First Impressions

Chapter 1

Sharon Carter awoke to the sound of Broadway music being played loudly; she rolled over and pulled the pillow over her head knowing who was making that racket. It was Irene her strange next door neighbor with about a dozen cats; she always did things out of the ordinary.

She could still hear the music no matter what she did, so Sharon decided to just get up. She climbed out of bed and put on her bathrobe. Sharon went into the kitchen where the music only seemed to get louder, "Oh man. What a great way to start the day," she thought.

After pouring herself a bowl of cereal she made some toast and sat down to eat, but she just couldn't continue to listen to that music it was just too early. She got up and trudged across the hall to Irene's apartment and started to knock on the door, but before she could she saw the cutest guy she had ever seen come out the apartment just down the hall.

'Oh no, she thought. I can't let him see me like this.' She tried to sneak back to her apartment without being noticed but the man was already walking towards her, 'Oh man.'

"Hi, I'm Johnny Donnelly. I just moved in down the hall," he replied reaching out to shake her hand.

"I'm. I'm Sharon….Carter." she replied. Shaking his hand and suddenly feeling embarrassed.