Background Music: Stardust Speedway Past Sonic CD Japan

5:04 p.m. Australia; Chao Gardens…

Sonic and the others, this being Tails, Cosmo, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Tikal and Chaos, decided to show the human girls and Princess Elise lead the girls to Chao Gardens. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Cream whistled, Sonic's came up first, being the fastest. Tornado, a blue sonic chao, was very friendly, and was great friends with Lighting, Hunter, Rose and Chocola, Tails' and Knuckles' Amy's and Cream's chao.

Momoko promptly scooped up the chao group and gave them a tight hug. "AAAWW, THEY'ER SSOO KE-UTE!"

Everyone stared and watched as the chaos choked and gagged, wrestling to be free of Momoko's grasp. "Um... Ms. Momoko?"

"What is Cream?"

"I...I think they don't like you holding them so tightly..." Momoko glanced down and saw the chaos glaring back up at her. She let her go swiftly and clapped her hands together in apology. "Whoops...Sorry!"

"Chao, chao," they all said.

"Okay Cheese, you can all play now!" Cream told her pet sidekick.

All the chao cheered and ran to play. Soon most chao flew over and crowded over Tikal and Chaos to greet them.

"They're really popular here," Amara said.

"Chaos used to be the guardian here over 3000 years ago," Knuckles responded, "So it's really no surprise." The rest of them went to play with the other chao. Meanwhile on the other part of Chao Gardens, Shadow and Rouge were looking after they're own chao. Rouge caught Shadow staring at Tikal.

"So, you like Knuckles' ancestor huh?"

"Wha…? No, no I don't."

"Oh come on, she's immortal too you know."

"So? I just don't."

She just made a cunning smile. "Then why are you blushing?"


Shadow's face just grew redder than his eyes. Rouge grinded a fanged smile. "Aww, you look so cute!"

"Oh just stop it!"

Background Music: Welcome to Station Square sonic adventure

7:05p.m. Australia; Station Square, Central Hotel…

Few hours passed and the girls were ready to check in, Blaze was joining them and Club Rouge was in need of repairs. Problem was who was going to bunk with whom.

"Okay I've got it!" Serena answered, "Raye, Amy, Lita, Mina and will sleep in one room, Blaze, Rouge and Silver in another, Hotaru is with Sakura and Ririka, Tirsta will bunk with the angels, the Mew Mews will share a room, Bloom with Musa, Flora, Techna and Layla and Amara, Michelle will bunk with Stella. That leaves Shadow and Tikal and that should be it!"

"Works for me!" Ririka said.

"Wow Meatball Head, that's the smartest thing you ever came up with!" Raye teased.

"Gee, th- HEY!"

1:55a.m. Australia; Station Square, Central Hotel…

That night, Shadow was having another restless dream. One that has haunted him since his time away from the Space Station ARK. He saw him and his once-only friend, Maria Robotnik, running away from the GUN soldiers as they invaded it. As they got to an escape pod, Maria closed it around Shadow as one of the bullets struck the girl. Before he was launched to Earth, he hears her last words, pleading to him to make the world a better place. Once again, the dream ended with him being launched towards Earth. "MARIAAA!" he shouted, snapping out of his dream. He wiped the sweat off his forehead. "Not again…"

"Shadow? What's wrong?" Tikal was awakened from the scream.

"Huh? Oh, uh, nothing." "Are you sure? Something is bothering you. What is it?" "'s just a dream. Really." Shadow said. "A dream?" Tikal asked, still antagonizing him. Shadow shook his head. "It's not just a dream. It's a recurring nightmare of the past." Shadow lowered his head. "A dream I wish would stop. I really wish it would." He placed his left handover his eyes. He was holding back from crying. Tikal went from her bed to Shadow's. "It's okay. I'm here. You don't have to worry about anything else." The hedgehog slowly smiled at her, then rested his head on her shoulder. "Thank you." Shadow said, as she stroked his quills softly.

