Hi Guys! This is my new story, The Second War Has Begun, and it takes place during the second war (lol). I hope you like it. During some of the later chapters (around the 10th) James, Lily, and Sirius are going to come back to help Harry with the horcruxes. YAY. I am still working on my time travel story for those of you that are interested. One other thing, MADAM AMELIA BONES is the Minister of Magic, not Rufus Scrimgoer. I think Amelia Bones is better for the job and also, Harry never broke up with Ginny at the end of the sixth book. This is like a continuation of the sixth book. Hope you enjoy it.

The Second War Has Begun Chapter 1

In all of Surrey, there was but one boy who sat quietly each passing day and grieved the death of his beloved grandfather like headmaster. This boy was named Harry James Potter. With glossy black hair, brilliant emerald eyes, broad shoulders, and a well-built body, at 6'3 he was quite a sight. But anyone who looked at him saw that he had lost his innocence and had left his childhood behind. He was no longer a boy…he was a man. His eyes held a certain sadness that any happiness from coming but at the same time had sort of a hardness. Together, his handsome face held a look that said "Keep Your Distance or else…" He had also developed a sort of a golden aura, which increased if he got angry but otherwise he just looked slightly enlightened. As you have already guessed, Harry Potter was no ordinary boy, he was a wizard.

Pretty soon he would have to leave the Dursley's and face his archenemy, Voldemort no Tom. After Dumbledore died, was an open target. Yeah, he had some protections left but Voldemort wouldn't care about those. Remus was going to be here tomorrow to pick him up and leave the Dursley's forever. Atleast, there was that to look forward to. Of course, there were Ron and Hermione, his best friends and Ginny. That beautiful little redhead he loved so much. Harry thought With that, he packed all his stuff up and drifted off to sleep.

Sunlight streamed through the windows and onto the small bed on which Harry slept. For a few minutes he just lay in bed too lazy to wake up when it dawned on him that today was his last day here and Remus must be coming any minute! He checked the clock. 10:00! He jumped out of bed and quickly hurried to the bathroom. He quickly brushed his teeth and took a hot shower. He dried himself off and hurriedly got dressed, his hair still dripping wet. With that done, he ran downstairs and grabbed a sandwich off of the counter top. Only then did he relax and sit on the table for the last time with the Dursley's.