Come the Peace chapter 7: Come

Author: Laumae

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Category: Adventure, minor romance

Pairings: GalenxDureena, SheridanxDelenn, GideonxLochley, CynthiaxMax

Summary: Sheridan is on his way! special guest appearances from Sheridan and Delenn.

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Sheridan arranged his travel quickly after he ended the transmission. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep that night, too much was at stake. Gideon and the Excalibur couldn't render an account of their importance, not even to themselves. Sheridan could, of course; he was in touch with the universe so their importance was not lost on him. He knew that only they were in the right place at the right time to save so many once again.

Sheridan stood up, and tried again to contact the Wind Swords with no success. "Computer, show me the files on Sylvella." He ordered pacing in front of the monitor.

"Sylvella was first inhabited in 2210 by a race called the Durians, a tribal people who believe that plants are sentient and sacred. . . ." The computer continued through much the same boring and almost useless information, and Sheridan sighed, bracing himself for a long night. "During the Shadow War, three Vorlon ships were reported to be guarding Sylvella, but such reports were never confirmed." The computer reported. Sheridan sat straight up; he felt a mystery brewing, and he dearly loved mysteries, especially the serious kind. The computer finished it's analysis of the planet by saying that the rangers had hinted at the possibility that the plants could be medicinal; however, given the history of the Durians it was unlikely that they would be cooperative.

Sheridan stood up and stretched. He walked over to his blue glass counter and poured himself a glass of water.

"I thought I heard movement." Delenn smiled. She came over to Sheridan laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, for she could tell from his demeanour that something was bothering him.

"What are you doing up?" He turned his head towards her, smiling in return. "I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy." He led her to the couch and sat down, putting an arm around her.

"I haven't slept well since David left." She admitted.

He rubbed her shoulder, "Me either. I just don't want anything to happen to him. He's so young. Others are trained later in life, why couldn't our son be as well?" He asked hopelessly, already knowing what her response would be.

"It is our way, John." She rested her head on his shoulder, "Now tell me, what is it you are so worried about?"

"The captain of the Excalibur was abducted yesterday."

"In Valen's name!" Delenn exclaimed, jerking upright. "Who would do this? He is a true seeker, on a peaceful life saving mission."

"You won't like this Delenn." He warned.

"Tell me." She ordered severely.

Sheridan stood and walked over to the counter, putting his palms down on the glass and purposely keeping his back to her. "Chances are. . ." He paused, " It's the Wind Swords." He said, dropping his head.

Delenn's blood boiled. Rising swiftly to her feet she paced like an angry animal, marshalling both her thoughts and her temper.

"They found a broach belonging to the Wind Swords at the location of the abduction. Closest thing to a witness said it fell from one of the abductors. The Locals don't deal with the warrior cast."

Delenn marched to the comm unit. "It's no good Delenn." Sheridan stopped her, "I've tried, they won't take the calls. I'm leaving for Sylvella in the morning." He rubbed his forehead.

"I will contact them," She said resolutely and dangerously, "and when I do they will know the severity of their mistake." Delenn opened a channel.


Gideon had been rendered unconscious continuously until they moved him to his cell. He didn't know where he was, but a slight hint of spice pervaded the air. He thought of spoo. They chained him to the floor in the corner. The room was empty and there were no lights in the hallway, nor in the room. At least, that was what he thought until he had his first visitor about three hours after arriving.

A bald man entered the room. He waved his hand and an overhead light flickered on as if it had been in disuse quite some time. He said nothing, pulled a large poll from behind his back and began to beat Gideon about the head, he did it rapidly and expertly. Gideon's body had been deprived of everything and even his adrenaline could not master his oppenants skill. After a short time Gideon gave up the fight and returned to his previous state of unconsciousness.


Dureena awoke in a pitch black room. She opened her eyes, and saw nothing, instantly she sat up on her guard.

"Dureena?" A friendly, but worried voice quietly demanded. Galen stood up from his near by chair came forward to her resting place. "How do you feel?" He asked examining her eyes, he was looking for signs of distress on the body, but to Dureena it seemed like he was staring at her.

"I feel like my head's been hit by a boulder, but I'll survive." The corners of her mouth turned up in what might have been called a grin.

"What do you remember from last night?" He probed taking a seat beside her.

"We were standing on the cliff, it was beautiful, you said you would train me, and then you started to show me your training and your life." She paused trying to piece everything she had seen together. "They did things to your body, they implanted you. . . .they imbedded those things into your back." In her voice Galen could feel the reflection of his pain coming back to haunt him. It was erie but a good sign that she had learned from what he had shown her.

"I'm sorry you had to go through that, but it was necessary. I will show you the rest tonight after we review your training." He said, and then added, "Let me see your hand." She offered it to him, he gently massaged the fingers and palm, then he laid it gently back down. "You're body has no residual effect from the memory share last night, other than the headache." He smiled. He stood up and headed towards an opening to the outside.