She noticed Shadow had went back to sleep. She gently placed his head back on his pillow and she went back to her bed. "Tikal..." Shadow mumbled in his sleep. She looked at the hedgehog. "...thank you..." She smiled at him, blushing slightly. She began to sleep when he said "...Rouge was right. I do love you..." Her eyes snapped open and she looked at the hedgehog. "You do?" She asked. He just nodded before he started snoring. She smiled and went back to sleep, her face beet red.

In another room, Stella, Amara, and Michelle weren't getting any sleep at all. Someone on the floor above them was playing Heavy Metal music at full blast for the past THREE HOURS! "AAAGH! SOMEONE STOP THAT MUSIC!" Amara shouted.

"WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP!" Michelle shouted, she had enough cotton in her ears to say that she had a sheep in her ears. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Stella cried. "I'M STOPING THIS NOW!" she ran out of the room. Five minutes later, the music stopped, and then the sounds of major action and destruction occurred. Soon, Stella was back in the room. "You didn't kill those who were in there, did you?" asked Michelle. "Naw just mutilated them slightly." Stella said, getting back in bed. The two looked at her quizzically.

Upstairs, the room was a mess. One guy had a busted guitar on his head. They other two looked they went to Heck and back.

"How were we to know people was in the room below us?" "Tell me bout it Jim. Then again, this 'is' a hotel. Sorry bout the guitar James." "Eh, don't worry, Axel. We can buy a new one."

Background Music: Welcome to Station Square sonic adventure

7:23a.m. Australia; Station Square, Central Hotel…

At the cafeteria, MOST of the guys were eating breakfast. "Well, how did everyone sleep last night?" Blaze asked. "I gotta admit, the beds here ARE comfy!" Serena said, shoving two biscuits in her mouth. "Much better than what we used to sleep on!" Hinagiku said, going after a strip of bacon, before Zoey got hold of it.

"I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud," said Flora still dazed."It's the same old, same old for me." Corina said. "Hmm... I wonder where Mama and Papa are?" Hotaru asked, after swallowing some scrambled eggs. "Yeah, and Stella, Shadow and Tikal?" Lita agreed. A bit of their questions were answered when Stella, Michelle, and Amara stumbled, then completely fell, down the stairs. They were completely devoid of sleep. "Just five more minutes, ma!" Stella muttered. "Ugh, I never thought I'd like to sleep in the morning." Amara said. Michelle nodded. The first thing the three did was crawl over to the coffee table and took at least three cups of coffee… EACH! Then, they crawled over to the table and sat down. "Yeesh! What happened to you three?" Kikki asked. "Would you imagine a Heavy Metal lovin' boys on the floor above us? Michelle said.

"Ouch." Renee winced. "And you got no sleep, right?" "We did get about an hour before the music started again." Amara said. "And here I thought smashing a guitar over one guy's head would make them shut up." Stella said. "Have anyone seen Shadow or Tikal yet?" Michelle asked. "Who knows?" Just then, the two came down the stairs, holding hands. Rouge continued, not knowing they were here. "They're probably coming down here, holding hands, glancing at each other with those goofy, lovey-dovey faces. They must have confessed last night or something, and-" "You are absolutely right." "-that I'm absolutely right, and..." Rouge continued before stopping in mid sentence, relaxing that was Shadow talking. She turned around and saw him holding hands with her. "...I'm absolutely stupefied..." "Okay, I must know. When?" Yuri asked. "Oh, about a few minutes before Stella's rampage." Tikal responded. "So, you know about it, too?" Stella questioned. The two nodded.

"So what do we do today?" Bloom asked.

"Why don't we go to Twinkle Park?" Silver suggested.

"Sounds like fun!" Ririka said. "Let's go!"

8:14a.m. Australia; Station Square, Twinkle Park…

Background Music: Twinkle Cart Sonic Adventure

"Wow, look at all the rides and games! I wanna try them all!" Sakura ecstatically said as she looked around.

"So where can we go first?" Layla asked. Before that was answered, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails and Cosmo arrived. Amy was holding a large bag of money. Sonic had a look of triumph, and wasn't the least bit modest to show it. Tails had a bright smile on his face and was holding hands with Cosmo, who was wearing her green dress again.

"I see you made a bet and won," Trista said.

