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Chapter Twenty-Three: Unwinnable Wars

There Are No Unlockable Doors
There Are No Unwinnable Wars
There Are No Unrightable Wrongs
Or Unsingable Songs

There Are No Unbeatable Odds
There Are No Believable Gods
There Are No Unnameable Names,
Shall I Say It Again, Yeah

There Are No Impossible Dreams
There Are No Invisible Seams
Each Night When Day Is Through
I Don't Ask Much
I Just Want You
I Just Want You

There Are No Uncriminal Crimes
There Are No Unrhymable Rhymes
There Are No Identical Twins
Or Forgivable Sins

There Are No Incurable Ills
There Are No Unkillable Thrills
One Thing And You Know It's True
I Don't Ask Much
I Just Want You
I Just Want You
I Just Want You
I Just Want You

I'm Sick And Tired Of Bein' Sick And Tired
I Used To Go To Bed So High And Wired
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
I Think I'll Buy Myself Some Plastic Water
I Guess I Should Have Married Lennon's Daughter
Yeah - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

There Are No Unachievable Goals
There Are No Unsaveable Souls
No Legitimate Kings Or Queens,
Do You Know What I Mean? Yeah

There Are No Undisputable Truths
And There Ain't No Fountain Of Youth
Each Night When Day Is Through
I Don't Ask Much
I Just Want You

Ty felt like she'd woken up from one hell of a dream. Except that when she opened her eyes, she found herself standing inexplicably in the middle of a cemetery, completely disoriented and chilled to the bone because she was still only clad in Dean's shirt and her underwear which she had pulled on following their "activities" earlier. Even on a kamikaze mission, Ty wasn't about to face death buck naked. Thankfully, the clothes were as mysteriously unscorched as the rest of her at the moment.

Something moved behind her. Ty spun around and found herself staring into the face of the yellow-eyed demon, its sickly-looking orbs piercing her blue ones as it grinned at her. Ty instinctively backed away, her memory of what had just occurred coming back to her in a flash.

"What the hell is going on?" Ty demanded, nearly tripping over a headstone as she continued to back away from the demon.

"Well, Ty." the demon answered, drawing out her name tauntingly as he moved towards her, "What's going on is that I brought you back from the dead. Say thank you."

"Where's Dean?" Ty spat the question at the demon instead, continuing to edge back around tombstones.

"Oh, trying to figure out some way to double-cross me, I expect." the demon rolled its eyes, unconcerned.

Ty's eyes searched her surroundings frantically, looking for some way to escape and yet knowing at the same time that it was pointless to do so. When all her roaming eyes took in were the dark shadows of trees and row upon row of grave markers, she finally paused in her retreat, squaring her shoulders and turning back towards the demon to face it, "So what am I doing here now?"

The demon smiled at her, a knowing smile that made Ty's heart sink in her chest. The demon was now looming over her, looking down into her upturned face. Ty wished fleetingly that she was taller so that it wouldn't be able to use height against her on top of everything, but the thought barely registered in her brain. There was too much to worry about at the moment for her own inane inner ramblings to matter at all.

"I'm so glad you asked." the demon said, smile widening. Moonlight overhead caste a sick gleam over his expression, making it seem even more twisted than his features portrayed. Ty shuddered, "See, I have a little surprise for the Winchesters that I need your help with."

