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'Don't look back!' his mind commanded as he picked up his pace. Thunder crashed loudly in the atmosphere and lightning brightened the dark sky. Quickly turning on a side road, he stopped to lean up against a cold brick building, catching his breath. He failed to notice the clicking of heavy footsteps nearby…

A sharp gasp was emitted from him the second those cold, rough hands settled firmly on his throat and a deep, menacing laugh came from behind him. He couldn't move, couldn't fight, couldn't breath. "You're worthless," a sickly cold-blooded voice stated, words ringing hauntingly in his ears. "And I'm going to kill you." Fingers tightened around his neck, life slowly deteriorating. He felt himself mouth a silent scream before dropping to the ground and staring at the mocking gaze of his father before the world went black, his words still echoing throughout.

Ulrich awoke with a start, dripping with cold sweat and panting heavy breaths. The room was black with night. He pulled back the bedcovers and stepped onto the floor, wobbling slightly from his shaking body and the pressure his long-since healed leg was still unaccustomed to. The tile in the bathroom chilled his bare feet, light burning his eyes. The water continued to drip from the faucet even after he turned the sink off and headed back to bed. Once under the blankets, he closed his eyes only to open them again in order to bring a halt to the images that wouldn't leave him alone. Thin arms wrapped around his torso and a soft voice whispered, "What is it?" He shook his head and mumbled, "Nothing…sorry to wake you." He couldn't tell her; couldn't confess the fact that every night he was tortured by memories and dreams that plagued his mind. Nightmares of things he could've, should've gotten over by now. (Or so he believed)

What she think of him then? Would she hate him for being afraid? Or would she simply turn her back on him, walk away and find someone who wasn't so…so…


Time had passed, wounds had healed, but the pain of the memories had never left. They began to take over his mind, poisoning his every thought. He began to push himself away, from his friends, from her, from his heart. He was drowning, questioning trust and his own sanity. Reaching out to run pale fingers over the scars sent icy chills through his body. Where to run? Who to turn to? He didn't know how much longer he could keep this going for. The torture was too much and he wasn't strong enough. But he's stubborn, and unwilling to reach out for help.

"It's my burden to bear," he murmurs as temporary sleep overcomes him.

How long will it last before he is awoken again with a fresh wave of fear?

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