutal. More work had to be done by herself. Oh, how she wanted to ring Mewtwo's neck/s & make him pay. But that would only confirm his bigotry towards humanity. Not to mention that she had confused herself in the aspects of measuring him as a human being, when considering the fact that he is not.

The one sure fire way to at least quell her killing intents were to take a nap. Many of the times did she trudged up the seeminglessly endless flights of stairs to her bathroom to relax in a nice hot shower. For the last month though, it seemed to work halfway through.

"( are a real piece of shit. Y'know that Mewtwo?)"

Tired out beyond any sore that she had ever gotten, Clair arrived home from another day of the same old-same old: gym challenges, perimeter patrol. Her mind, clouded with thoughts of doubts about what to do with her life. Everything had brought her mood down to a near funk. "What to do? It just seem nothing will do to get this right. Like the way I wanted it to be...guess I'll have no choice but give it one last time." Head sunk down in desperation, Clair headed up the flight of stairs to take a bath & hope that maybe...just maybe: tomorrow might be different...


Meanwhile, inside the den's shrine, a solemn look upon Mewtwo's face showed no intention of emotions. Alone in the dark confines, the loathing clone watched the archaic kettle over the fireplace in the middle of the room, simmering the contents of the water to purify it before consuming it.

He learned that lesson the hard way.

Although there was some peace at hand, something felt amiss. The shrine he was occupying for the duration of his 'imprisonment,' felt neither comforting nor unwelcoming. The shrine consisted of two rooms, the alter room in one part & the out woodsman shed-like structure on the other half. While the alter room was more eye soothing: no loose floor boards, sturdy paper walls & other decorative whatnots, the 'shed' room itself spoke in five items.

1. rotting Mahogany floor board.

2. Kettle.

3. Three support beams.

4. firepit.

5. A small 2'x5' window facing west. (The purpose of it: nothing for the time)

Whenever it be the way his promise seem to be faltering, it led back to those eyes that the so-called 'Clair' had. It was the way that her irises beckon for him to understand, yet his mind forbids him to go further. No matter how much anger wells up within him, he just can't seem to inflict harm to her. This was one-half of the reasons why he did not wanted to see her.

His mental instability. "...This isn't like myself, I had every chance to end her wretched life, and yet: I don't want to. But this is...her. What right does one human think she has over me? I am not a slave. I do not take orders. I was not created for the purpose of 'tidying things up a bit for eye candy.' Alas...I have yet to unravel to what my life lies beyond this...this place. But...why do I stay here? For what, a pair of teal eyes...those eyes...why? These thoughts...plague my no ends."

Without any warning, a string of violent coughing episodes brought Mewtwo's mind out of thought. He clutched his chest, going through the ordeal, unrelenting to give in from the aches his lungs were receiving.

The other half is so simple: no matter how advance medical technology can go, there seemed to be an unknown ailment, wavering through his body for almost half a year. The symptoms were internal bleeding, heart palpitations, the most bizarre: nerve shutdowns. But it passes on once in a while. Mewtwo did not wanted his unknown ailment to brand him as weak. He did not want another soul to find out.

Alone in the shrine with the kettle still heating the water, the clone did not felt like resting. Rather, he felt like nothing at all could make things better. Nothing will ever make sense. As if the whole purpose of life is to suffer without no ends.

Feeling a bit nauseas, Mewtwo stared into the fire, viewing the intrepid dance the unrestraint plasma performed in front of him. "How long do I have...whether it be confined to a bet, or the way I have been ailing...More importantly, what will become of me, or what's left of me?"


(Next day: Halloween. 9:00 PM....)

Halloween has arrived in Blackthorn City. The night had settled in early, children in costumes parade from house to house, treat-or-treating for sugar coated treat for their sweet tooths. Houses decorated in the timely fashion of the macabre. Not too gory, just spooky in a cute way. And as such for the occasion, the Blackthorn gym leader had gotten into the spirit of Halloween & accommodated herself to dress up as a witch. Not so much as so to look like one, just a witch's hat, an old world broom & her gym attire. It's all just a coincidence that her attire truly made look like one, but more sexier.

Tonight would be a good time for one final patrol. This time, to insure the safety towards the little trick-or-treaters. Leaving her pokemon out at the den for some r & r, she got prepared to do some night time patrolling. Making sure that the community would be safe from harm's way.

