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White wings

the manor

chpt 3

"I don't get it Shika...Why do you always want to do this?" She gaved him a questioning look.

His gaze lifted up and he looked deeply into her eyes. "Because you are good at this."

She gaved a little laugh. "But you always win Shika." She looked down again.

"Sure, but you are always a challenge. More than Ino that is for sure. Its troublesome to even try playing with her, she has no clue what is goin on."


Shikamaru looked at her for a while before speaking "Its better this way."

She quickly looked up at him.

"Neji...he might be blind but...he has ears." He looked down again before looking up again. "This house has very thin walls."

"This is a really big manor...There are rooms far away from Neji's room."

"...checkmate." He looked up at her and saw her pout. "I win again."

"sigh...I loose again. Want to play some more?" She gave him a smile.

"Hmm..." Shikamaru stretched out his arms as he gave a loud yawn. "No, lets talk."

"Aahh...about what?" Hinata asked as she started putting away the board game.

Shikamaru started looking at the place, he got up and walked toward the door. He slid the door open and looked outside, then walked outside. The room they were in was in front of a pond that was surrounded by a beautiful garden.

"Sigh..." He turned to look at Hinata who had just finished putting away the game. "He gaved you this manor?"

She walked up next to him and looked at the pond, she then eyed the entire manor that was infront of them. It was quite big, not as big as the Hyuuga complex but big. "Yes." Her sight didn't move at all.

"Want to watch the clouds with me?"

Her sight switched to his face and she gaved him a small smile. "Of course." With this, he picked her up bridal style and jumped into the roof; once up there, he layed her gently on the tile roof. He looked at her for a while before settling himself next to her and looked up at the clouds. There was silence for a few minutes before Shikamaru spoke.

"He is coming in three days...just thought you would like to know."


"Hmn...you don't deserve this Hinata."

"Its fate...I suppose..." Hinata leered at him for a momment but then looked away.

"I thought that was your cousin's thinking, not yours."


"...Sorry...I know you've passed through a really hard time all these years."

"Don't be sorry...like I said before...its fate."

"...I am sorry..."

"I said it was alr-"

"When Gaara brought me here...I am sorry...sigh...I..."

"Its alright Shikamaru." Hinata turned to look at him and saw the fustration in his face expression. She entwined her hand with his, he turned and looked at her smiling face. His face relaxed and he smiled back.

"Well...I think its time for me to go." He let go of her hand as he stood up. Hinata just sat up and looked at him for a momment.

"I always enjoy your company Shika. I hope to see you soon." She gaved him a small smile then she got up.

Shikamaru took out some money then handed it to her. "Here." She looked at it, then at him.

"Do you still feel guilty?"

"Yes...but that doesn't matter...take the money." He shoved the money into her hands before jumping off the roof and heading toward the manors main door.

Hinata just stood there looking at his retreating form.


On his way out of the manor, Shikamaru froze when he saw Sasuke. Sasuke was standing across Hynata's manor, and he was sneering at him. Shikamaru just gaved him an "Hmph.", put his hands in his pant pockets and walked away.


Sasukes POV:

Sasuke was burning with anger. About two hours ago he had seen Shikamaru enter the manor and barely came out.

'What the hell were they doing that took them two hours?' He wanted so badly to burst into the manor and demand an answer from her, but he knew better. Sure, it might seem he didn't have any right over her but he felt he did. Why? Because nobody knew Hinata like he did. Sure, he never talked to her or anything but he would always be watching from afar and even closer than anyone would imagine. He doesn't like to call it stalking...but it was. He learned her true character and was not a fool by the mask she would wear.

She had a mask of confidence, openmindedness, carelessness...unconcerned, when in reality in the inside she was breaking. In the confinement of her home she would cry herself till her eyes went dry. He knew, he heard and it hurted him to hear her break. Everytime one of her customers left, she would cry and he could sense the shame, the disgust she felt.

Yes, it hurted him too see her that way yet he did nothing. He was just like the rest of Konoha, ungrateful...he knew but did nothing to help her. He was a coward.

He knew she didn't want this, he knew she belittle herself...mostly because of what Gaara would tell her. Gaara, that despicable man. He always brought her self down with his venomous words. Every suffering Hinata was passing by was the red head demon's fault, he was to blame.


-Inside the manor-

Hinata stayed in the roof, she sat down and looked at the money Shikamaru had given her.


'Gaara is coming in 3 more days. I better prepare a room...' She then remember what Shikamaru had told her about Neji. 'the room that is the farthest from Neji's room.'