"They didn't even know what hit em." Answered the blue hedgehog proudly. "I run faster than lightning. What could've 'ever' possessed them to make that bet with me? With great speeds like mine, roller coasters are 'SOOOOOOOOO' slow!"

"Showoff…" Raye, Blaze and Rouge muttered in unison.

"ANYWAY, where to first?" Zoey changing the conversation.

"Let's go play some games, then we could go on some rides and get lunch after that." Stella suggested.

The first game they played was the fish catching game. Sonic went first. "Can I use my hands instead of the net?" he asked the keeper. "No!" he answered. "Sheesh, alright then." Sonic said, and then eyed the fish very carefully. He knew that the nets broke easily in the carnival games, so he made sure to use precise aim. After a few seconds of watching the fish, he swiped them with the net with lightning speed, catching every fish, and having them tossed at Amy, who successfully caught them. The fish keeper was awed with surprise. "H-how did you do that?" he asked. "Simple." Sonic answered in a cool tone. "I 'am' the fastest thing alive after all." He then looked at the prizes. "And, since I caught all of them, which entitles me to three of the prizes." "WHAT! What are you talking about! You only paid for one game!" "Tails, please examine this fishing net." He said while handing it to the yellow fox. "Sure thing Sonic." He said while accepting it. He looked at every angle, and then handed it back to Sonic. "Just as I suspected. These nets were dried by an open flame before use, making them break with contact of water."

"Hey that's cheating!" Musa snarled.Sonic turned to the fish keeper, and said, "We'll pretend we didn't examine the net, if you give us free choices of the prizes. Do we have a deal?" Grumbling, the fish keeper responded, "Yeah, sure. Just be quick about it. I guess that was a pretty stupid thing to try to out speed Sonic."

"Yep!" Serena agreed.

"Oh Sonic, you're so tactful!" Beamed Amy as she hugged him tightly. "How did you know?" "Um, Amy? That's too tight." He said. Then she let go. "Anyways," he continued, "I can't take 'all' of the credit for that. My buddy Tails here once told me about how some carnival games try to rip people off by rigging their games. I would've been clueless about it if he didn't say anything about it, not that my lightning fast reflexes didn't have anything to do with it, like I said before, you should also thank Tails for that bit of info." "That's right." Said Tails proudly. "Now let's take some prizes!"

So everyone took one plushy of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Shadow, Silver, and Chaos. Sakura took one of each.

Knuckles looked around, but didn't find what he was looking for. "Hey. Why don't they have a plushy of me?""Perhaps you're not popular enough?" answered Sonic as he grinned at the Sonic and Tails plushies that he took for himself. "Sorry about that." Answered the fish keeper. "That was a hot selling item. The other stands took them for themselves before I could get them." Knuckles grinned at this. "Hear that, Sonic? I'M a hot selling item." "You sure are." Cooed Rouge. This made the echidna slightly blush. "I think there are more Knuckles plushies at the ring tossing games." Cosmo inquired. "There are also light and dark chao plushies." "Hear that?" asked Rouge, then turned toward Knuckles. "I could win one for you, if you don't mind accepting prizes from a cute girl." "Mind it?" he said. "I don't mind, if you're good at ring toss, that is." "Oh, I'm very good. So good in fact, that I'll even win a plushy of myself for you as well."


Sonic and the gang were at leaving the ring tossing games, each carrying their prizes. "I find it really hard to believe that Rouge was able land more rings than me." Said Sonic. "Just admit that I'm better than you." Said Rouge. "It'll save you the humiliation." "I'll just deny it longer..." "Uh-huh, sure." So then they all decided to go on they rides and roller coasters. The first ride they went on was the Sound Breaker which was said to rival Sonic's speed. Ririka was in front of the line. She walked over to the line, but a small wolverine stopped her. "Hold it! You must be of a certain height ride this ride. Are you of a certain height?" "Are YOU?" "Um… I'm not authorized to answer that!" "Practice what you preach!" The wolverine looked around. "Look, if you promise not to make a scene, I'll let you in, but just this once. Deal?" "Deal!"

After everyone was fastened, the ride began. As it was advertised, the roller coaster really DID go as fast as Sonic. It went through many loops and turns, each turn being a very sharp one, and each loop going really fast.