Not much but calm, clean fun. Meaning a dull night. No such unexpected turns of events for her to dive into. "(Even for my age, this night seems tame. Oh well, as long as I got my Rolos.)" Much as the later now had arrived, the bored gym leader strolled down the peaceful Tunes to a peculiar song seeped through her mind, before long...trying to go along with it. Off-keyed.


That's When She Gets SO Mean!♪


Come on baby Scream! ♪

Out in the stills of the night, something caught her eyes, it lured her like moth drawn to the enticing dance of the burning flame. A speck of a flickering blue light, momentarily made some erratic circles above, until it suddenly faded away. The next occurrence provided some chills down on the gym leader's spine.

Her hat now had somewhat a mind of itself, as it flew off into the air. But not to just simply be blown into one direction. No.

It danced in front of her, twirling erratically in a clockwise position. Somehow, the floating hat was toying with her. Every time that Clair would reach for it, it mysteriously pulls away at the last moment. After a brief time of looking like an idiot, the hat lured her away, calling out like a siren, singing her song to bring doom to the foolish sailors drifting by.

"Hey! What the hell?" Off she went to chase her hat, passing through several blocks in the neighborhood. The gaping crowd paid no heed for the attention that she was making.

The chase led went on, going from residential areas to downtown. Pass-byres looked on as they saw their gym leader chasing down her own hat. Yet there was no wind to do so.

"This… is getting to be a bit more spooky than normal. Even on a Halloween night."

The hat, led her to the town's public park. Vast decorations of the festivities were everywhere. Lit & burnt out jack o lanterns, paper decorations hanging on the 'abandoned' gazebos. The real kick was that no one was here, not even the sounds of the park dwelling pokemon tha resides here.A cold chill kicked up the cape on her back, blowing the hat down to the nearest uninhabited structures.

"Finally, I've had enough of this-(mphh!)" Much like a horror movie, the minute she picked up her hat, danger appeared.

From the blackest of the shadows, a pair of unusual hands had covered her mouth, rendering the gym leader speechless. Mewtwo had his hands reached out & covered her mouth. He spoke in a whisper that only she would be ale to hear. "Do not draw any attention here. I detest being out in the open."

To have something come up from out of nowhere & take you in the most spookiest time of the night……well: something is bound to happen.

Big time!

One thing & only one thing came up in the blackthorn gym leader's mind. Letting off some unplaced steam. First off, Clair stomped on his foot. Mewtwo bit his tongue to distract himself from the real pain. He led his hands away now, freeing Clair. What came next speaks for itself.

In full rage, the dragon mistress went for the nearest blunt object she could grab on & smash the head on her so-called assailant. Out came her arms, swinging on with a large hallowed out pumpkin that appeared in her grasp.


The sounds of a now cracked squash, made by a pumpkin that now met with the face of one very angry clone. Orange goo were plastered all over his face. You can't quite tell how Mewtwo's expression turned out. The goo was EVERYWHERE.

But Clair didn't care, for she had snapped. Spooky day plus scary way of getting attention equals breakdown. She was furious. And it was all aimed at….him. "I needed your help! I trusted you, on your word. You agreed, and yet: you fuckin' ingrate! You're no worse than any other men."

Mewtwo, dazed a bit from the blow, shook his head, getting some sense back again. Wiping away the remains Again, he reverted towards his instinctual mechanism, blaming his sorrow onto the human race. Better to say it rather in to express how he really wanted to do, warping back to it's former killing ways. "Don't you even dare compare me to the likes-"

Clair wasn't even finished. Not yet. "I don't have to take your abhorrent slanders at me. It's no wonder no one wants to be around you, you are a whiny-"

A thought occurred to her. There was no point at all in this argument. It all leads to doing stupid reactions & that led into the favor of the clone. Proving that humans are the problem.

Mewtwo's patience was at it's limit. No telling if this moment would turn into something unforgivable. And quite possibly fatal. He took a battle stance when eh heard the woman sigh, head down in dejection. "(sigh) look, all we do is bicker back & forth. It's getting nowhere. Bitch here loathe this, I hate it."

For once, Mewtwo had to agree with her. He looked away from her. Avoiding eye contact for a moment, but . "Much like a married couple. I too find these squabbles annoying."

Did she heard him make a light hearted comment? This is after all Mewtwo, the self-loathing super-powerful talking pokemon. Whatever the case, Clair couldn't help but to chuckle a bit.