"Galen," Dureena stopped him, "What happened to Isabelle?" She asked as she came upon that segment of his memory. She was curious, she admitted to herself. She tried to say that it was just like asking for the last bit of a story, but in her heart she knew she felt a tinge of. . . perhaps not jealousy but envy that another woman had so thoroughly taken his heart.

Galen stopped but didn't turn around. His black figure stood out in front of the bright light of the sun. Carefully, coolly he stated, "You will learn the rest this evening." His head hung slightly, and he added with more life and joy, "Patience Dureena, you must cultivate patience." He teased, but she could tell his voice was strained.

Galen lead her away from his ship and towards the forest. They continued on for a quarter of an hour, and finally they reached the cliffs they had been at the night before. Galen went to a near by bush and pulled a large handful berries from it's branches. He put them into Dureena's hand intentionally making as much contact with her as he could. "Eat these, you will need sustenance. She took the berries and sat on the flattest rock she could find.

"You need sustenance as well Galen." She pointed out.

"I ate while you were still asleep." He smiled mischievously, "Besides, you will need it much more than I, my day will be easy." She finished the berries, and he began his questioning and quizzing over the information she had received the night before.


Sheridan's White star docked with the Excalibur. The honor guard was there to greet him. Three rangers composed his personal shadow and guard.

"It's an honor to meet you sir." Matheson said holding out his hand.

"Thank you Lt. Matheson, and it's good to finally meet you as well, however unfortunate under these circumstances."

"Thank you, sir." Matheson said leading them to the Counsel room. He reviewed the details of what had happened as they knew it.

"I'd like to meet with the Durians and if possible, talk with the plants." Sheridan said, without a trace of humour; the looks he got from the others said that it was doubtful that the plants could talk. "None the less, we must respect these people and their beliefs. I've found that often cultures have reasons for their beliefs, and who knows we might find something by putting a little faith in these guys."

"I've arranged travel for us to Sylvella in half an hour." Matheson said.

"There might be a kind of symbiosis between the plants and Durians. We have seen it happen before, granted usually among two humanoid species, but I think it's worth taking a look at." Sarah chimed in to agree with Sheridan.

"I think it's all crazy! We know who's got Gideon, why don't we just chase them?" Max snapped, getting annoyed.

"I checked the reports from before and after the abduction, Excalibur didn't see anyone travel to or from the planet." Matheson replied. "Frankly that scares me. That means that they either are using a very good, highly advanced stealth ship, or they had other means of transportation. I've never encountered something before that the Excalibur couldn't spot."

"Only one way to tell." Sheridan said thumping the table, "I heard that Max here heard of rumors about a complex down on the planet. I suggest we look for it."

"The Durians could help with that most likely. They'd be the only ones to know where it is." Max paused, " they're the ones most familiar with the terrain after all."

"What do you know about the Wind Swords? Their fighting styles, and so forth?" Matheson asked.

"They're the most militaristic. They are very extreme even for the warrior cast. They aren't known to keep prisoners, but I'd say that in this case they're probably not acting out of their own volition. This isn't their style. They'd have no reason to interest themselves in the affairs of the Excalibur, unless one of their allies had taken interest in Gideon." Sheridan said, the wheels turning behind his eyes. "Who would care about the plague, except for a government with ties to the Drakh?"

"Surely you're not implying the Centauri." Sarah objected.

"No, it makes sense." Max said getting excited. " The Centauri want to become more powerful so they align themselves with the Drakh, and then use the Drakh's power and weapons to sell and trade with the Windswords, for certain perks. Say manipulating Minbari policy, or capturing an enemy."

"Not to mention the biological weapons that the Wind Swords have been developing. That would certainly be of help to the Drahk, say if they wanted to change a plague into a whole new disease." Sheridan chimed in, worry in his eyes.

At that, an heavy silence descended upon the room.


Gideon rolled over in pain. His mind was numb and try as he might he could not force a thought. He could not formulate an equation, nor solve a problem. The only image he could conjure was the gentle, slightly square face of Elizabeth. It struck him as odd that even though he had only seen her a hand full of times, she was the most comforting face and personage that he could remember.

Wrapping his mind with that warmth and strength he fell asleep, his body ignoring the pain.


The Durians met Sheridan and friends shortly after they landed on the planet.

"I'm President Sheridan of the Interstellar Alliance." Sheridan said smiling widely, inclining his head in greeting.

"I am aware of this." Valix bowed.

"I heard that the plants told you that it was the Wind Swords who abducted Gideon."

"No, they said nothing of Wind Swords, they simply said that the broach fell from the abductors. It was you who said it was Wind Sword. It is quite obvious now who it was however." Valix said respectfully.

"How do you communicate with the plants?" Sarah interrupted, a little sceptically.

