Lizzie Goes Black!

Chapter Three.

McGuire Home

Hillsdale, California 2006

Lizzie's Going Away Party

It was a big disappointment to Lizzie that Gordo hadn't been able to make her cum with his 'four-inch floppy'. While it made it easy to deep throat him, it sort of made her wished that she'd accepted Ethan's suggestion at her going away party.

Celebrating her new career, she'd sung and had dance too much, and had way too much of the Tequila and that Miranda snuck in. Later, after Gordo had already left the party, Lizzie decided to stumbled outside for some air and slipped over a hedge. And Ethan Craft, who was also getting some air, broke her fall when she fell right on top of him. They were both pretty drunk, and starting giggling. Despite having already given her virginty to Gordo, she still had a thing for Ethan.

With a great body and so damn cute, Lizzie had always thought Ethan was a real babe! Having squeaked peeks of him in his tight gym short for years, Lizzie really wanted to see him naked. But Kate had always seemed in the way, often to her complete and utter embarrassment!

Before Lizzie knew it, they were making out on grass. She shook with trepidation as curiosity finally drove her to find out how big Ethan's cock really was. Taking in a deep breath, she looked closely at the tent in his shorts and grew wet between her legs.

After spending three years in junior high trying to get into his pants, Lizzie excitedly finally worked open his zipper. To her surprise, Ethan's taste totem pole was much bigger than Gordo's little four-inch floppy when she slid a hand in and began stroking his piece of hard meat.

Feeling the thrill of victory, Lizzie was overjoyed to be finally playing her fingers upon Ethan's cock. She would realize her mistake later, but because she had rose-colored glasses again, his cock seemed bigger and thicker than any cock she'd ever seen before. Thus amazed, Lizzie smiled as she started to run both her hands up and down his actually modest six-inch shaft.

"I've wanted your precious cock so long," she smirked softly, almost to herself.

Becoming even more 'hungry' when she saw pre-cum coat the top of his cock, Lizzie bent down and wantonly lapped up it. "Huummmm," she moaned, thrilling to his taste. Then wrapping her mouth around Ethan's cock head, she started to move up her lips and down his shaft, excitedly taking his whole cock in her mouth just as she'd been taught how.

"Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie," Ethan exclaimed, his low vocal-tones denying the pleasure he was presently experiencing. "I never knew you were such a good cock sucker! I would dumped Kate years ago."

Things got hot quick, and they went up to her bedroom to fool around. Their previous activities only have them more of a sense of urgency for their lovemaking, and they were immediately overcome with the full force of teenage lust.

After Ethan took a seat on her bed, the real action began with Lizzie doing a combined striptease and lap dance to the song, 'Oops I Did It Again.' She only paused long enough, to let him use his hands and teeth to rip off their bras and panties. Then using her stuffed animals, she treated him to an erotic fan dance. Even going so far as to let him masturbate her with one of her old Ken dolls.

When she was done, she got into Ethan's lap and French kissed him as he stroked her pussy. A little later, Lizzie licked off her girl juices from the doll. "How was that?" she asked.

"Great!" he answered. His eyes seemed to burn with fire. "Kate would never have done that."

"Let your hoe please you." Lizzie said, reaching both hands around his neck and pulled him towards her, kissing him deeply again. Ethan moved towards her on the bed, reaching for her large, perfectly rounded, amazing breasts. They were heavenly, so toned and tanned and firm. He started sucking on them, Lizzie moaning as he feasted on her nipples. "Oh, yes! Ethan, suck on my tits!"

"Hummm! Oh yeah, Daddy likes..." Ethan moaned. "I'm your daddy? Who's your daddy?"

Enjoying how he sucked on her breasts, Lizzie groaned back. "Oh, you're my daddy!" Then she smiled. "I want to taste you, daddy." And with those immortal words ringing like klaxons, she undid his shorts. Acting liked a trained professional competing in the Olympics De-Panting Decathlon, she his Jockeys down by his ankles in seconds. And she smiled as if they'd won Gold whilst simultaneously setting a world record.

Getting a good grip on the bed, he murmured. "Please, don't stand on ceremony on my account." Then he scrunched up his eyes. "Oh please. Yes. Suck daddy's cock NOW! Do it baby! All the way! Clean me up."

Her hand wandered up between Ethan's legs. "Oh my," she exclaimed, grasped his rigid manhood, "we have to do something about this." After kissing his ball sack, she slowly ran her tongue up his shaft, swirling it around until reaching the top. Then she mouthed his cock and sucked up and down. His penis start to throb and his butt squirmed as his shaft grew dark purple and hard. A shiver racked him as she painted his manhood with her tongue, her hands moved up and down his thighs. She wrapped her lips around his aroused shaft as brutal tremors racked his body as she held him tightly around his butt.

