Ok, so heres a short poem I made up, probably three seconds after I submitted the last chapter of Vampire Heart! Its told from 2D's point of view by the way.


You always say you love me,

But you hit me constantly.

You want me to love you but abuse is all I see.

You're hurting me one moment, then you're kissing me the next

You tell me that you love me, then you harshly demand sex

I'm not even gay! I'm wondering how this can be.

I'm a guy and you're a guy,

How can you love me?

I want someone to love me, someone to hold me tight.

But I can see the lustful gleam that hides behind your eyes.

I cannot stand to look at you. Oh, on my heart it weighs!

I almost want to love you back...

But I can't. I'm too afraid.

Ya, Its really short, I couldn't make it longer. Soooo...please review? Was it crap? Was it good? Tell me!