City Of Sorceress

Chapter one: New Mission

In a huge white castle in the spirit world four boys and a girl enter in to a room. In this room there were two chairs and in front of the chairs there is a desk and a chair. On the other side of the desk is a door. The first boy that entered the room had orange hair, his name is Kazuma Kuwabara and he went and sat in one of the chairs. The next boy that entered the room had spiky black hair with a white stare in the front, his name is Hiei Jaganshi and he went and to lean on the wall next to the beautiful double doors. The next boy to enter the room had gelled back black hair, his name is Yusuke Urameshi and he went and sat in the chair next to kuwabara. The last boy to enter the room had long red hair that was tide up, his name is Suuichi Minamino a.k.a. Youko Kurama and he went and stood in front of the desk. The last person to enter the room was a girl with long blue hair, her name is Botan Daioh and she went and she stood on the other side of the desk next to the chair.

There was silence for about five minutes. The silence was broken by Yusuke. " Botan where is the toddler." he asked irritated.

"I am not sure Yusuke," answered Botan. "He said to all of you and bring you here it was urgent."

"But he said that before." whined Yusuke.

Just then the door on the other side of the desk opened and a teenage boy with the letters "J R" on his forehead and a pacifier in his mouth came into the room. His name is Lord Koenma the prince of the spirit world.

"Good you are all here," Said Lord Koenma, "The reason I called you here is there is a girl that-"

"We have to find and arrest," finished Yusuke.

"Um, well, yes. That is because-" Koenma started again only to be interrupted again by Yusuke.

"Because she wants to take over the three worlds," He finished.


"Has dangerous power," He asked.

"No and if you shut up I will tell you!" Yelled Koenma irritated.

"Okay, okay calm down." He said.

"Now we know that she killed many people and must be stopped now," Said Koenma.

"Lord Koemna what does this girl look like," Asked Kurama.

"Here I will show you," answered Koemna.

He picked up a remote control and turned on the T.V. in the corner. A girl appeared on the screen. She had shoulder length black hair and red eyes much like Hiei but less cold. She had on a red fighting shirt and pants. The girl looked most like a normal human girl.

"Do we know anything else about this girl," Asked Kurama.

"Nope other then what she looks like, nothing," Said Koemna.

"Now you must go," Said Koemna, "and Botan I want you to go with on this one."

"Yes sir," Said Botan.

"Good, now go," Yelled Lord Koemna.

The five get up and left the room.

Once Lord Koemna was sure that the detectives and the fairy girl were out of hearing he opened a communicator. A man with long black hair ad violet eyes appeared on the screen.

"I hope you bring good news," said the mystery person in a low voice.

"I do," Answered Lord Koemna, "I have done may part now you do yours."

"Goodbye," said the mystery person and cut the connecting.

Lord Koemna closed the communicator and went about his job.