Ty opened her mouth to protest, to tell the demon straight up that there was no way she would ever help it, not again. She wanted to adamantly refuse to ever be a part of its plans again. She wanted to even toss in a few threats, tell it that the only plan she would ever be a part of would be one that included sending it straight back to hell. And yet as the neurons in her brain fired, telling the muscles in her jaw to open her mouth and her lungs pulled in the air to form her words, the figure before her flung its head back, its own mouth opening wide as a dark cloud spewed forth. Ty jumped, leaping back from the scene. And, just her luck, her foot caught a tree root behind her that she hadn't known existed until that moment and she found herself falling backwards, landing hard on her backside. The pain was nothing, though, because she was still staring wide-eyed at the demonic cloud of darkness that had swarmed out of the mouth of the man before her and was currently rushing down towards her. Instinctively, Ty screamed, but before the sound could become something more than the intake of breath, the inky cloud of evil poured into her throat, strangling her cry. Ty felt like she was drowning and her body convulsed as she choked. This wasn't the insipid loss of control that had snuck up on her when the ghost of Angela Hamilton took control of her body. This was like dying. It was sudden and terrifying and overpowering. There was nothing she could do to stop it. She knew it and so did the demon that was taking her. It coated her insides; she could feel it moving swiftly through her like slime, contaminating every part of her. The process felt like an eternity and a millisecond all at once.

As if in a dream, Ty felt her body stop shaking and her limbs move, pushing her back to her feet. It was like she was far away, watching someone else pull the strings and yet feeling the tug, too, at the same time. She looked around and yet felt someone force her to look around.

'Well, isn't it just nice and cozy in here?' a voice inside her head thought, a voice that wasn't her own, thinking thoughts that weren't her own.

'What the fuck?' Ty thought in response.

Ty felt herself grin in response to her thought, 'Oh, what's the matter, Ty? Don't want to share?'

'Get out of me!' Ty screeched, desperately trying to make some part of her body respond to her desires rather than the new presence inside her.

'Now, now.' the demon replied, 'Don't be such a bad host. I could just lock you away and do whatever I want without you even knowing, but I thought I'd be nice and let you come along for the ride.'

Ty screamed inside her mind, demanding that her eyes look at what she wanted, that her hands move as she commanded, fighting her own body's betrayal. Yet, try as she might she couldn't even cause a twitch of a muscle. She was merely a passenger inside her own skin.

'And here I thought being burned alive on the ceiling was going to be the worst part of my night tonight.' Ty grumbled.

The demon chuckled in response, the sound issuing out of Ty's mouth. Ty's attention was then turned to the slowly stirring figure of the man whose body has been discarded in favor of hers. He was starting to regain consciousness, eyes blinking as hands moved under him to push himself up. Ty found herself moving forward towards him and she felt the demon's intent before it acted. She screamed inside herself, trying again to influence her body's actions. But she couldn't. She couldn't even stop herself from seeing it as the demon used her form to fall upon his former host, used her still bandaged hands to squeeze his throat, summoning more force than Ty had ever actually possessed to crush his windpipe. Ty could feel the body go limp in her hands and yet it was the demon that decided when she let go, caused her to push the body disdainfully away from her and straighten. Ty found herself wishing inexplicably for a return to oblivion, the white-hot pain of the fire, anything but this.

"Oh, but Ty. We're just getting started." the demon protested, twisting Ty's lips upward in a grin.

To say that she didn't like the sound of that didn't even begin to cover it. Ty watched, as if from the passenger seat of her own life as the demon caused them to stride across the cemetery towards a shadowy structure on the outskirts. As they got closer, Ty decided that the ruined building looked kind of like a church. Then she remembered the information that she had skimmed over briefly on the Internet when she had looked up Stull, Kansas. Apparently the building mysteriously caught fire back in the '60s, although no two stories Ty read on it agreed on the circumstances. Ty's shoes crunched on broken glass as the demon directed her forward, closer to the building. The church was also rumored to have walls that glass could bounce off of unbroken. Whether or not that was true, Ty could only surmise by all the broken glass surrounding the ruins. Still, whatever the truth concerning this building, nothing good could come from the demon wanting to go inside.

'What are you doing?' Ty demanded as the demon moved through the charred remains of doors and inside the wrecked formation.

