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Chapter Two: Mystery Girl First Encounter

"Well I guess we should be going." Said Kurama, "portal please Botan."

"Right," said Botan as she gathered her energy so she could use it to open a big black hole.

Once the portal was open everyone jumped in. They came to a land that was covered in ice. Everything including the tree's were covered in it and it was snowing big beautiful flakes.

"Botan where are we," Asked Yusuke.

"Crystal Valley," Answered Botan, "There is a city west of here."

"What do you know of this city," Asked Kurama.

"Nothing but where it is located," She answered.

"Okay lets go, but be careful," Said Kurama.

They all nodded and started to go when they get a strange feeling they were being watch, but they keep going.


"Hmm who are the new comers and what are they doing here," thought girl with red eyes, shoulder length black hair, and was wearing a red fighting shirt and pants, "But a better question is why are the castle ninjas following them for. Better look in to it."

"Wait where they going the city is to the east not the west. There cannot go that way it is dangerous for non-magic people. I should stop them," thought the mystery girl as she disappeared and reappeared before the detectives.


Suddenly a girl appeared in front of the detectives. She had red eyes, shoulder length black hair, and had on a red fighting shirt and pants.

"Hey Yusuke that looks like the girl we're looking for," said Kawabara.

"No du moron," Said Yusuke.

"Who are you and why are you looking for me," Asked the girl sweetly.

"Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi and you are under arrest," Said Yusuke.

"For what," Asked the girl sweetly again?

"Don't play dumb you know what you did," Answered Hiei, "are you going to come easy or not."

"I think not people need me here," answered he girl still staying with the sweet voice.

"Fine," Answered Hiei.

The four detectives surrounded the girl and Botan stayed to the side.

"There is no escape," Said Hiei.

"Who said I wanted to escape, I have to protect you guys from the threat in the trees and where are you going, if it is the city you are going the wrong way. The city is to the east not the west." Said the girl in a matter-of-factly voice.

"And we should believe you why?" Asked Kurama.

Sign. "Let me make this easy. There are castle ninja's waiting for you to turn the corner because only sorceress can enter into that part of the forest and we can barely make it out." said the mystery girl.

"How do you know all this," Kurama asked.

With another sigh the mystery girl answered, "My name is Izabella. I am sorceress and I live in the city to the east!"

"Well the city we are going to is to the west so bye," said Hiei.

He started to walk away but Izabella jumped in front of him.

"You idiot, did you not hear a word I said there is no city west of hear. Thereis one city in this territory," yelled Izabella.

"Listen ninger onna I can not trust a word you say so get out of my way," said Hiei.

"Okay 1) I am not a ninger I am a sorceress. 2) My name is Izabella not onna, use it, and 3) bring it on," said Izabella as she drew her katana as did Hiei.

They both disappeared to reappear in the middle as there katana meet. Izabella blocked his attack and struck down at his stomach drawing blood. Hiei struck back drawing blood down her right arm. Izabella struck again drawing blood from his left leg. Hiei attack Izabella once more drawing blood from her left arm, before falling to his knees with Izabella katana against his neck. Everyone was holding there breath shocked that 1) Hiei was beaten by a girl and 2) they were not sure what she would do to Hiei next if they moved so they stayed where there were and held there breath. Then Izabella turned and sheathed her katana.

"Now go back the way you came and go east," said Izabella as she turned and walked deeper into the forest.

"Damn, she is strong," said Hiei as he slowly got up, "lets go."


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