It took the ride exactly five minutes to end. Everyone got off; feeing somewhat dizzy, Hotaru and Flora was throwing up, except for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, who were smiling.

"That was fun you guys!" beamed Sonic. "We have got to do that again sometime!" "Same here." Tails agreed. "What did you think, Amy?" "A, bit...too fast." Amy said while still clinging to Sonic's arm. "You get used to it after a while." Said Knuckles. "Once you do, any other speed becomes just plain boring." "Well, what should we do now?" asked Sonic. "We'll let Amy decide this time." "Thank you Sonic." Said Amy as she looked around, finally letting go of Sonic's arm, "how about we go to the tunnel of love? It'll be so romantic!" Sonic gulped at this. Tails, Knuckles and Shadow slightly blushed. "That sounds wonderful!" said Rouge happily. "I've never been on it before. It'll be a nice experience, right, Knux?" "Um, yeah, sure." Said the already red echidna. She noticed this and responded. "I bet it's also your first time being alone with someone in a dark place as well." "Kind of, sort of... "

"If I may ask," Techna began, "What's the tunnel of love?"

Everyone but Tikal, Silver, Tirsta, and the other Winx gave her strange looks. "You really are from another realm…" Elise uttered. She expland it to them. And they soon got the picture, they all were a little disappointed because there boyfriends wasn't here, so they had to stay behind.

Amy tugged them over to the Tunnel of Love, where the admission guy let them in free because they all "Looked like such a cute couple," which caused Silver most fall over from laughing, and Sonic to grumble.

So in the tunnel, Amy was rest with Sonic, he decided not to baby about it. Shadow and Tikal were making out and so were Tails and Cosmo. But Knuckles and Rouge…

"Wanna play a game?" "Depends on what kind of game it is." It'll be fun. I call it, 'what color emerald am I holding?" "You got a chaos emerald on you?" "I sure do. Wanna trade?" "I don't think so. That's MY master emerald!" "I'm just kidding." Rouge laughed. "You really need to loosen up. I think you've been on that island for far too long." "I am the protector of the emerald. It's my job." "Tell me. When's the last time you've dated?" "If you're implying that I've never been on a date before...never mind." Rouge placed her arms around the echidna, which made him cause to get a deep, red blush. "You guessed the right color." She said as she took out the red chaos emerald. "Your prize… is this." She then kissed him on the lips. Knuckles froze. Rouge sat back down. "Your first kiss?" "Well, like THAT anyways."


So how did go love birds?" Musa teased.

"Not another word…" Knuckles warned.

Soon after those three boys were walking near and the recognized Stella.

"Well, lookie here. It's the men who could jam!" Stella said sarcastically. "Shove it, blonde!" Jim said. "What's her problem?" Hinagiku asked Michelle. "Those are the boys who kept us up all night." "Yeah, so?" Jim said still continuing the argument.

"SO? We got only an hour of sleep!" Stella bellowed.

Bloom butt in. "That's enough you two! Don't you think this argument is rather senseless?"

"He/She started it!"

"Yo Jim, listen to Red and let's go; were already late!" Axle called out.

"Alright, I'm coming!" And he left.

"Hey, why don't get something to eat now?" Layla asked.

"YEA! LUNCH TIME!" Stella, Serena, Momoko, Zoey and Kikki ran almost at Sonic's speed to the food court.

"Wow, they really like to eat," said Blaze.

"Tell about it." Renee agreed, "They really know how to get they're grub on."

"They eat like starving dogs." Raye pointed out.

In the food court, Stella, Serena, Momoko, Zoey and Kikki were stuffing chili dogs and ice cream as everyone else ate. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles weren't hungry.

"Can I ask something? Mercury began, "Where did Sonic come from? Having super speed and aerokinesis is very odd for a mere hedgehog."

"No one is really sure where Sonic came from, or how he came to be." Elise said. "For some odd reason, he does not like to talk about his past, although the government believes that he is the prototype ultimate lifeform create by Robotnik's granddad."

"During the Silver Millennium while I was at school," Silver started, "I learned that the Ibils Trigger defeated an army of 3,000 robots at just five years of age." Everyone seemed surprised to hear that.