Running his fingers through her fine blonde hair, he helped to push her mouth down along his shaft. Going deeper with every stroke, Lizzie made a loud popping sound when she pulled off to take a breath, then she smiled and fell upon him again. She worked her mouth around his cock with gusto and he was receptive to her charms to say the least! To help drive his cock even deeper and faster, he wrapped both of his hands around her head. He could feel her hunger as she sucked his cock as she sucked powerfully, running her mouth up and down with gusto, banging his balls harder and harder. As she went, he ran his fingers through Lizzie's hair and pressed her head down to him deep down into her throat. She could soon feel Ethan tensing up, and knew he would cum soon. "That's my good little girl. Suck daddies cock!"

Swallowing a bit at a time, she took his whole seven-inch cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his shaft. Ethan wanted to roar with the power of it. Her hands stroked and fondled his shaft and balls while her mouth lustfully sucked and licked.

"Oh God," he said. "That's a good ho!" His head was thrashing back and forth. Every muscle in his body was tense, Ethan felt like he could pick up a car with the energy coursing through his veins. Brushing her hair back off her face, he looked into her blue eyes as the precious moment came. Short of breath, her eyes were beginning to water, until suddenly his milky torrent filled her mouth and shot down her throat.

Grunting wildly, she tried to get it all, thoroughly licking his dick clean and milking all she could get. Backing up, she started licking his tip with her tongue even as more cum erupted. When he was done, her face was quite a mess. White sticky cum dripped from her mouth and nose. It was in her hair and ran down her breasts. And Ethan found it just incredible to watch Lizzie remove the rest of his cum with her tongue and fingers.

Then with her mouth full of his cum, Lizzie titled her head up, raising her chin. He could see her throat work as she swallowed. Then she ran her tongue around her lips. "Hummm! Hummm! Hummm!" she moaned. And still aroused, she continued sucking and licking. She swallowed several more times, before smiling up at Ethan. Sky blue and flecked with green, her hungry and very sexy peepers complemented her lovely blonde hair better than any blue-eyed white girl he'd ever known.

After a long pause she told him softly. ""Mmmmm! That was yummmmy! Oh, I just love how your meaty flavor doesn't fill me up, daddy!"

Ethan grinned like the Cheshire cat as she sucked him hard yet again. But Lizzie wasn't expecting what came next. Just then he had her get up and bend over in front of him. "You've got such a great little ass, Lizzie."

Unable to help herself, she moaned and her body shook. With his back to her, Lizzie began to whimper when Ethan's rubbed his cockhead against her anus. It yielded as he flexed his buttocks and shot his hips forward, driving himself deep into her Hershey highway. He took hold of her long pretty blonde hair. And she grunted and moaned as he pulled her head back, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch as he began sodomizing her. "Oh, oh, oh, baby. Daddy;s always wanted to fuck your tightly little ass, Lizzie!"

"Oh, Ethan, fuck me every which way you. I want you so badly! Fuck me again, and again, daddy!"

After what seemed a lifetime of built up lust being unleashed, Lizzie decided to turn the tables on her long pursued love interest. Pull away, she pushed him on his back. And with his cock sticking straight up, she quickly moved up and knelt over his waist. Lizzie smiled blissfully as she, took his manhood in her, swung a leg over him to straddle his body and guided him into her opening. His tip poked into her as he gasped "Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie. Your such as cute little whore!"

Looking into Ethan's eyes the entire time. Her response was to slowly lower herself toward his stiff rod, spreading her legs wide. She held his manhood with one hand, and reached down to spread the lips of her pussy with the other. His eyes shot wide as he felt the tip of his tip cock slide into her narrow wet slit.

She shuddered when she felt her tight pussy lips clench the tip of Ethan's 'presumably big' cock. Her cunt lips seemed to stretch out as she wiggled down upon on his mushroom head, hoping to lustfully and reckless impaling herself on his cock. Omitting a loud moan sound as she arched her back, Lizzie said, "Aahhhhhhhh! Gooooddd Dammmmm, Daddy! You're so big!"

She smiled blissfully as she impaled herself on his cock. Taking a deep breath she rose up a little then pushed her body down. Feeling sense of satisfaction, she looking down between her legs to see all of his cock vanished up inside her. . Humping him furiously, she moved her hips in time with his. And Ethan thought she actually seemed to glow as her beautiful titties dangled deliciously in front him.

"Fill my little pussy with your cum!" Lizzie almost screamed at him. "Fuck me like your own god damn personal whore! Give me your baby!"

