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Chapter 20

Riiinnnggg. Riiinnnggg. While rubbing her eyes, Shizuka lifted her right hand and turned off her alarm. Her plain white ceiling greeted her as she started to awaken. She sat up and pulled the yellow curtains back, feeling a small pain in her heart. Had it truly been a week? Yes, she was no longer Seto Kaiba's fiancée.

She replayed the events over and over, but nothing made sense. Shizuka sighed out loud and dropped her hand back to her side. 'What happened? Why? Why did he suddenly change his mind? Why can't I understand him? And why does he believe I'm in love with Noah-chan? He didn't even let me talk.'

Shizuka walked down the stairs and found Mai in the kitchen. "Good morning, Onee-chan." "Morning, Shizuka. You have a visitor in the living room." Hearing that made her heart skipped a beat. Slowly she entered the room, but her hopes were quickly dashed away.

"Good morning, Shizuka-chan. How are you? Have you gotten over your cold?" Noah said as he stood and greeted her. Plastering on a weak smile, Shizuka said, "I'm doing well. How have you been?" As they sat down on the sofa, Mai brought in tea and quickly left the room.

Noah took a small sip while Shizuka remain still. "Shizuka-chan, are you sure you are alright?" Realizing where she was, Shizuka nodded her head. "I'm fine. I'm fine. I was just thinking about something." Noah set his cup down and placed a hand on Shizuka's shoulder.

"You're thinking about him aren't you? Shizuka-chan you should be elated now that you don't have to marry someone you hate." "I never said I hated him." "Nor are you in love with him." Shizuka noted the hesitation in his voice.

"Well, are you still bullied at school?" She answered by shaking her head. "Are you happy?" Unable to answer, Shizuka took a cup of tea and drank a bit. Noah sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Shizuka-chan, I believe you need a change in environment."

Her head shot up, and her eyes widened as Noah warmly smiled at her. "W W W What?" Noah encompassed her small hands and said, "Come with me to America." Eyes widening, Shizuka slipped her hands from Noah's. "What?"

"Shizuka-chan now is the perfect time to leave this place. In America, school starts in September, so if you leave now, you won't miss anything. Please come with me. You can find who you are, and be away from him."

"Noah-chan, I don't believe I could do that. I can't just abandon my life here, besides my English is horrible, and I can't see myself living anywhere but here." Noah captured her hands again and held them close to his chest. "But that is where you're wrong Shizuka-chan. You don't know that until you actually leave and see the world. You will find someone very different on the inside once you escape from the horrors of Seto Kaiba." "Why must you talk of him as if he is a monster?"

Noah blinked his eyes a few times before he released Shizuka's hands. He turned away from her and walked over to the window. A pause of silence occupied the time before Noah spoke. "My mother was Gozaburo's mistress. She gave birth to me while Chichiue was still married to a woman he did not love. His parents had arranged him to marry a brilliant woman; someone who would complement his riches. However, Chichiue was madly in love with my mother, even though she was of a lesser status."

Noah sighed and placed his hand on the window before speaking again. "When that woman found out about my mother and me, she immediately adopted two boys from the local orphanage. Then she died from ovarian cancer, and Chichiue decided to keep Seto and Mokuba as my competitors for Kaiba Corporation. Yet, Chichiue never suspected that monster would out smart him and steal my inheritance. That is why I am not C.E.O. Also that monster is the reason why I do not have Chichiue anymore. Do you know what happened after that monster took over Kaiba Corp? Chichiue committed suicide by jumping out of his office window."

Shizuka bowed her head as Noah returned to his seat. He tucked a few stray strands of hair behind her ear before trailing his hand down to her chin and turning her face. "Shizuka-chan, do you now understand how he is a monster? He took everything from me: the life I was suppose to have, Chichiue, and you."

"I truly doubt that all of this is his fault." "Shizuka-chan, please believe me. He took everything from me. The future I should have is his, and I can only stand by the side lines. However, I refuse to let him take you away from me."

Shaking her head, Shizuka backed up. "Noah-chan, I've told you before. I'm not in love with you. I never had. And I do not belong to Seto." Noah's eyes widened before glossing over with defeat. "You have never said his first name before." "Noah-chan, I-" "No Shizuka-chan it is okay. I understand now." He stood up and began making his way towards the exit.

Shizuka got up and grasped his hand. Staring at his back, Shizuka could not contain her tears as they slid down her cheeks slowly. "Noah-chan…I'm sorry…I just…just can't…I'm sorry…"

He paused. Without turning around, he said, "Whether or not you have realized it, you are in love with him. Even though you are no longer bounded to him, you still wear the engagement ring and call him by his first name. You have never once said that you did not love him in a definitive tone. Shizuka-chan you love him, and no matter how much I try to change your feelings, my efforts are in vain. I love you so much Shizuka-chan. I have loved you since we were young, and I will continue to love you until I die, knowing my feelings will never be reciprocated. I will always love you Shizuka-chan."

"I'm so sorry Noah-chan." Slipping his hand from hers, Noah took a few steps forward before stopping. He straightened his pose and said, "Do not pity me for I will be alright." Giving her a weary glance, Noah mumbled, "I will always be by your side."

"Nii-sama! Why? Why did you break off your engagement with Onee-chan?" Mokuba was frustrated by his brother who continued to remain silent for the past week. "Nii-sama! Tell me why? I thought you loved her? Why did you do this?"

Seto placed the document he had been trying to read on his desk. Turning his seat, he took Mokuba into a deep embrace. Mokuba felt his brother's sorrow flow into him. The silent week was draining Seto, and Mokuba could feel it now. Underneath the calm masque, his brother was in pain. "Nii-sama…I'm sorry. I'll stop asking."

Mokuba watched miserably as Seto went back to work. Knowing he could do nothing, he left the room and bumped into Marie. "Oh Mokuba-sama!" "Sorry Marie-chan. I didn't see you there." "It is quite alright. Is Kaiba-sama in his study?" "Yes, why?"

Marie stole a glimpse behind her and bent down to Mokuba's level. She whispered into his ear, "Kawai-sama is here to see him." A smile grew on the boy's face until it sprawled across his two cheeks. "Why yes Nii-sama is in his study! I'll just be in my room doing Mokuba things! Bye Marie-chan!" Giggling the entire time, Mokuba ran to his room, skipping at some points.

Sighing softly, Marie turned around and walked over to the corner. "Kawai-sama, Kaiba-sama is in his study. I believe you still remember the way. Good luck." Shizuka gave Marie a warm smile before walking over and knocking on the door. Smiling, Marie made her way down the hall. "Ah, young love."

Shizuka nervously stood in front of the door. 'What am I doing? What good is it if I tell him anything? He won't listen to me. I am so stupid. I should just leave before he finds out I was even here.' Shizuka was about to leave when she noticed the door opening. The young girl felt her heart give out.

His cold eyes bore into hers and captured her gaze. She felt the piercing blueness ripple through her body, causing her to tremble. Shizuka could not see anything passed the frosty layer of Seto's eyes. No trace of any emotion could be found. A few minutes passed before Seto broke the silence. "What are you doing here?"

'Just say it Shizuka. You can't let him scare you, but his eyes are quite frightening.' Shizuka diverted her eyes to the ground. Mustering all the strength she could find in herself, Shizuka blurted out, "I wanted to talk to you!"