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Sasuke's reward

Chptr 13

Hurtful words

Both Hinata and Sasuke had been training for almost an hour...or more like playing around. Every so often Sasuke would get Hinata in a very odd position and he would mutter, "We should try this in bed.", "Flexible, eh?" "Oh, I just can't wait till we try this move on bed."or "I want to have you in this position more often." His words making Hinata blush. Some other times, he would caress Hinata as he corrected her fighting stance; which he was currently doing.

"So," he ran his right rough hand along Hinata's right arm, "you need to have your right arm a little bit higher. Like this." As his hand reached her wrist, he lifted her arm higher. "Never keep your hand low, or you will look weak. When your arm is high, you show that your guard is always up."

A mischievous smirk appear on his face, "Now, about your stance..." He pressed his body closer to Hinata's back, his left hand then settled on the side of her waist, only to slowly start traveling down her outer thigh. When he felt Hinata shudder against his body, his smirk grew. He leaned his head near her ear, "Hinata," he didn't know why his voice had come out in such a husky tone, but it was doing wonders, since Hinata shiver a bit. "Hinata, you need to bend your knees, get into a lower position, in that way, you will be able to move quicker into any direction when an enemy attacks." She nodded, signaling that she understood, as a reward Sasuke place a soft kiss on the crook of her neck.


Both Sasuke and Hinata turned towards the place the clapping came from. There stood Orochimaru, clapping, a frown on his face.

"That is great training Sasuke...Hinata will definately learn if you continue training her that way." Orochimaru's tone of voice was full of sarcasm.

Sasuke immediately backed away from Hinata and glared at Orochimaru. Hinata knew the snake Sanin was mad, even though she didn' quite know why.

"You skipped your training session this morning, and now you are playing with Hinata? I thought you wanted to become strong Sasuke. I know you are excited with your new toy," Orochimaru smiled as he notice Hinata's eyes widen with his words, " yet that doesn't mean you have to forget your main goal."

Sasuke's glare disappear as Orochimaru's words sunk in. He had been slacking off lately...all because of Hinata. Ever since he first slept with her, she had been in his mind constantly and he wasn't able to concentrate. He had not notice that Hinata had suddenly become the center of his world; his brother and revenge forgetten; he had become weak...he had become obsess with Hinata. He was allowing his now awaken hormones to rule him. All he was thinking about was bedding Hinata, having her warm and sweaty body underneath him.

'No...I can't let her weaken me...I have a goal...I have to get strong and kill Itachi...then comes love.' "Tch," once more he glared at Orochimaru, "I haven't forgotten."

A fake smile appeared on Orochimaru's face, "Really? Hmn, well, it sure doesn't look that way. Let me tell you something Sasuke. I brought you a playmate, trying to help you obtain your second goal as you train for your first goal. Hinata is yours, do as you please with her...but since I already know what you want to do with her...I would recommend the night. During the night make her yours as many times as you please but during the day, you train. Is that understood, Sasuke?"

Sasuke was pissed, he was being treated as if he was a little boy. He did not like that at all, so he didn't answer.

" need to learn how to control your hormones. If you can't controll them, how will you be able to have control in other things? Perhaps it would be wise for me take her away from you for a while. Perhaps keep her locked away and only giving her back to you during the nights would be a good plan of action."

"I am not being controlled by my hormones! You think Hinata will get on my way to obtain my goal? Well you are dead wrong!" Sasuke hissed at the sannin, "She is nothing to me, just a 'new toy', my 'playmate' as you so put it." Sasuke hissed as anger inspired him to continue, never noticing the hurt look on Hinata or her presence at all. "Do you seriously think I will die if I don't have Hinata? You got to be kidding me! You were the one that brought her to me in the first place, so what, its now my fault that my attention has 'diverted'? Its all your fault! I didn't want her since the very beggining but you insisted! So don't you dare try to blame this on me!"

A small smile slowly crept on dead pale skin, "Hmph." All that was needed to be said was said. Orochimaru turned around and left; knowing quite well that Sasuke would focus more on training.

Sasuke's heavy breathing was the only thing that could be heard in the training room. Sasuke was full of rage, even after the retreat of the snake sannin. He was so envelope in his anger that he failed to notice that Hinata was still in the room. Only when she passed by him, towards the door, did he realize his actions. His words had been painful for Hinata. He looked at her retreating form with eyes full of guilt. He wanted to call out her name, yet, it was his damn pride that didn't allowed him.

He turned his eyes away from her retreating form, not wanting to see her anymore, not wanting to feel guilty and ashamed. As he heard Hinata's exit, he was determined to not let her distract him. He had a goal and he had to reach it, he had to kill Itachi. That old Sannin was right, he needed to focus and if that meant for him not see Hinata, then so be it.


...that night...

Hinata laid sideways in bed, waiting for Sasuke to return. She had return to their room after the incident in the training room. She was well aware that Sasuke needed sometime alone to think. Orochimaru's words had impacted Sasuke deeply and he had spoken without thinking; deep inside, she wanted that to be the main reason why Sasuke said those hurtful words right in front of her.

She sighed and rolled to her other side. Quickly she glanced at the alarm clock, it was 11:51pm. Once more she sighed before rolling to her other side.

'Sasuke always sleeps early' she thought with a frown. Although it was soon replaced by a mischievous smile, 'exept those nights that we...' A deep blush formed on her face at the memory of those nights. She glanced at the door, hoping it would open, revealing Sasuke.


Hinata slowly open her eyes slowly before sitting up in bed. She scan the room for any sign of Sasuke, only for there to be none. According to the alarm clock it was little pass six in the morning. Once more she scan the room for any sign that Sasuke had been in the room, even if it was for a few seconds. Nothing. Defeated she drop into the bed as tears started welling in her eyes. Sasuke had not come all night. Her bottom lip started trembling and withins seconds she was sobbing.


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