She leaned forward so her breasts were over his face and he began eagerly sucking the right nipple while she relaxed on his hardness, getting used to the feeling of a full pussy. It only took a few minutes until she began tentatively moving up and down on his rigid shaft. There was a little discomfort at first, but as her muscles relaxed he began to move more easily in and out of her secret place. As their excitement mounted, Ethan began pushing up as Lizzie lowered herself to get as far inside her as possible. "Hummm!" She moaned again and again, gripped his head. Feeling raw and savage, she cried out, "Oh, fuck me, please! Treat me like a whore. Bang my eyeballs out! Hurt me! Give me lots of babies!"

After urging Lizzie on to her back, Ethan began to thrust into her hot body with abandon. She grasped as he entered her and began to pound her pussy with all his might. "Take my cock you bitch! Take it all hoe!"

"Ethan, fuck me!" she begged. "I'm your sex slave. Fuck me, faster with your big jailbait cock!" she demanded as he thrusted again and again into her tight pussy. She locked her legs behind his holding him deep inside her. And wanting more, he put a pillow on the floor, and laid her back on it, lifting her legs up over his shoulders. Lizzie grasped as he entered her again and again. Latching on to her ass and squeezing her breasts, he pounded her pussy with all his lusty might. The little voice in Lizzie's head went, "this is awesome why have I waited so long to try it?" The only sound that escaped her mouth was little squeals of pleasure.

Lizzie giggled as Ethan next wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and moved to fuck her with reckless abandon in a missionary position. Then after placing her ankles over his shoulders, he took her ass cheeks in his hands and spread her pussy lips open for him. She'd thought Gordo had given her agony, but now plugging into her tiny pussy, Ethan's dick was much bigger.

After three or four jabs he was almost buried to the hilt. Lizzie first let out a shriek that was followed by a moan of pleasure as he filled her up, molding her vaginal walls even more to his intruding shaft. And as her excitement grew, Ethan quickened his past, until she was ready for incredibly hard, deep plunging.

Ethan lifted her ass higher off the ground and pushed himself in even deeper. Her body jerked as he hit her cervix where nothing had ever touched her there. Her shrieks turned to grunts, then to low moans. When his tool was all the way in he began to fondle Lizzie's slippery titties and sucked on her neck. Then looking into her eyes, he exclaimed, "It's time to pound you into the mattress!"

As he quickened his pace, her nervous system came close to overloading. Lizzie had to close her eyes and clinch her teeth. Her cunt wall quivered around Ethan's dick as it drove all the way in again and again, stretching her with each thrust. While he continued to power it into her unlit, soon her cries of pain into those of joy and unbridled lust as his dark pubic hairs mixed with her golden fleece. And still, her cries grew louder and louder.




Lizzie's pussy was slick and tight as her inner muscles clenched around him like an oiled fist. Her cunt clamped his dick so hard it almost hurt. With one of his hands latching on to her ass and the other squeezing her left breast, he did her for all he was worth. And Ethan enjoyed it immensely. "You're so fucken hot. I'm going to make you scream," he told her as she felt his balls and back tense.

Her pussy felt amazing as he moved deep inside her. Ethan felt like he was going to shoot right away. She was so tight, so perfect, and so fine. But he kept pushing inside her, the orgasmic pleasure about to burst out of him. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!" he exclaimed. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"OHHHHHHHH! I'm CUMMING!" Lizzie groaned, clenching her breasts

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Here it comes!" he shouted. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...!" Ethan moaned out in climax, while load after load shot straight into her sweet snatch. And as her pussy milked his cockhead, she was overwhelmed by the sensation of his cum flooding her maidenhood.

"God, I needed this." She whispered. "Keep fucking me, again, and again, please, please...oh god I need moreā€¦Fuck me like a slut. Pound me like whore!"

Lizzie felt Ethan quivering against her as he filled up her pussy with his teenage-seed. He kept thrusting inside her until he was completely drained and his cock softened and slipped out. But it turned out that Ethan was just interested in his own pleasure because as soon as he was down, he zipped up his pants and headed back to the party.

After Ethan left the room she put her bra and panties back on, then pulled up her dress. Walking down the stairs and out the door, there was an angry look on her face. Ethan had only been interested in getting his rocks off. Though she'd enjoyed ridding Ethan's cock and liked the feel of his warm seed oozing from her pussy which dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and run between her humid ass crack.

But Lizzie felt like she'd been used. He hadn't even used a rubber or gone down on her.

"Thanks for the great fuck," he said. Instead of telling her that he cared for her, he added, "Let's do it again the next time you're in town." Lacking any commitment to her needs, Lizzie knew that he wasn't what she wanted from a lover.