"Wow! That's something else that we don't know about Sonic," said Blaze.

"After fighting him, I'll believe it," Lita agreed.

"Big deal," Shadow just said, "I can take care of an army like that as well."

"Newsflash Shadow," Rouge reminded him, "You're immortal, he's not, and he's the very first one to ever challenge Eggman."

"Come on. Lunch time is over, let's continue our fun." Corina said.

8:41a.m. Australia; Station Square...

The next day the girls decided to test out the new EX-Gear. Jet met them outside.

"So Jet, you're an expert boarder, are there any good places to practice our gear?" Bridget asked.

The hawk looked over the horizon. "There is one place. Metal City. Its way over there."

"Are you sure? I don't see anything." Layla said as she looked over.

"I'm a hawk! My kind has 20:20 vision!"

"Oh that's right." Momoko said.

"So ladies, how bout a challenge?"

"A race?" Zoey just knew it would be one.

"We accept."

"Kikki!" everyone groaned.

"Then let's go, if you can keep up that is." Jet took off on his airboard heading forward. Everyone else followed.

Background Music: Grind Race Level Sonic Adventure 2

Bloom caught up with Jet quickly. "You handle that thing pretty well." Jet complimented.

"I'll beat you easily!"

"We'll see." Jet took the edge of his board and slammed it against hers. Bloom lost her balance and fell off.

Stella saw the action and stopped to see if he was okay, "Bloom, you alright?"

"Just keep going." Stella nodded and continued on.

Bloom got from the ground and got back on his board. She caught up to Jet angrily, "You big cheat!"

"Who ever said we had to play by the rules?" Jet picked up the speed leaving Bloom behind again.

"No rules huh?" She held out her hand directly aiming for his board, a red light appeared from her hand and was coming at his board.

Luckily for Jet he saw the attack just in time and rode to the side dodging the attack.

Bloom caught up to him.

"Nice try, but it didn't work."

"That's because I wasn't aiming at you!"

Jet looked ahead of him and saw an empty police car in the way. He would've dodged it, but it was too late. He slammed in to the car and he fell off.

Raye was tired of them playing around, "I think you guys need to stop fooling around."

"You're right, sorry." Bloom held out her hand offering to help Jet off the ground. Jet was upset at the moment, but he took her hand anyway.

"Come on guys lets get moving...without any dangerous airboarding schemes," said Yuri.

9:13a.m. Australia; Metal City...

"Now to begin your training," Jet was saying, "When you're riding the air it's all about speed. You gotta become one with the wind if you wanna have a chance to win the race."

"Sounds like something out of a kun-fu movie," Renee just said.

"Yeah, well that's what I told my father. Anyway, these airboards are called airboards for a reason. Not just because they float, but also because they are powered by air."

Flora was impressed. "That's really good for the environment!"

"Turbulence appears behind your rival whenever he or she increases speed. You can use your rival's turbulence to catch up with them or find shortcuts. So take full advantage of it! Enough prep talk, show your skills!"

So everyone spent all day riding they're gears by doing a lot of stunts and making some up as they went.

Jet checked his watch. "Wow that late already? It's almost rush hour guys. We don't what a hit and run. Besides, I gotta get ready for the big race tomorrow."

"You're gonna race tomorrow?" Amara asked.

"Yep! The race we had earlier today was just armature work. You guys are gonna see a real airboarding race in action! Most importantly, tomorrow I get back at my rival!"

"Don't get so cocky," Renee warned, "You know being over confidant will mess you up."

"Thanks, but I've got everything under control."

10:28a.m. Australia; SEGA CRANIVEL...

Background Music: Windy Hill Sonic Adventure

"Now is the first of two main events ladies and gentlemen!" Omochao announced over the loud speakers, "All the racers must go through this Carnival and come up in first. The total amount of laps is ten. All racers take you positions."

"Be careful out there, okay?" Cosmo said as she slightly squeezed Tails from behind. They were like that for three minutes.

"Don't worry Cosmo, I'll be fine." She nodded and let go so Tails could joined the others.

Cosmo went to her seat and joined Big, