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Chapter 1

Shizuka Kawai, a young girl of sixteen, was lounging around the apartment that she, her brother, and sister-in-law lived in. They finally could afford something other than a trash can. After all, Jounouchi finally got a higher pay ever since customers flocked to the Game Shop. Yuugi and his grandfather needed help.

She was staring out the window day dreaming yet again. She may do well in school, but she was always day dreaming. Ever since she and Jounouchi separated, she day dreamed to keep her mind off of problems.

She would wonder what her life would be like if her family wasn't so poor. She would always guess that she would have something other than a normal life. She could be traveling different places. She always wanted to go to France or South Africa. Her older brother, Jounouchi, would be traveling around the world eating different foods. Her mother would not be controlling her life. Her father would have lived longer if he didn't smoke and died when Jounouchi turn sixteen, but Jounouchi didn't complain.

Jounouchi would have also not been force to marry Mai for money. Mai's family would also not have gone bankrupted. Shiuzka's parents might not have split up, and she would also not have moved away from her best friend all those years ago. She could barely remember him, but she remembered his beautiful blue eyes. Even though he was about two years older, they were friends. She always thought this. It repeated in her mind like a record.

Then again her life wasn't bad now. She moved away from her mother and went to a good school. The thing she didn't like was that she was always known as Jounouchi's sister everywhere she went, since he was a famous duelist. She silently hated it. She never said a thing though. She loved her older brother and wanted to keep the smile on his face.

Suddenly her cell rang, and she slowly brought it to her face. "Hello, who is it?" "You can't guess can't ya?" Shizuka smiled, "Onii-chan! It's you! I haven't heard from you this whole time! How are you in States? Is your 'boss' treating you fine? You have been putting on sunscreen right?"

Jounouchi had gone to the USA because he was now working for Yuugi's grandfather, and they were hoping to get a business started in the states. Yuugi after all was famous now, and many people flocked to their store. They all hoped that whatever deck Yuugi was winning with; they could buy it, and they hope with some Yuugi magic they would win too.

"Nah, sis I'm fine. I just got back too." Shizuka was puzzled. He was supposed to be gone for two weeks. It had only been four days. "Why are you coming back so soon, Onii-chan?" She got a grumpy reply, "Let's just say there is a stupid rich brat there and … never mind sis. I need you to come over to Yug's grandpa's shop quickly. It's very important." Jounouchi usually never ask her to come unless Yuugi invited them all. She knew because he would add that in.

"Why do I need to go, Onii-chan?" Jounouchi paused for a moment. "Because ya uh, ya just gotta come over quick! It's really important!" She could barely hear him whisper, "And you'll hate me forever." He then hung up on her. Shizuka stared at the cell for awhile before hanging up.

Shizuka walked towards the subway. She didn't drive because she was still afraid of crashing even though she got her driver's license. Their car or thing was not the safest looking thing to drive. She preferred the subway anyway. She rather let someone else crash and pay money than herself. She took a handle since all the seats were taken.

When the train started, Shizuka fell backwards a bit and bumped into a person. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you! I just lost my balance!" Shizuka turned around to see who she bumped into. She was not expecting what she saw. It was a very handsome man. He had short brown hair and was very tall. He was wearing an all black outfit and a purple trench coat. The most stunning thing about him was his deep blue eyes. Shizuka's mouth dropped open.

'He's the hottest man I have ever seen! But he does look very familiar.' If the grim reaper came, she would not follow unless this guy came too. The handsome teen brought his finger up, and he shut her jaw. He leaned in very close to her ear. "You shouldn't leave your mouth open like that. A fly might go inside. Don't worry I forgive you. It happens to too many." He gave her a soft smile and soon they were at the next station.

He got off the train leaving not only her, but many other girls staring and blushing after him. "Oh, my god! That was like Seto Kaiba! He was like on a like train just like me," Shizuka heard a girl squeal. "Oh, my god! I'm like so jealous of that girl! I wished he had touched me!"

'Seto Kaiba? Oh that's right. He's the guy that is CEO of Kaiba Corp. He hosted Battle City. I remember he and my brother hated each other," Shizuka thought as she stared at his retreating back. 'I never noticed how handsome he was before.'

After another three stops, Shizuka got off. She walked towards the Game Shop still thinking about Seto Kaiba. 'I thought the guy was heartless? Then again that's only what I heard from Onee-chan, Anzu-chan, and Isis-chan.' Shizuka reached the shop and was about to open the door when she drop the keys to the door. Yuugi gave them to her in case anything happen her brother and her. It was Sunday, and the shop was closed so she had to use the keys. 'He wasn't heartless at all. Maybe that's just when he's in office. Even Mokuba said he's not heartless.' She stuck the key in and walked in.

She saw Mai coming out of the living room. "Onee-chan." Mai looked up and smiled. "Shizuka. You got here, good. Come inside now." Mai was a more gentle person now. Before she married Jounouchi, she would run around cruises and play poker games and lose a lot of money. After her marriage, Mai completely changed. 'She changed for the better if you ask half of the world. I don't think the guys at the poker games do though.'

For the first two months, they could not find her. Then after Jounouchi locked them in their room for an hour, she has never played poker again. Mai always said now, "I've got better things to do now." Shizuka asked Jounouchi what he did, but he would tell her 'only what married couples do'. She figured it was sex.

Shizuka stepped into the living room. She looked around the bright room. Yuugi and his grandfather were rich enough to afford nice things, but they prefer the middle class style. The living room was still very nice. It had a couch, a coffee table, a small TV and some plants were here and there. It was roomy, but small.

Jounouchi noticed Shizuka come in and ushered her in. "Shizuka, I want you to re-meet someone or thing." Shizuka walked inside. There was someone sitting on a chair that faced away from her. The person was oddly familiar even when looking at the back of the head. It stood up and turned around. She was so shocked to see who it was, that she almost passed out. It was Seto Kaiba! "Don't need to call yourself a thing. We all know you are a mutt," said Seto.

Jounouchi growled at Seto, "Damn bastard!" Shizuka walked over to her brother cautiously, staying away from Seto. She whispered to her brother, "Why is he here?" She looked at Seto and looked away quickly after he glared at her. 'He's so different now. He is cold.' Jounouchi frowned at her. "He's here for business, Shizuka." He turns back to Seto. "Now, on to business. Shizuka, do ya know why I asked ya to come down here? Even though it was against all of God's work." "God's work? Ha! You really are a stupid mutt", said Seto. She still shook her head to her brother's question.

Jounouchi sighed. "Ok, now this is important Shizuka. Listen up. I don't want to do this." Shizuka looked at her brother. 'What is he getting at?' In the corner of her eye she could see Seto smirk and then say, "You know you do. It is God's work." Jounouchi glared at Seto. "Stay out of this you bastard!"

He turns back to Shizuka. He stares at her sadly and rubbed his head. "Ya know Yugs and his gramps are trying to get business in that states place. We promise to help them after they gave you money for your operation." She nodded. "Well they can't cause this jerk face won't let them." Shizuka stared at her brother. "What does that have to do with me?" Jounouchi looked at his sister sadly. "Shizuka I don't ever in my life ever wanted to do this." "Get on with it mutt." He glared at Seto before saying.

"Shizuka, I have been force to arrange you to marry Seto Kaiba."