The wind howled through the trees, flickering the flame of the small campfire that burned beneath the branches. A single figure sat huddled near the fire, trying to absorb as much of its heat as possible. As the fire began to die, the figure stood, and walked into the trees. While the figure stooped to pick up a branch from the ground, the wind blew back the cowl of his cloak. White hair lifted in the wind and blew wildly. Dark-skinned hands carried the branch back to the campfire, and fed it to the flames.

When the fire calmed, Drizzt sat back, leaning against the trunk of the tree behind him. Tonight was one of his windiest nights on the surface yet. In the caverns of the Underdark, no winds blew chilled air, and no fires were needed to protect from the cold. There was no cold.

As Drizzt leaned his head against the tree, he mused over the strange wind. Sometimes it sounded almost like screaming. Drizzt's sensitive ears pricked up. That wind didn't just sound like screaming, it was screaming. The dark elf leapt to his feet, and kicked dirt onto his fire, so it wouldn't interfere with his night vision. Drizzt began to climb the tree he had been sitting against. When he reached the top, standing on branches barely thick enough to support his weight, Drizzt could see over the forest. Not too far away were flames, leaping out of a clearing. Cursing, Drizzt jumped to the ground. He recognized the clearing even from this distance; it held a small elven settlement that he had passed by earlier that day. Without pausing, the dark elf began sprinting through the tangled trees, headed for the fire. The screaming continued as he ran, and it only encouraged him to run faster. When he reached the fiery clearing, he paused, and tried to make out the figures rushing back and forth, through and around the flames.

Some of the figures seemed to be elves. They were the ones who were screaming. Behind them came silent figures. Drizzt cursed again, quietly. Drow. They were attacking this settlement of elves, slaughtering them all. Checking his first impulse, which had been to rush directly in, Drizzt thought quickly. Wrapping his cloak around him, Drizzt ran around the edge of the clearing, then stopped short. Ahead he saw an elven girl being chased by a drow warrior. Drizzt darted out into the clearing, and jumped in front of the pursuer. "She is mine!" he growled, in the language of the drow. The words sounded strange to him after his time on the surface. As he spoke, Drizzt drew his scimitars and lunged at the other drow. Although he was startled by the outburst, the other dark elf didn't show it, merely laughed, and said, "Don't worry, abbil. There's enough for everyone!" The drow's next laugh was cut short by Drizzt's scimitar, opening his throat.

Drizzt turned away from the falling corpse, only to see the little elven girl stop, a drow priestess before her. Drizzt ran forward, but it was too late. The priestess shouted a spell, and the girl was knocked backward by its force. Leaping over her still body, Drizzt stood in front of the priestess, his lavender eyes blazing. "She was mine!" he snarled, stepping forward. "You were too slow," said the priestess with a laugh. Drizzt laughed too. "You are right," he said. "There are plenty of others to kill here." The priestess' nod of agreement was halted by the press of Drizzt's blade beneath her chin. "Others like you!" he shouted, and snapped her head around with a kick, then stabbed her through the heart. Drizzt looked up from the corpse to see other drow warriors approaching. He casually wiped his blade on the priestess' cloak before turning to face them. Before they could question him, he said, "She stole my kill." He motioned to the figure of the elven child on the ground. "She was a priestess of Lloth!" said a warrior angrily. He glared at Drizzt for a few moments, until his attention was commanded by the arrival of another priestess, as was evident from her elaborate robes. The new priestess glanced casually down at her dead colleague. "She was killed by an elven witch. We will say no more." She motioned imperiously at the warriors, including Drizzt. "Come. We will leave this foul surface world and return to Ched Nasad." She began to stalk away. Her warriors fell into line behind her, as did Drizzt, who didn't want to be noticed as he slipped away. He followed their line until they reached a cave which he knew would lead back to the Underdark, and then quietly slipped away, as the other drow entered one by one.

Filled with grief for the events that had just occurred, Drizzt slowly made his way back to the elven village. As he walked, he contemplated what had befallen. He knew that he had been lucky to escape the wrath of the second priestess, and knew he had only done so because the first priestesses' death happened to suit the second's aspirations. Finally, as dawn broke over the forest, Drizzt arrived back at the clearing, which now only held corpses, and the ashes of the past.