Gaara was always gentle with her but his words were always harsh.

She started remebering everything he had told her in the past and her eyes started watering. She quickly whiped her eyes though.

Maybe it had been faith for her to meet him...Maybe it was.


Hinata had barely come from a mission and was walking home.

'Sigh. I didn't make enought money. I need more missions.'

"Hyuuga Hinata?" A cold voice startled her from her thought, she quickly turn to where the voice came from.


"I've heard what happened to you...of all the troubles you've passed for a while." Hinata just stared at him without saying a word. "Do you remember me? Do you know who I am? " A smirk slowly appeared in his face.

"I-I think so...are you the Kazekage?"

"Hn." Gaara closed his eyes slowly then opened them again, to show that she was right.

"Ahh...its nice meeting you. Sorry...but I-I have to go home...N-neji is wai-"

Her eyes widened when his hand shot up toward her face. She thought he was going to hit her but instead was surprised when he started caressing her face.

"You are beautiful. So innocent." Lustful eyes locked with fearful white eyes.

Hinata was not feeling confortable at all. She wanted to slap his hand away and ran away; still she found herself unable to do any of this.

"Kazekage please-"

"Its Gaara to you." His hand started playing with her hair. "Tell me Hinata, how does it feel to be without money? Having to be the one responsible for a love one..." He stopped playing with her hair and looked into her eyes. "yet not be able to help your love one and yourself. How does being weak, useless and pathetic feel like? he. "

Hinata's lip started trembling a bit. Gaara then reached to her lips and started caressing them. "Don't do that because it tempts me."

"I...I need to go." Hinata gaved a step back but Gaara also gaved a step forward. Hinata tried getting away from him by backing away but it was no use since he just fallowed; finally her back hit a wall and Gaara stood in front of her. He then proceeded to press his body on her, making her gasp, and he smirk at the feeling of his body against her petite body.

"I can help you...for something in return."

' What is he thinking? Why is he doing this?' "I don't n-need your help...I..."

"Yes you do. You are alone in this world and you will not survive it alone. Your friends and everyone has deserted you once they learned of your tragedy. An ex-hyuuga heiress that lost her virginity by the hands of sound nins and who knows who else...lost her honor. Hmph, who would marry someone like you? You might be beautiful, still no one would marry you. In everyone's eyes you are weak, useless, pathetic, pityful and poor being that is not worth their time or love. No only are you failed in love but also financially. You are good to one, you are weak, you can't replace the genius of your cousin. Maybe if your cousin wasn't blind...then maybe you might have some honor or live a better life. Too bad he had to be blinded and everything had to rest in you...because you are just too weak and can't handle the world by yourself. Now...I do see, unlike the rest, some use for you."

Hinata was on the verge of crying but tried to hold in the tears. His words were harsh, although in a way she did feel he was right. Everyone did seem to abandon his cousin and her since what happened to them. Since her parents were alive she had known she was weak and useless. Now that he added some more 'great qualities', she felt horrible and useless.

Her eyes went from fear to thinking, then to realization. 'I am useless. Neji I am sorry.'

Gaara of course noticed the change in her eyes and smiled. "I know Neji is blind and that you can't get enough money to support him or yourself." He looked to his left then back at her. "Just look where you both ended up living...a dump. --- Listen up Hinata...up to now, you have only shown your uselessness. Hmn, how about I propose something?" His right hand cupped her chin. "How about a little fuck, eh?" Hinata let out a gasp and Gaara started laughing. "Oh, come on! Its not like you've never done it before. If I asked Neji he would surely agree with me. Sigh, look, you might not be worth anything but you are a very pretty girl...anybody would certainly want to fuck you. If it makes you feel better of yourself, I'll take you out of this dump, help you and your cousin financialy. Maybe like that you won't feel as bad."

Hinata was shocked by his words, she still couldn't believe what he was offering her.

"Y-you want me to...but...I can't..." She started looking around as if searching for someone.

"What do you have to loose? You've lost everything already. Why care what people think if they are the ones that pushed to this. Huh? Come with me...let me make you feel you are worth something." He then let go of her and pushed himself off her.

Hinata looked at the floor, thinking about his words.

"Are you coming?" He gaved her a glance then started walking. Hinata hesitated for a while but then started walking after him.

-End of flashback-

"My saviour?" her eyes started to become moist just remembering.

Hinata got up and jump off the roof, landing with style. She quickly headed to the farthest room in the manor to prepare a room; crying her eyes out.


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