After Montolio's death, I was afraid that I would never meet anyone else who would understand me and look past my skin to see who I really was. I did meet someone, though. A little elven girl named Inriole.

Like Montolio, she too was blind. Unlike Mooshie, though, she had no way of knowing me for what I was: a drow, just like those who had slaughtered her family, and who she had been taught to fear all her life. Inriole knew me only by my actions and words, and so she came to know me for who I was inside.

When the truth of my skin and heritage was revealed to her, she did recoil and push me away, as anyone would. But her pure heart allowed forgiveness to triumph, and for that, I owe her everything. Inriole was the first person to see me for who I am, and although my other friends, Catti-brie, Bruenor, Regis, and Wulfgar, now do so also, I will always remember Inriole as the first.

The first one to see me with her heart.