A/N: The last chapter!

Kaylee found Simon in the mess, a heavy-looking book spread out on the table in front of him that looked to be medical-related. The doctor was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn't notice her enter the room at first.

"Hey Simon!"

"Wha–?" Simon swung around startled. For a moment, his mouth hung open in shock, but he managed to close it and finally responded to the mechanic's bright welcome. "Oh, Kaylee. Hi," he greeted her. "What're you doing here?"

Kaylee frowned. "You don't seem happy to see me. Maybe I'll jus' go and come back when you're not here anymore," she mused.

"No, no! I'm happy to see you! Just surprised. I thought you were with River?" Simon defended, hurriedly. For some reason, he was always saying the wrong thing when Kaylee was around. The words just broke apart and came out all jumbled. It had never happened to him before he met the cheery mechanic and he hated how vulnerable and jerky it made him appear.

Shrugging it off, he watched as Kaylee walked over to the sink, dropping a scrunched up ball of newspaper into the disposal on the way. She turned the water on and held her paintbrush under the gentle spray, letting the watery-paint run down the drain.

"Oh, okay," Kaylee's lip curved slightly. "I jus' thought – " She paused for a moment as if pondering her next words. "Never mind. It's all shiny."

"Good," Simon smiled back before changing the subject, curious of his sister's current whereabouts. "So, where is River?"

"Oh, I jus' left her in the cargo bay for a minute. I needed to clean up this," she explained, gesturing at the paintbrush.

"Right. Well, I might go and check on her…"

"Aw, Simon. Don't worry about her. I'm sure she's fine. She's still painting," Kaylee argued, putting on an innocent face to convince the doctor. He watched her, the uncertainty still playing in his eyes, but gave a reluctant sigh before relaxing back into his seat. "I'll be going back in a sec, anyways," she added with a smile.

"Right. Okay then," Simon allowed himself to be convinced and glanced back down at his book to turn the page.

Kaylee meanwhile, had finished at the sink and walked over to him. "See? I'm going down right now. Nothing to fret about, Simon."

"Sure," Simon still watched her worriedly as she headed back to the cargo bay.

Kaylee hummed softly to herself as she walked back down towards River. It was the song that had been playing at the ball in Persephone, when they'd been on the deal for Badger and Sir Warrick Harrow. That had been one hell of a party.

Finally reaching the cargo bay, Kaylee's humming stopped abruptly as she saw what River had done while she was away. Her mouth dropped open and she gaped at the girl. River just looked up at her with big brown puppy dog eyes, as if nothing had even happened.

"River! What did you do?" Kaylee exclaimed, finally finding the words. She moved forwards to examine River's latest creation.

"It's for Jayne," River smiled. She picked up the piece of timber from in front of her and went to place it next to the others.

"Yes, honey. I can see that," Kaylee told her. She rubbed her eyes disbelievingly and went back to staring at River.

"I'll jus' go get the others. They'll love to see this," Kaylee tore her eyes away from the girl and bounded off to find the rest of the crew, leaving River standing alone in the cargo bay.

Several minutes later, the entire crew were gathered around River and her piece of art.

"River!" Inara exclaimed upon first seeing it. She covered her mouth to prevent the laugh from escaping her lips and grasped at the Captain's arm for support. Mal watched her, confused by her reaction until seeing the sign himself. He held onto the railing, unable to stop the fits of laughter from taking over him.

Zoe smirked and held onto her husband for support as Inara had with Mal – Wash wasn't faring much better though and instead of helping Zoe, did quite the opposite. He was having similar affects to Mal, except that in addition to the tears streaming down his face, his sides were aching from laughing so hard.

Simon's mouth gaped open before he joined the others in their amusement, an unstoppable grin breaking out on his face and spreading like the plague. Book snorted relentlessly and watched as Jayne stepped up to take a look.

"Why's it pink?" The confused mercenary asked.

River cocked her head to the side and smiled. "Jayne's a girls' name."