The demon ignored her and continued onward with purpose towards what at one time was probably the altar, although nothing remained that would indicate it as such. The demon raised Ty's hand and trailed her fingers across the bricks of the wall at the back of the church. Ty tried to gleam something of its thoughts, its plans, but she could only see its actions, not the mind behind them. She didn't like how his touch on the wall was like a caress. It worried her how single-mindedly it had moved towards this place and how confident it seemed. It was as if this turn of events was even more pleasing to it than it had originally foreseen.

"This is the place." the demon said out loud, unexpectedly, "Now, where are those Winchesters?"

The demon turned Ty back towards the entrance, casting her eyes about for any indication that they weren't alone. Ty got the feeling that it was all for show, however. It would know if the Winchesters were here. It was merely continuing to toy with her.

"They can't be too far. Maybe they're having some trouble finding the place." the demon mused, "I know just the way to help them."

Ty barely had a moment to wonder what the demon could be planning when it sucked in a deep breath and expelled it in a loud scream.

"Dean! Help me! God, anybody!" the demon screamed with her voice.

Ty mentally cringed when she heard an answering yell in the distance, "Ty!"

The demon snickered before backing anxiously against the wall, casting her eyes about nervously and playing the part of a terrified girl, plunked down in the middle of something sinister. Ty couldn't help but feel slightly indignant that she was being cast as the damsel-in-distress, but her dignity was really the last thing she had to worry about.

Loud and rapid footfalls signaled his approach before Dean appeared in the entryway, shotgun in hand. His eyes swept the room before they landed on her.

"Where is it?" he demanded as he moved quickly to her, moving to stand slightly in front of her and searching the room with his eyes.

The demon made her head shake quickly and her voice quiver slightly, "I don't know. What happened?"

Before Dean could respond, Sam appeared in the moonlit entry, also with a gun at the ready. He paused where he stood, his eyes seeking Dean's in the gloom, silently asking him what was going on.

"It's here somewhere." Dean said with certainty, "Ty wouldn't be here if it wasn't close by."

"Closer than you think." the demon purred with Ty's voice and Ty just caught the reflection of her eyes flashing yellow in Dean's hazel gaze as he spun around to face her.

Ty instantly found herself staring at the barrel of Dean's shotgun. Out of the corner of her eye, she could also see Sam had his gun raised and leveled at her. The demon responded by making her lips curl in a vicious grin.

"Now, now. You wouldn't shoot her. That would kind of defeat the purpose of this whole deal." it pointed out.

"Get out of her." Dean growled, his eyes burning with fury, shotgun unwavering.

The demon continued to smile, pushing Dean's gun aside with one hand and moving past him into the center of the room, "No. Not yet. Being in here? Well, it's the best kind of insurance."

The demon looked around and frowned, "Where's John?"

"Right here." the eldest Winchester's low voice called as he stepped into view, moving past Sam and into the room.

Like both his boys, John's hands were clutching a weapon. The difference was, John was holding the Colt. He moved to stand opposite Dean so that the demon was standing in the center of the three men with Sam blocking the exit. Ty knew these men, trusted them with her life, and she was pretty scared at the moment. She hoped the demon was damn near peeing itself. Although, hopefully not using her body. Ty winced mentally and told herself to shut up.

"John," the demon greeted, smiling again, "so nice to see you again. Funny how we keep meeting like this."

A muscle in John's jaw twitched, but he was otherwise motionless. The demon made Ty roll her eyes.

"Oh, come on, John. Don't be mad at me. Dean's the one who screwed up your chance at wasting me this time." the demon said, jerking a thumb back over Ty's shoulder at Dean, "He's the one who decided that this silly girl is more important than your revenge, that little girl, hell, than everybody." The demon turned to face Dean, "But don't worry, Dean. It makes her feel all kinds of special. She makes it out of this, you'll definitely be getting some."

"Shut it!" Dean snapped, moving one heavy step closer before he stopped himself.

