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Sasuke's Reward

Chapter 1

New arrival

"Sasuke Orochimaru needs you." Kabuto's voice echoed through the hallways.

A creaking door opened, revealing the sharigan wielder. "What does he want?" Annoyance could be interpret in every word.

Kabuto in return responded with the same tone. "How should I know. Just fallow me."

Kabuto opened a door and let Sasuke go in first, he fallowed afterwards.

Sasuke examined the room they were in. The room was twice as big as his, it had a king size bed, a drawer next to it, a base with some flowers on top of the drawer, and several female clothes in the bed.

The female clothes catched his attention. Was somebody new going to be living there now? It was a female, that part was obvious. Why were they giving her so much importance? Who was she?

"Whose room is this?" Curiosity won him over.

"Yours." A little chuckle came out with Kabuto's answer.

"What do you mean? If its mine, then why are there female clothes on that bed?"

"Hmph, if I knew I wouldn't be here...would I?"

That was true, Kabuto had only stayed for curiosity. He should have expected this from Kabuto, since he too was a genius...in his own way. Kabuto also noticed the female clothes and became curious as well.

Then Orochimaru's dreadful voice was heard outside the room. "huhu, don't worry dear. We will treat you right."

The door opened and both Kabuto and Sasuke's eye widened for a momment.

Standing next to Orochimaru was Hinata, looking down at the floor. She had changed a bit. Her hair had grown longer and reached her shoulders; although she continued wearing the same baggy clothes, which Sasuke detested."

He still remembered how she looked four years ago. Yes, four long years had passed; Sasuke decided to stay with Orochimaru, even after his teammates and Sai had gone after him to bring him back.

Orochimaru had taken over another body instead of Sasuke's, since he said, "Sasuke has not reached his full power." Was he really that valuable, that orochimaru had to wait?

Sasuke looked at the shy Hyuuga heiress. She had been the only girl that was never after him, but his loudmouth teammate. She was the one his eyes long for, but never showed it. Shew was #1 on his list...well actually the only one on his list of girls he would consider reviving his clan with. Not only did she have a powerful bloodline but had sweet gentle manners. She was the one and only one that would help him revive his clan; that was the plan before he left to Orochimaru.

"Sasuke." His thoughts were cut by Orochimaru.


" I have a little reward for your loyalty and good job." Orochimaru gave Hinata's shoulder a little push. She quickly walked up in front of Sasuke and looked at him in the eyes for a while. He could see embarrassment on her white, pupil less eyes. He was quite surprised when she cupped his face with both hands, and gaved him a peck.

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"S-Sasuke please...I am willing."

He pulled her away from him. "No you are not. I will not take you if that is what you want. Not now...not ever." Sasuke left the room.

After a while Kabuto entered the room and walked up to Hinata, gaved her a smile and rubbed her back.

"Don't worry about him. Come, I'll show you around."