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NOTE: Willow never attempted to restore Angel's soul when she was in the hospital. This starts at the very end of Becoming, Pt. 2

"My God, he's gonna kill 'er," Spike muttered, holding Drusilla in his arms. He looked toward the door, fully realizing that the smartest and most beneficial thing for him to do would be to simply turn around and walk away. He had Dru. There was no reason for him to stay any longer. As he stared at the Slayer, however, he felt a little odd, like he would really regret it if he were to leave and let her die. He sighed heavily, and carefully set Drusilla down against a wall and made his way over to his sire and the Slayer. I really hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

Buffy and Angelus were fighting, and Spike thought it was safe to say that Buffy was definitely losing. Poor chit was getting knocked around as if she was a mere rag doll, and Angelus was raising his sword to kill her. Spike walked over to the two warriors and tapped Angelus on the shoulder. Buffy's eyes widened slowly.

Angelus spun around, growling angrily. He snarled at Spike, clearly infuriated by the younger vampire's audacity. Spike grinned, glad that he had managed to piss off his sire.

"C'mon, Peaches," he said.

Angel turned to Buffy, seeing that she was momentarily incapacitated, although wide-eyed at Spike's interference. Angelus turned away from Buffy and raised his fist to fight Spike instead. Spike grinned toothily, raising his fists as well.

Angelus rushed him, connecting his fist solidly with Spike's jaw. Spike rolled with the punch, kicking Angelus in the gut. Angelus doubled over. Spike brought his knee up, kicking his sire in the face. Blood squirted from Angel's now-broken nose. Spike picked up a broken piece of wood to finish the job, but was suddenly tackled.

Apparently, Drusilla had regained consciousness. Her face was livid as she pummeled Spike; he didn't think he had ever seen her so angry. Part of him was proud of his girl.

Buffy had gotten up too, and had resumed her brawl with Angelus. She punched him in the face in quick succession, clearly enjoying finally being able to take out all of her anger and frustration that had been building up the last few months. She picked up a stake, but Angel knocked it out of her hand, still strong enough to fight back.

Drusilla punched Spike again, sending him hurling into a wall. She turned around and marched over to Buffy, grabbing the Slayer by the hair and pulling her backward. Buffy felt her scalp begin to bleed. Angelus looked pleased with Drusilla, and backed off to allow the crazed vampire to have some fun.

Drusilla hit Buffy hard, then punched her again in the stomach. The vampiress was so occupied with causing the Slayer pain for what she had put her Angelus through that she didn't see Spike coming.

Spike grabbed Drusilla by the shoulders, picking her up and throwing her into a wall. When she gasped and turned to dust less that five seconds later, Spike was shocked and confused- until he saw the wall, which had somehow gotten broken and had a sharp piece of wood protruding from it.

Tears welled up in Spike's eyes as realized what had happened. He had killed his lover of over a century. Hatred flooded Spike as he had never felt it, quickly replacing the pain, and he turned around to look at his sire, who didn't seem too bothered by the fact that Drusilla had just been staked. In fact, the older vampire grinned, clearly enjoying the agony he knew Spike was in. Spike stomped over to Angelus, pulling his fist back and hitting him as hard as he possibly could. Angelus grunted in pain, crimson liquid spilling out of his face again.

"Bloody bastard," Spike ground out, continuing to pummel Angelus a Buffy sat and stared at the two vampires, entranced. She didn't seem capable of moving from the spot in which she stood, too enveloped in the display before her.

"Couldn't leave well enough alone, could you?" Spike backhanded his sire again and again, thoroughly enjoying the torture he was inflicting upon Angelus. The blood was now continuously flowing down Angelus' face, leaving a pattern on the floor.

"All your bloody fault . . . if you had just listened, everything would have been fine," he continued to rant as he beat Angelus bloody. He grabbed the elder vampire's wrist and twisted, breaking it. He heard the loud snap the fracture produced. He loved the gasp of pain that came from the other vampire.

Spike picked up the sword that Buffy had dropped and rammed it into Angel's gut. The elder vampire gasped in pain, before Acathla's mouth opened to reveal a vortex, which Angel was enveloped into. Less that a second later, Angelus was gone.

Spike's adrenaline subsided, although the pain did not. He turned to look at Buffy, who was still standing frozen several feet away. Tears were streaming down her face as she stared at the spot where her former boyfriend had disappeared.

Spike walked to her, sympathy evident on his face. He had always admired the Slayer; she was a fierce warrior, capable of fighting just about anyone and anything. But now he saw her not as the Slayer- he saw her as a seventeen-year-old girl who had had to endure more hardships than any young girl should have to. She had just lost the love of her life, as he had. His heart went out to her; they were in the same boat, really.

"You wanna get out of here?" Spike asked quietly. Spike wasn't sure why he was offering—they hated each other. But it seemed like the right thing to do. They needed each other for now.

Buffy nodded, wiping away tears in an effort to pull it together. She wanted to be anywhere but here. It wasn't as though she was invited back to her mom's house, was it?

"Come on, pet," Spike said. "Let's get outta this Hellmouth."