"It is less complicated than you might think." The Durian elder said, smiling. "We have a telepathic link with the plants on this world. We are more sensitive to plants then to each other, but we can occasionally pick up on the thoughts of others. The plants on this world are special. They are sentient but the only way to communicate with them is by using a telepathic link. We discovered this breed on our previous homeworld, but to our sorrow it died. That was over 1000 years ago. For the twenty following years we searched several planets for anything similar to it, finally we found another here. Since then we have bred the plant and cared for all of it's needs. It is our duty to protect them, for no one else is able."

"Would you mind if a member of my team were to try to talk with one of the plants?" Chambers asked.

"Of course not, they are not our pets, any one who wants can approach them. I understand that telepaths are not rare, by any means."

Sarah nodded towards Matheson.

Matheson closed his eyes and concentrated, he reached out in his mind to find the telepathic plant, and find it he did. He gently asked for entrance into her sanctuary. The metaphysical door opened, and he entered. It felt like a forest. It was teeming with life, and joy. In the back ground was a faint sound of a weary stream. It cried in the distance, and it's heart was sad.

"Welcome." A decentralized voice said in greeting. It was feminine and mature.

"This is incredible." Matheson gazed around him in wonder.

"Thank you," She said shyly, she wasn't used to compliments, "It is my home. Like the physical world around you. We are not physical beings as you are, we exist on the emotional and mental plane, the physical to us is abstract, but emotions and thought are real and tangible." She paused, and a woman stepped out from behind a tree, or what one could call a tree. She had pale green skin, and her hair was a green seafoam, the same colors that made up her physical form. Her eyes were are a dark, almost black, shade of green, and her raiment was luminous. It was slightly darker than her skin. She bowed to him, crossing her ankles and spreading out her arms. "You felt as if you would rather speak to a voice coming from a body, rather than a voice coming from nowhere." She grinned charmingly.

He smiled, "What can I say, I'm human. Do you always consider others first?" He asked astounded that she would go out of her way to represent herself.

She nodded her head to the side. "It is our way. We were created to serve. To study and observe. But our use has since ended, so now it is our only duty to serve those, whom we have studied, and who care for us. The Durians are now the only ones who listen to us, and we show our gratitude for bringing us back to life by telling them all we know. The men who took you're leader, we told them what we found, we only hope it is enough. Gideon's importance is paramount or the darkness will come again. We know this. That is why Sheridan is here, he knows the importance of this man, more than even I, for it is him who served this purpose previously."

"You are very imformed. Who created you?" He asked stepping towards her.

"I am called Aliahneh, it means great listener, and reporter." She sat down and folded her legs under her. "I was a spy. I was created for the great war. They said it was necessary." She sighed. "They said if we did not serve all would be lost. It was our duty to watch the children and make sure that they were not corrupted. We were fruitful, and we served well our masters. Now there is but one, and he is not the same as those that came before." She trailed off looking backwards in time. "They were mad with hatred, righteous anger against an entire species. They killed all whom we said were corrupted. All of them." Her eyes were wide, and she shivered. "Now we try to undo the wrongs we committed. The one who leads us tries to help us. He is the only one, the only outsider ever to contact us from our original home." She stopped, and looked away.

"You did what you were trained to do, how could you know it was wrong?" He asked, recalling his own sins. He reached further into her mind, and she showed him the images from the war. It was the Shadow War. They were watching the Minbari and the other races. They reported to the Vorlons. "The Vorlons, they killed entire worlds, destroyed entire cultures." She said. "Because of us." A tear fell from her eyes. "At the end of the last war, before our masters left, some of the others said that our masters were murderers. I did not believe them. I thought our masters were benevolent. I reported that the planet I was watching had become corrupted from the enemy. A great ship came, vast beyond compare. It blocked out the sun. . . ." She dropped her head.

"How did you survive?"

"I didn't, my body died. My mind was taken back to my origin, and then it was put into this seed." A short silence followed, and Matheson tried to process all he had just learned.

"You are troubled." She observed.

"You have lived a remarkable life." He said honestly, in admiration.

"And I will continue to, but the future isn't for you just yet. I believe you are looking for a complex of buildings. There is great knowledge there, although I have no use for it. It is to the South a great way. Twenty of your miles, it is marked by a large stone covering the entrance. The stone looks smoother than most, and it is on the ground, the entrance is below it. You will find it." She said assuredly meeting his eyes. She stood up, and stretched out her hand to him.

He took it, and she shook his hand in the manner of Earth. "It has been good to meet you, but it is time for you to leave, your friends are becoming worried." She said sadly.

"Aliahneh, I won't forget your story, and I hope that you never have to see that kind of death again." He smiled and stepped out of her mind. He opened his eyes.

"How'd it go?" Sarah asked.

He nodded, "It was amazing. Aliahneh told me where the complex is, It's twenty miles South and it has a ground entrance, which is covered by a large smoothed rock."

"Real specific." Max mocked.

"Don't worry we'll find it." Matheson said in the same tone that Alianeh had used.