Ty wished she wasn't aware of this. She wished the demon had shut her out completely. Being a passive part of all this was so much worse than being oblivious. The words the demon was flinging at the Winchesters ate at her soul, the guilt eating at her slowly. She had been so stupidly thrilled to think that Dean cared about her at all, she just hadn't thought about what it might cost him or anyone else. She should have left it at a one-night stand when she'd shared Sam's vision. She should have stayed out of it like Dean had suggested, stayed away from him. But she had been selfish and look where it had gotten them.

The demon was laughing, shaking her head at Dean, "Oh, Dean. Still pretending that you could actually be a threat to me? That's cute. I know for a fact that of the three of you, dear old dad here is the only one with the balls to pull the trigger and pretty, innocent, little Ty."

Ty felt herself turn around and move closer to John who was still aiming the Colt at her head. She looked past the gun and up into his eyes, the demon making her features form a more serious, thoughtful expression, "I mean, you've already ruined your boys' lives so many times, caused them so much pain. What's one more time? So you kill Dean's girl, probably the only one he'll ever find that's crazy enough to actually love his worthless self? You'll finally get your revenge! All this will finally be over, after two decades of hunting, you'll have finally avenged Mary. Isn't that what this is all about?"

The look on John's face made Ty think that he might actually be buying into what the demon was saying. Which made Ty wonder why the damn thing would be trying to talk him into killing it. Did the demon have a death-wish?

"Dad." Dean said, his voice clipped.

Ty felt the demon make her glance between them, watch as John's eyes flickered over to his son. Dean shook his head once, a nonverbal plea that, coupled with the look on his face, said more than words ever could. Ty's heart hurt to witness it, but she pleaded for John not to listen anyway. The demon grinned and Ty finally got it. It wanted to cause this conflict, make whatever outcome came out of this as painful for the Winchesters as possible. Ty burned with hatred for the thing, wishing she could kill it herself.

Dean inched around her, moving towards his father without taking his eyes off her. The demon was unconcerned, its gaze wandering around the room.

"Dad," Dean said when he reached his father's side and they both faced the demon, "give me the gun."

John didn't move.

"Dad!" Dean repeated, more urgently.

John's gaze moved to Dean and he slowly lowered his arms. Dean reached over and took the gun from his father's hands and John didn't stop him. Instead, he reached behind him and pulled out another weapon, raising it and aiming it at the demon, no matter how ineffectual it might be in comparison to the Colt.

"Gee, that was heart-breaking." the demon deadpanned, "And I thought Sam was the dramatic one."

"You want the damn gun, get out of her." Dean snapped.

"Easy there, tiger. Keep up that attitude and I might just decide to keep her, seeing as how I'm nice and safe while I'm in here." the demon replied and Ty mentally blanched at that idea. She had thought that she'd been through every hell imaginable already tonight, but the idea of being the demon's puppet indefinitely was a whole new level that she hadn't even considered.

"Fine." Dean said, visibly fighting for control over himself, "How does this play out?"

"You put the gun on the floor and back away. When I have it, you'll get the girl back." the demon answered.

Dean nodded and slowly crouched down and set the Colt on the floor. He straightened and both he and John backed slowly away. When they were a few feet back, the demon moved forward towards the gun, eyeing them to make sure they didn't try anything. It reached Ty's hand out and closed her fingers around the cool metal, pulling it back to her body. With the gun in hand, she straightened. The demon straightened her arm and moved her finger over the trigger. As the demon caused her finger to squeeze, firing a bullet into the back wall of the church at the exact spot where it had used her hand to caress the bricks earlier, she felt it ooze out of her body. Equally as terrifying as when it had possessed her, the demon's leaving felt like someone was literally tearing her apart. Ty felt herself fall to her knees as it freed itself from her. But, before it was totally gone, there was a loud bang. Ty felt a strange jolt and sort of saw a flash of light through her closed eyelids as if lightning had struck just above her. There was a sort of crackling heat for an instant that made Ty think that maybe she was back in the fire on the ceiling before she felt something light sprinkling her skin and she collapsed on the ground.

