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The wedding was worth all of the pain and suffering. Being able to stand in front of friends and family and pledge myself to Edward was worth walking to hell and back for. The ceremony was a blur though. I know that I didn't trip, or injure myself or others, which was a miracle in and of itself.

But I remember walking up the aisle that there was never a moment when I had felt happier. Edward's face was the picture of perfection and everything that I hoped to see, and I knew that for once I mirrored him perfectly. We both wondered how we had come this far, and all of the trials that it took to get here. We wondered at how we had managed to find our other halves; the one person who completed us.

I don't remember the vows, other than the feelings behind them. There were promises to love each other forever, and a pointed lack of the phrase, 'til death do us part.' Somehow that made everything even more real. There wasn't anything that would part us.

The reception was surprisingly fun though. I enjoyed cutting the cake and feeding some to Edward. Mostly it was fun though because of all the food that the Cullen's couldn't eat, but did anyway. That is true family solidarity. They love you enough to eat something that would require them to get sick later.

As we were waiting for the speech from the best man though I became suddenly nervous. Emmett had had the speech pre-approved by Carlisle, but hadn't let Edward read it. All we could hope for at this point is that there wasn't an ad-libbing.

Sure enough several moments later Emmett gently tapped a glass with a spoon to get everyone's attention.

"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I would like to make a toast to the new bride and groom."

Everyone quickly became silent, and turned to watch. Moment of truth.

"I have known Edward for a long time. Sometimes it feels like I have known him for several lifetimes with all the history between us." He threw a smile in his family's direction at that. "And I have never seen Edward show so much devotion, so much love to any one person or thing as much as he has for Bella. When they first met they didn't get along because Edward didn't know what to do with such a beautiful girl, but he got his act together soon enough.

"Bella being the sensible girl that she is made my brother work for this relationship, basing it off the idea that nothing is worth anything unless you work for it. But it all came together beautifully. Now, two years later we are gathered here today to mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

"When I first met Bella I will admit that I was a bit wary of how she would impact our lives, but seeing how happy my brother became, and continued to be I know that nothing better could have happened. If you look at their love you will know what those songs and poems were all about. Now to the happy couple Edward and Bella. May your happiness last forever. May you love each other for all time. May the sex always be exciting. Thank you."

If it weren't for how beautiful the rest of the speech was I would have had to beat Emmett. I knew that he would sneak something in there. After a few more toasts though it was time for dancing. I was proud to say that with quite a bit of help from Edward I was able to make it through several dances without killing us.

The rest of the celebration passed by in a blur. Soon enough it was time for us to leave. I threw the bouquet (Alice caught it) and we bid our goodbyes, some more bittersweet than others. It would be a while before I would see my family again I knew. But that was a price that I was willing to pay.

It was when we walked out to the car that I realized that the Cullen humor would always win over their sense of propriety. There on the back window of Edward's care were the words "Just Married." And across the back window inside the car was a pair or bright red boxers and thong.

But this time I had to fight the urge to smile. This was the family that I had married into. This was the family that I loved. And I wouldn't a change.

The End

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