Wyatt's Desires for Chris.

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Chris knelt down in front of the toilet as his puked his guts out inside the toilet. He rested his head in the toilet seat, as a heavy dizziness took over him, he felt as if his whole head in the verge of blowing up, as his head hurts like hell. For past couple of days he's been vomiting like a mad man, and it seems happen every days and very early in the morning too.

Wyatt said it was something Chris ate, well in this case Chris would've believed him if Wyatt wasn't the source of All Evil not to mention keeping Chris by his side more than as his brother, going against the bond of brotherhood and crossing those limits shattering them and seeing Chris with a desires Wyatt should never even thought about.

It pains Chris to think that his own brother, his own blood sexually molested him, in other words Ra…Chris couldn't even manage to think about it. It been 4 years since all the hell broke loose, the three charmed ones death caused by Wyatt, who was 19 then and Chris of course was 17 living with his grandpa since Wyatt took over the manor and their famous Book of shadows.

Chris blinked as he came back from his thoughts, he could feel his clothes clutching to him from the sweat and his hair plastered to his forehead and his emerald green eyes filled with tears. He can remember it clearly as if it happened yesterday, the day the charmed ones came to their demises.


The day his mother and his aunt came back to grandpa apartment without Aunt Phoebe. Both their mom and aunt Paige was sobbing as they both crashed to the floor they moment their orbs disappeared. That's when Chris's premonition power kicked in, making him see which he wished he didn't have to see.

(In his Premonition – Chris saw)

(CUT TO THE ATTIC) - seventeen year old Wyatt is standing in front of the Book of Shadows, flipping through the pages, when Piper, Paige and Phoebe orbs in.

Wyatt simply smirked when he saw who has orbed in.

Wyatt: What another attempt to steal the Book of Shadows.

Piper: Wyatt, I don't know what happened, or why you turned Evil, but this isn't you?

Wyatt: Please, how many times do I have to hear this lame line?

Piper: Wyatt Please, I am your mother and I know deep inside you are good.(Wyatt mimics Piper's last few words) "Deep inside you are good"

Wyatt: mom please, I am free, free from your stupid rules, free from the consequences. I don't know why you guys are fighting me, when you three can join me and rule the world.

Paige: Wyatt if you don't stop. Then we have no choice but to stop you.

Wyatt: Yeah and how exactly are you proposing to do that, Aunt Paige. (He said the last two words sarcastically)

Paige: like this. Book

(The BOS orbed to Paige, as Wyatt shouted NO, the same moment, Piper blasted Wyatt sending him crashing to the shelves. Phoebe started to flip through the pages of the book, when many demons appeared around the girls. At once piper blew five up with a flick of her wrist, Paige materialized energy balls and sended them towards a two demons killing them. A dark lighter appeared and shot a crossbow, which Paige deflected back at him. Even more powerful demons came, which Piper sended them through the walls with her powerful blast.)

Wyatt: Enough (In unearthly voice) leave them to me; they are mine, (he said, as the demons bowed down and shimmered away, Wyatt walked towards the girls, as he pushed a table aside with one push as he came Piper once again tried to blew him up, but his force field deflected back at her sending her to the walls.) I gave you a chance, but now, its over, even if it means killing all three of you.

Phoebe, who found the right page she was looking for, ripped the page and gave it to Paige, as they ran to Piper with Paige ahead. When Wyatt sended a fire ball which hit phoebe and cremated her on the spot, leaving the ashes to fall on the ground. Paige rushed to Piper and orbed off as a fire ball hit the place where she was standing minutes ago………………

End of Flashback…

Chris blinked his tears back, to think back to realise that is not only the day he lost his Aunt Phoebe but the same day he lost his mom and Aunt Paige.

Chris heard footsteps approaching towards him which snapped him out of his thoughts. Chris quickly collected himself together as he got up to see its none other than Wyatt, his brother, of course to Chris this is not a word that is used here, the correct word for Chris towards Wyatt is his Lover, Partner and his Prince.

"Are you okay?" Wyatt said with a concern for his little brother.

"Why do you care," seethed Chris turning away from him. "I am nothing but a pleasure toy to you anyway."

"That's not true and you know that." Said Wyatt moving towards Chris as he passionately touched Chris who jerked away from him the moment Wyatt touched him.

"What do you want?" Chris said coldly.

"I want you to get ready for tonight," said Wyatt grabbing Chris hand and leading him to their bedroom. "Since I want to show off my Prince to every demon that is alive and not forgetting, it's your special day.

"I was surprised you even remembered it at all." Chris said every word dripping with sarcasm.

"You know, you may think I don't care about you," Wyatt said getting frustrated. "But since it's your birthday, I shall grant you one wish, ask for anything and you will get it."

"Anything?" Chris said coyly.

"Yes, ask for anything." Wyatt confirmed him.

"Okay, then Wyatt." Chris said sitting down. "How about you let me go from this hellhole of yours, and that would be a start to win me over."

"Now, now Chris," tautened Wyatt. "You know I can't do that."

Chris felt like blowing Wyatt up, but of course Chris knew better, he only got them few days ago, since Wyatt binded his powers to take control of him, and that is not the only thing that took Wyatt to change Chris, but another. Wyatt leverage and Chris only other family, their baby sister Melinda, who was captured by Wyatt.

"Just get lost," said Chris moving to the other side of their double bed.

"Okay, fine," said Wyatt hiding his fury and moving over to Chris. "I didn't say anything, because I thought it might ruin the surprise, but I planned a special birthday party for you."

"You have got to be kidding Me." said Chris looking at Wyatt. "After all this time, now you're playing the caring brother? Ha

Wyatt started to get furious as he knocks the lamp from the table beside the bed.

"You don't understand! It's all wrong." Wyatt said as he shouted out in fury. "This is not the way it's meant to be here."

"Hey, it's okay, relax." Chris said sensing how much fury Wyatt is, as his empathy power kicks in.

"This is all messed up." Wyatt said as he paced in the room. "You have no idea what I've given up for you."

"You given up," shouted Chris who couldn't take in anymore. "What about what I've given up, Wyatt? I've given up my family, my heritage, my life!"

"Oh, yeah?" said Wyatt looking at Chris. "From where I'm standing it looks like you have a pretty damn good life to me. (As he gestured the room around them) the luxury room, the clothes, the food."

"Look, the only one getting anything out of this is you." shouted Chris, he felt so hatred as Wyatt accused him enjoying all the luxury around him. "And I have no idea what that is. The only reason I'm still here is to make sure that what happened to mom and aunts does not happen to Melinda, and you know it."

What happened to us, Chris?" said Wyatt in a much soft tone. "How'd we get here? We used to be so in love. Even without Melinda, it's not working. Why?"

"Wyatt, I m sorry," said Chris as he noticed the pain in his elder brother face. "You wanted to be more than a brother to me, which by your force, you did and now you want me to be happy and pretend what we doing here is right."

Chris gets up and leaves the room and Wyatt follows. As Wyatt turns around the corner the Seer appears bowing down.

"My liege," said the Seer.

"What is it?" said Wyatt watching Chris as he walked into another door and slamming the door shut.

"I assume this is his first week." The seer asked Wyatt.

"Yes, he has been sick," said Wyatt. "Every morning, which shows the sign that he may be?"

"Then, I assure you," said the Seer with a little nod. "That the potion has worked well."

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