"What?" the clone felt as if there was something awry. Clair just waved it off. "Well, it's just weird for me to hear that from a pokemon. Here, have a Rolo. Consider it a treat, without that trick."

Curious yet cautious, Mewtwo swapped the piece of candy from her fingers. He took one careful glance at the cocoa-made bullion of interest. "No poison, no drugs or other paraphernalia?"

She replied by simply shoving him back, in a mocked angry way. "No! If it where, do you think that I'd still be here?"

The clone gave a low scowl. He did not liked being touched right now, being a tad sensitive due to that pumpkin in the head scene. Nether the less, not sensing any signs of threat & hostilities, he popped the Rolo piece into his mouth. Clair looked on in anticipation. "See? Nothing happened. It's just a Rolo, nothing wrong goes on when you have one of these."

Moments later, she thought that she saw a smile on his face. (Though in truth: a frown upside down) It may very well be the icebreaker. Mewtwo on the other hand, was feeling a tad awkward from what the gym leader was doing. "What are you smirking about?"

"I thought I saw your mouth forming a smile."

Not one to let his soft side shown, Mewtwo went on the defensive. "You are delusional. I don't smile. I sneer, I loathe."

Time to get serious. She paced back and forth slowly, contemplating on to how things were going to turn out. Mewtwo stood there, hiding in the darkest part of the gazebo. He too, wanted to sort things out as well. Hoping that he could get his freedom back without any unnecessary consequences.

"Look, I've said this once & I'll say it again: you are not a slave, I 'm not binding you. You have a private space in the den. No one else know will dare seek you in a den filled with dragon pokemon." That caught his attention. Not what he really wanted to hear, but still.

Clair took one good breath in, then looked straight up into the gaze of Mewtwo's eyes before continuing on. 'Sure, the things you say & not do make me pissed, but who isn't? I'm a gym leader. Work here, work there, work work-work! This is where I'd hope you would come in. All you have to do really, is help me run the gym. Think of it this way: you'll be more like a silent partner than an assistant. Soo…what do you say? Want to try this again?"

He bit his tongue, truly bewildered to know what might be. Although, in some points, she is right. Privacy in a secluded area. A chance find some peace within himself. This was all too similar to what had occurred the first time around with Giovann. But this is far too different. There was no way to interoperate what he wanted to say, but it would be a start to break down the mental chains of bigotry.

"...Don' t think that you're-"

It was becoming repetitive, yet Clair did not mind if she had some fun on his expense. "Yeah, yeah. You've preached about it for so many times. I got it. Now let's start this over," she brought out her hand, extending it towards the wary clone. "My name is Clair, gym leader of Blackthorn City. And you?"

History repeated itself, as Mewtwo had once been down on this road some years ago. Nether the less, this time, he hoped she would be right. For both their sakes. Who knows, there might be some reassurance that not all humans are untrusting fiends. There was only one way to find out. He brought his hand to meet hers & closed the gap with a firm hand shake. He'll give her a chance.

"Mewtwo. No matter what authority you administer, understand that as your...assistant, you have no rights to distinguish me as one of your pokemon. I am my own. Got that?"

Another opening to get under the clone's nerve.

"Deal! Now that this dilemma is over, why don't you go & fix me some dinner. And while you're at it: wash my clothes. I still have one of my gym attire that you'd ruined."

He gave her a stern look with his cold amethyst eyes, to with, Clair replied by tossing another Rolo on his head. The candy had some moisture when it was held, so it stuck onto his brow. She laughed at him while he used his finger to flick away the candy. "Kidding! Sheesh, have some fun, after all. And besides, now-"


It began again, that horrible surge of pain, sweeping though his lungs. The words she spoke of were fallen in deaf ears. Alas, something did not bode well. Right before he could resign himself to allow such a predicament be resolved, the look on his eyes spoke of ill fortune, unprecedented uncertainty. No sooner then that instant, back into the hollows of the night sky, Mewtwo took flight. Without saying a single word.

Clair didn't know what just went down now, for once it wasn't any one's fault. Popping the last Rolo bit into her mouth, the Blackthorn gym leader somehow appreciated on how this day marked the start of an unusual type of friendship.

Or what's there to begin with. 'Till tomorrow, she'll have to wait for his reply. Right now, she started to head back home.

A part of herself: hoping he'll be back.

To be continued...


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