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Avonlea Vignettes- Wonderful Stare

He was watching her again…

He was watching her again. She didn't have to turn around to sense his stare burning into the back of her neck, to feel the hair rise up in the way that only his gaze seemed to accomplish.

It was Wednesday morning and she was facing the front of the School House, watching Ms. Stacy give a lecture on nocturnal creatures- Anne wasn't sure what was so special about a nocturnal creature other than the fact that it particularly liked the night. She was reaching up her right hand to scratch at the distracting itch that had been bothering her all morning. She didn't have to sit up straighter and turn her head a bit to look behind her- but she did, she had a feeling she know what was causing the itch, or rather, who.

When she saw him staring out of the corner of her eye she hastily turned around. The itch was no longer a mystery.

He always seemed to have and affect on her, usually sparking her anger. Anne couldn't help it that her usual reaction to Gilbert Blythe was to bristle. Lately though, when he was in her general vicinity, Anne just took to ignoring him, which didn't work as well as snubbing him- and yes there was a difference. In snubbing she acknowledged his presence and then turned up her nose. In ignoring she simply didn't acknowledge his existence. The problem with disregarding him in such a way was that it didn't seem to discourage him; rather it gave him an ample opportunity to stare at her unhindered by her blazing glare. Or cute upturned nose. Another problem with ignoring Gilbert Blythe was the reaction she was having to him. Lately her body had decided not to bristle in anger, but it seemed to bristle in something else entirely. The only thing Anne could come up with without discerning the feeling's full meaning- which she didn't want, was that it was a feeling of acknowledgement. This was admittedly ironic considering she was trying to ignore the said person staring at her. Anne had learned that in situations like this, for Gilbert had taken to staring at her often, it was best not to turn around.

Because, while the itching itself was a distracting side effect resulting from his stare, the look in his eyes was much worse.

Anne had never pretended to begin to understand boys, but she knew that that look was not one she commonly saw in the other boys' eyes. She never even saw that sort of look on Gilbert when he interacted with people; sometimes she deigned to look at him, though not usually when he was looking at her. Yes, the look he normally wore was much different from the look he had in his eyes when he stared at her. She knew because one time, and one time only, she had made the mistake of turning half way around in her seat and staring right back at him.

In the one instance she had looked back, her writer's imagination had gone crazy; well, more fanatical than usual, because something about Gilbert's eyes had always fascinated her. In the instant when she had looked back his gaze had been the most intense she'd ever seen coming from a person. Unfathomable darkness lit in his, normally shadowy blue, eyes. 'It is no wonder really,' she had thought dimly to herself. 'That my hair stands up, I'm surprised it doesn't burn'. She had been entranced in that moment, by his eyes, his dark blue- almost black really- smoldering stare She watched him as he watched her, she watched as his eyes seemed to absorb all the light around him yet reflect it back out at her.

She had felt as if the stare had lasted forever, though it had really only lasted a moment. Gilbert had seemed to realize that she was actually looking back at him and had flushed and blinked, quickly dissolving the look that had simmered within his eyes. He had given a swift unreadable glance back to Anne, who had watched with unconcealed interest as his flush deepened, and then turned his eyes to his reader; which was held in a white knuckled grip. Anne had continued to blatantly look at him, watching him flush and squirm with curiosity, until Diana had leaned discreetly over the desk and asked in a whisper and raised brow, just what was so interesting about Gilbert Blythe today? It had been Anne's turn to flush and jerk her gaze forward.

After that incident, when she felt his stare, she just ignored it. She knew Gilbert probably thought he was mighty proficient at the whole stare-at-a-girl-without-drawing-said-girl's-attention, and she didn't want to grant him a victory but she really didn't want to turn around and face his eyes again. So it was on this Wednesday that Anne found herself moving restlessly in her seat and occasionally reaching back to itch her neck. As a result of ignoring Gilbert Blythe's stare, Anne had trouble paying attention for the last thirty minutes of the science lecture.

When Ms. Stacy called for recess, and eternity later, Anne quickly reached into her desk, pulled out her copy of Through the Looking-Glass, laughed at a half-heard joke from Diana, and turned around. She watched as Gilbert made his way down the isle towards the door, she watched as he raised his chin as a greeting to a friend across the room, while he laughed at another friend's joke. She watched as he mindlessly reached up to itch the back of his neck and glance over his shoulder at her. She watched as surprise and something else light up in his eyes and she managed to give him a small smile and then, before she could see his reaction, she looked away and began talking to Diana about the book in her hand:

"-And really Diana, the entire thing is just a clever piece of satirical writing. The whole chess theme is incredibly symbolic."

"Really?" Diana, who had seen the entire interaction between Anne and Gilbert and was not fooled, said with emphasis. "What with Alice trying to become Queen?" Anne blushed at Diana's knowing look; there were no secrets from bosom friends.

"Yes, yes, and about her being a Pawn. Come on Diana! Let's go outside and continue reading, we were at a perfectly wonderful part when we had to stop yesterday! I just about died from the suspense." She hooked her arm around Diana's as they made their way down the school house isle, deliberately ignoring the boy who lingered just outside the door with a few friends. She had spent far too much time that day paying attention to Gilbert Blythe. Diana laughed.

"Anne! I doubt she is able to see Nobody! And I'm sure it is the same Lion and Unicorn from all those songs and poems." Safely past the school house, and into the little wood, Anne found a nice grassy spot and took a seat. The rest of the recess was spent in such conversation. Conversation concerning Wonderland and rabbit holes, and by the time it was over Diana and Anne had almost finished the book, and all thoughts of Gilbert Blythe and his eyes had been firmly pushed into the back of Anne's mind and suppressed.

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