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Sango stared at Kagome with disbelief. Kagome stood there, almost completely naked, wanting to get in bed with her. Sango grinned, knowing what was to come.

"You'll have to work for it." she said seductively. Kagome started to protest, but decided to go with it. Her hands began to squeeze her breast, rubbing them together in circular motion. She moaned gently then played with her nipples, causing them to become erect. She pushed one of her tits up to suck and lick it. Kagome stopped to look at Sango, who sat there staring. Kagome then turned around and stuck out her ass, pulling her panties down slightly, showing Sango her cheeks. She stood up, slipping the cloth to the floor. Sango could only see her ass, no extra skin. Kagome then ran a finger up and down her clit, pleasuring herself and teasing Sango.

"You need to work harder than that to get in these covers," Sango said impatiently. Kagome laughed and turned around, giving Sango the full view.

Inuyasha walked into his apartment, throwing his equipment onto his couch and grabbing a bottle of water from his fridge. His practice had been tough today so he wanted some relief. He turned on his laptop and waited for it to boot up. Once on, he went to the camera program in Kagome's house. He checked her kitchen and bedroom and shrugged. When he check the bathroom, he grinned, but it was short lived. Sango stood in there, looking in the cabinet. He assumed she was looking for aspirin or something like that. He was about to look for Kagome, but then Sango started to take off her clothes. I can't watch my best friend's girlfriend shower, can I, Inuyasha asked himself. But when he seen her ample breasts, he decided he could. He whipped out his dick and was beating off as Sango showered. Her watched as she shaved her pussy and then fingered herself. Inuyasha came when she stepped out of the shower. Feeling completely exhausted, he turned off his lap top, undressed and went to sleep. He had no idea what he was going to miss.

Kagome walked onto the bed and stood over Sango's head. She squatted down so her clit was just inches from Sango's face. Kagome started to rub herself. Sango could smell her arousal and deeply wanted to help her. She lifted her head and lightly licked Kagome, who shuddered.

"You can come in now," Sango said, pulling away the covers and exposing herself.

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