"Ty!" someone was calling her name, forcing her to come back to consciousness, "Come on, babe. Wake up."

Ty groaned and felt her eyelids flutter. She wasn't sure exactly what had happened or how long she had blacked out for, but the fact that she had the ability to control her own eyelids was a definite plus. Slowly, she opened her eyes and was slightly startled to find a pair of familiar hazel irises close to her face. Dean pulled away from her slightly, giving her some space with a bright smile on his face.

"Dean?" Ty questioned, "What happened?"

She struggled to get up, but her body felt like it had been put through the spin cycle a few too many times. Dean's arms moved around her and helped her into a sitting position. Looking around, she found that she was still in the old church in Stull and thankfully all three Winchester men were there with her. That fact, at the moment, was enough to make her say a silent thank you to whatever higher power there might be. But, unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

"The demon...?" she continued.

Dean shook his head, still smiling. He nodded towards Sam, seeing Ty's confusion, "No, I don't think so. I think Sam got it."

Ty looked over and her eyes narrowed as she caught sight of what Sam still clutched with both hands. He had the Colt. But that didn't make sense. Dean had given it to her, to the demon. She had fired it. Ty's eyes caste about the room and she found the gun lying on the ground close by, as if she had dropped it when she fell. And yet, Sam was holding it. There were two guns?

"What?" Ty asked, brow furrowing in confusion.

Dean's smile widened, making Ty almost want to smack him for not just telling her straight up what had happened already, "Dad pulled the old switcheroo."

Ty's eyebrows shot up and her eyes sought out John Winchester. He was still standing where she last remembered seeing him. He looked a little stunned, but he was also starting to smile the same relieved and amazed smile that graced Dean's features, "Trick worked on its kids. I was hoping it might work on him, too."

Ty's eyes returned to Dean. She needed to know everything and she needed to know now, "Dean Winchester, I want you to tell me exactly what just happened here."

Still smiling, Dean's eyes sparkled at Ty as he drew in a breath to tell her, but Sam cut him off, "Liz came to me and Dad. She told us that you had sabotaged the Devil's Trap and that you were planning on drawing the demon to you, but by the time we got there it was too late."

Ty's gaze was then drawn back to John as he spoke up, "I thought you were up to something like that. Gave Dean the gun, actually, thinking he might be able to take out the damn thing when it came for you."

"It was too strong." Dean said, shaking his head, "Maybe it knew because every time I tried to go for the gun, it would stop me. Plus, you know, I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you're really that crazy to call the freaking demon down on you."

He rolled his eyes at her, trying to make light of the situation, but Ty mentally flashed back on the way he had looked when he'd thought he lost her and was powerless to stop it, and when she looked at him now, she could still see remnants of that pain in his eyes. Impulsively, Ty threw her arms around Dean and hugged him, burying her face in his shoulder. Dean hugged her back gently, holding her loosely as he continued, "So, I did the only thing I could think of to buy some time and think of a new plan. Dad somehow still had the fake from last time, so we figured we'd distract it with the fake while Sam wasted it with the genuine article. Didn't expect it to be in you. That kind of threw a wrench in the plan."

Ty turned her face from Dean's shoulder so that she could look over at Sam. He smiled slightly at her and finished the story for his brother, "When I saw that it was leaving you, I figured it was the best shot I had."

Sam looked past them to John and frowned nervously, "Dad, do you think I really killed it? I mean, it wasn't in a body..."

"You saw what happened, Sam." Dean interrupted him, his voice insistent and final, "You dusted it. It's gone."

That reminded her. Ty looked down and saw that she was coated in a layer of ash. She grimaced when she realized that she was covered in the demon's remains and hastily pulled away from Dean to brush it off of her. Dean chuckled softly at her actions and climbed to his feet before offering her a hand. Ty took it and allowed him to pull her up. Her nose wrinkled in further disgust at the puff of dust that came off her as she stood. She needed to shower as soon as humanly possible.

