A/N: Ok, so this is my second RENT fic. This was written as a project for English class. We had to do creative writing about anything - it just had to be at least 500 words. My story kind of took on a life of its own and ended up being much longer.

The inspiration was Mark/Roger although I had to change my play so it wouldn't be a Mark/Roger story. I have to go through my play and make it more Mark/Roger because my characters ended up making a life of their own. I hope to publish my play and am sending it off to publishers during the summertime. Wish me luck!

I've left this in its PLAY FORMAT because...well...that's how i wrote it. Everything in italics is a stage direction, FYI.

Another important note: all the dialogue (the stuff in the middle) is flashbacks. Everything else is Mark reflecting on the memories and is in present time.


Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The curtains rise on a mostly darkened stage; the only light should be on Mark. On stage left, there are two sets of chairs set up, back to back, one side facing the audience; the row should be four chairs long. One man is sitting on the far end of the row facing the audience, and another is sitting towards center stage with his back facing the audience. This scene is in darkness.

Mark: You know, I never told you how much you rescuing me, that first day we met, meant to me. I was just this kid, barely 19, on my first trip to the city. Do you remember? I was the scrawny kid sitting on the subway with my favorite messenger bag and my camera clutched in my hands. (Lights come up on subway scene. The harasser is facing front, while Roger is facing back. Harasser makes crude, silent gestures towards Mark. Mark still faces audience.) That guy who had been watching me for a few stops finally came up to me and started harassing me. Then you, in all your New-York-rocker-glory stood up and said:

Roger: Leave the kid alone. (The harasser looks Roger over once in his torn blue jeans, beat up leather jacket and shaggy brown hair, sizing him up; wondering if he could take him. A moment of tense silence, then the harasser's shoulders slump ever so slightly as his fists tighten and knuckles turn white, until he walks back to his seat on the other side of the car. Roger sighs and sits next to an empty seat, offering Mark a smile and a once over, his eyes stopping at his camera.) You a filmmaker?

Mark: (Turns to make his way to sit next to Roger.) I want to be. It's why I came to New York. The city is so photogenic, don't ya think? I mean all the beauty that the city has to offer…the darkness and grit too. It's got everything an artist could want…

I realized I was babbling so I stopped. A silence lapped over us, but not an uncomfortable one. How was it that I had only known you for but a minute, and I was already more comfortable with you than with anyone I had ever known?

Mark: (to Roger) Thanks.

I left out a long, slow breath, trying to calm myself – I was thanking a near stranger, after all. A half smile graced your perfect lips.

Roger: No prob, kid. (Pause. Roger seems to be wrestling with himself about something. A shake of his head signals the end of the debate.) Where're you staying, kid?

Mark: Mark. The name is Mark. And I don't really know...I had planned on finding a hotel or something.

Roger: Look, Mark (puts emphasis on the name), I don't do this – ever – but why don't you stay with me? I've got two other roommates, one of whom likes strays. We've got this loft in the East Village. It ain't the Ritz or the Four Seasons, hell it ain't even a Motel 6, but it's a roof and a bed. I can show you around the city. (Then, in almost a whisper,) Look after you.

I was startled by your offer. It sounded like a joke...especially the last part. You looked like the kind of guy who had better things to do with his time than look after this kid you just met. But all it took was one look into those endless green eyes of yours, and I knew you were serious; that you would take care of me. Something in me screamed to something in you. Besides, I could use a friend in the city.

Mark: That'd be great…uhh…

Roger: Roger. (Roger sticks his hand out. As they shake hands, they share a smile.)

In that moment I knew I had found a friend that I would have until the very end.

So, that was the first chapter. I know it was short, but it was just setting the scene. The other chapters will be longer. I expect maybe 5 chapters or so from this story. The updates should be fairly regular - everything is already written, I just need to change it to Mark/Roger and make everything fit.

What did you think? Please let me know! And let my know if the play format is too confusing. If it is, I will try to make it more story-like. Please review!