On this certain day in the quiet, peaceful village of Konoha, the Godaime Hokage sighed in frustration. Piled up on her desk were bills from every country—every village with a casino.

Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration, when a sudden thought occurred to her.

"I've got it!" Tsunade declared. She swiped the bills off her desk and put her feet up. "Child labor."

Shizune was confused, "Child labor? What about it?"

"It would solve all our problems! The debt will be paid in no time!" she stated. "Think about it, more children in the coal mines—equals more money! No more ninja kindergarten—equals no money! No more parents driven nuts—equals more money! I'd never have to work again!"

"But…Tsunade-sama, t-that's just wrong," Shizune stuttered.

"What?" she asked, common sense escaping her, "Orochimaru does worse!"

And then it hit her. "Oh, I see! He picks the ugly or gay ones."

"That's not my point…"