John had moved to the back wall and was running a hand over the bullet hole in the bricks. He glanced back at Ty and caught her eye, "I think if that had been the real Colt, this would have become an open door to hell."

Ty shuddered at the thought. So much could have gone wrong tonight. It was really a miracle things had turned out this way. In fact, she could hardly believe it.

"God, somebody pinch me." Ty said out loud.

Dean immediately complied and reached a hand down to pinch her on the ass. Ty jumped and whirled around to punch him in the shoulder, "Ow! I didn't mean literally!"

Dean shrugged, "Be more specific next time."

But he was grinning from ear to ear and Ty was finding his happiness infectious. After all, how could she be upset with him when they had just defeated the yellow-eyed demon and lived to tell about it?

"I just can't believe it." Ty said truthfully, glancing around at the three men and the scene around them.

"Me neither." Sam agreed, "It's finally over?"

"After all this time." John echoed.

Stunned silence settled in the room for a moment as they all digested that fact, each man reflecting on everything that had happened to get them here. Ty could practically feel the emotions radiating from them. After all, this is what John had sacrificed his life to achieve, what Sam and Dean had been raised to believe was their ultimate goal.

"So who wants a beer?" Dean asked.

Ty couldn't help but laugh. Count on Dean to break the tension of even the most poignant of moments.

"Yeah, I could go for one." Ty nodded and Dean threw an arm around her shoulders, guiding her out of the ruined church.

Ty grabbed Sam's sleeve as Dean moved her past him and gave it a tug. Sam glanced up at her and she smiled at him. He had kept his promise to her to kill the demon after all. Sam smiled back and turned to follow them, slipping the now empty and useless Colt into the waist of his jeans. John trailed after them.

Walking out of the cemetery and over to the car, Ty slowly adjusted to the new state of the world. She hadn't expected to live through tonight and yet here she was walking away from it all. Even the air seemed sweeter as she pulled it into her lungs. This was a whole new world now without the yellow-eyed demon, one made even better by the fact that not only did she get to live in it, but so did all three of the Winchesters. No more children had died tonight and no portals to hell had been opened. Damn, Ty was not only ready for a beer, she wanted a freaking cake!

As they reached the Impala, a chill wind suddenly rose around them, causing goosebumps to cover Ty's exposed skin, making her realize that she was still rather immodestly clad. The realization made her momentarily blush since she didn't even like to wear shorts in public, but she wasn't really able to think about it because Liz materialized in front of her.

"Liz!" Ty cried, suddenly afraid that maybe the demon wasn't really gone if the girl was still a ghost.

"I just wanted to thank you." Liz said, sensing Ty's fear. The young girl smiled brightly up at her, "You did it!"

Ty smiled back at her, but sadness still pulled at her, "I just wish..."

Liz shook her head, cutting her off.

"Don't. It wasn't your fault. Stop thinking that." Liz smirked at her, "It's kind of annoying."

"Told you." Dean muttered at her side and Ty elbowed him in the ribs.

"So...now what? You're...moving on?" Ty asked.

Liz shrugged, "Yeah, I guess so. It's like...I don't know...like I can go now, but...I'm kind of scared."

Ty gave her an incredulous expression.

"You? Scared? You stood up to a freaking demon!" Liz smiled shyly, so Ty continued, "Go on, get out of here! Kick the afterlife's ass!"

Liz nodded quickly in agreement, a determined look on her face. Suddenly, there was a bright light that seemed to envelope the young girl. Ty and the Winchesters were forced to shield their eyes and when the light died out, Liz was gone.

Ty's eyes were welling with moisture and she quickly wiped it away, telling herself it was because of the bright light. Dean bumped her with his shoulder gently.

"Kick the afterlife's ass?" he questioned with a smirk.

