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Chapter Three: Rescued By The Mystery Girl, Well Almost

"Hiei, the girl said to go back and go east," said Kurama.

"So lets go," said Hiei and walked off.

The others glanced at each other but had no choice but to follow.

After about 5 minutes of walking through the white forest Kurama collapsed to his knees taking short, brief breaths. Hiei turned to help him, but collapsed as well. Then Botan, Yusuke, and Kuwabara collapsed. This is how Izabella found them a few seconds later.

"Dammit I told you to go back the way you came and go east. I should let you die but I…won't," she said.

She then leaned down, and said a short spell that made a purple glowing shield appear around the six of them.

"We can breath," yelled the four happily, but Hiei just "hned."

"Yes you can, now why did you not turn around," Izabella asked.

"We have to get to the city in the west," answered Kurama.

Izabella was about to respond when she felt the presents of the castle ninjas in the forest.

"Damn get down now," yelled Izabella.

The five of them jumped out of the way as Izabella jumped over them and pushed her magic into the shield to strength, and hold up the shield, as a series of silver shariken stars flew into the shield and bounds off.

"Okay everyone up and listen carefully," said Izabella. After everyone was up she continued, "the shield is not going to hold up against another series of shariken stars, and when it falls you guys are not going to be able to breath in this air, so when it falls you have to ran for the end of the forest where it brakes into four directions."

"Right," said Kurama.

"It's falling go now," yelled Izabella.

"Right lets go," yelled Kurama as they took off running back the way they came.


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