A/N: This is a random oneshot I came up with last night after watching the Fourth of July fireworks and the end of Return of the Jedi. (Fireworks and they added in Hayden Christensen which gave me a heart attack)

Disclaimer: Not mine

Elphaba and Fiyero could see the celebratory fireworks even from the outermost reaches of the Vinkus. They sat together atop one of this third castle's turrets ("How many freaking castles do you have?"), watching the gladness over Elphaba's "death" ignite the sky.

"It's so beautiful," Elphaba whispered, reaching out a green finger, superimposing it over the man-made supernovas.

"Just like you," Fiyero whispered back, his cloth hand brushing her cheek.

"Too bad they're creating beauty to celebrate murder."

"The Wizard's gone too, you know- I saw him leave. They could be celebrating that."

Elphaba turned and ducked her head. "They're not."

Elphaba remembered vividly two sets of fireworks. One when she was seven, celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Wizard's presence and rule, and one celebrating the same event ten years later.

Frex brought his daughters to a nearby park where they spread a blanket out near the dark reflective lake.

Nessa was tingly with excitement, only five years old. She was using her hands to bounce herself up and down in her wheelchair. Elphaba was thrilled merely not to have been left at home.

Dark fell quickly, and the seven-year-old reveled in it. In the dark, she could be anyone, an ordinary girl whose father didn't hate her and whose sister had only broken her leg and was in a wheelchair only temporarily. Maybe this girl's mother wasn't even dead…no, she didn't like loud noises and she had stayed at hime…

Elphaba was jerked rudely from her fantasy by the bang of the first firework. She looked up in time to see golden stardust swoop across the sky in their glorious swan song. She lay back, resting her head on her hands, and shut out Nessa's excited murmurs and Frex's responses. The next firework ascended into the sky before exploding into a shower of green and gold. Elphaba gasped in delight. Something beautiful and green soaring across the sky…it struck a chord with her as nothing ever had before.

It turned out that all the fireworks were green and gold. When Elphaba looked around, all the faces seemed as green as her own, and Elphaba thought, suddenly, that she didn't like it at all that way.

On the sixteenth anniversary of the Wizard's reign, Elphaba, Galinda, Boq, Nessa, and Fiyero had all snuck out- they'd tricked Nessa- and sat on the banks of the canal to watch.

"Elphie," Galinda had said, "soon you'll be a part of what they're celebrating."

"Mm," Elphaba murmured noncommittally. She was in no way going to let anyone know it, but she was…well, frightened by the idea of going to see the Wizard. Tommorrow.

She felt the air stir beside her and another presence fill it. She turned her head rapidly, and saw Fiyero grinning next to her.

"Hey," he said, "mind if I sit here?"

"You're supposed to ask that before you sit down," she responded. Things had been strange between them since the Lion cub incident.

"Whatever." Fiyero waved it off.

They watched as another firework went off, showering the world with green and gold.

"I love fireworks," Elphaba said quietly, unsure why she was speaking. "They're so beautiful."

"Yes, you are," Fiyero murmured inaudibly, entranced by her expression as she watched the fireworks.

"What?" Elphaba asked. She hadn't heard him.

"Nothing- I said, yeah, they are."

"Oh," she replied, and they sat back to watch.

Fiyero put his arm around her.

"For us, they can be about life," he said. Elphaba looked into the sky and smiled.

"They are."