"Oh, shut up." Ty rolled her eyes, smiling though because she had to admit that had been kind of corny.

Ty grabbed the door handle to the Impala and slid in the backseat. Dean, as usual, took the driver's spot and Sam claimed shotgun a moment later. They waited until John had reached his truck and climbed in before Dean turned the keys in the ignition and steered them away from the cemetery. No one said anything as Dean bypassed the route back to the motel and headed for the highway towards Lawrence. Ty couldn't blame him for wanting to leave Stull as soon as possible, although she swiftly found herself too exhausted to remain awake for the drive.

The next few days were something of a blur for Ty. While the Winchesters celebrated their victory, they also soon came to the realization that this way of life they had embraced was not easy to let go. John got a phone call scarcely two days after the incident in Stull from another hunter requesting his help with a colony of vampires. They woke the following morning to find him gone, a note on Missouri's kitchen table saying that he would call soon. Dean had cursed vehemently upon that discovery and Ty had sensed that it was partly because he had wanted to go with him. Even Sam seemed to be out of sorts without a hunt to go on, a mission to accomplish. So, Ty was hardly surprised when Dean woke her up and announced that they were taking her home so that they could track him down. She had figured it was only a matter of time before the holiday was over and she had to return to her life. But that was somehow okay with her, too. It seemed like most of life's problems were easier for her to deal with now seeing as how she was still just grateful to still be living period. Besides, Ty did still have some things that she wanted to wrap up back home before she plunged any deeper into this life that the Winchesters had opened up for her. Or any deeper into a life with a Winchester. So, Ty rolled with the punches and enjoyed her remaining time with Sam and Dean, convinced that this wasn't the last she would be seeing of them anyway. Which she ended up explaining to Dean as they stood outside her house in the middle of the night before they parted ways.

"So...this is it, huh?" Dean asked, rocking on his feet and awkwardly stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans. His stance said all kinds of things about the relationship she wanted, that he wasn't ready for and maybe she wasn't either, but the feelings were there. Ty almost sighed because she knew that she couldn't force it and instead reminded herself to be patient.

So, she shook her head and grinned, reflecting on the question she had asked the magic eight-ball before leaving with them on this adventure about whether she would end up with Dean, "Dude, your ass is mine. Magic eight-ball said so."

Dean looked slightly confused, but didn't question her. Sometimes it seemed best to just accept the crazy things she said and move on. Besides, he couldn't help but feel that she was right. He was strangely attached to her, maybe loved her as Sam endlessly teased. How else could you explain his irrational willingness to sacrifice just about anything else for this crazy chick, "So, what will you do now?"

"Well," Ty said slowly, "there's been some stuff in the local papers about some weird mutilations on some farms south of here. Some of the immigrants from Mexico are saying that it's a chupacabra."

Dean's eyes lit up at that, "Chupacabra? Maybe Sammy and I should stick around."

Ty grinned and shoved him a little, "And steal my hunt? No way."

Dean glanced heavenward, "I've created a monster."

Ty just smiled and grabbed Dean's shirt, pulling him close again to press a light kiss on his lips. He immediately moved a hand to the back of her head and made the kiss deeper and more heated than she had intended. When he slowly pulled away, Ty was a little breathless and her heart ached with the intense feelings he caused in her. She had absolutely no doubt that this wasn't the end for them.

"Bye, Dean." she breathed.

"Bye." Dean echoed, moving back towards the car and ducking inside. He pulled the door closed, "Call me if you need me. And send me a picture of that chupacabra. I've always wanted to see one."

"I will." Ty nodded.

With that Dean sent one last smile in her direction before pulling the car out past her. As the Impala moved out onto the road, Sam waved and Ty waved back. She watched as the car melded into the darkness of the night, unmoving until she couldn't distinguish one from the other. Then, with a grin on her face she turned back towards her house and headed inside. She had a hunt of her own to get started on and she could hardly wait.

The End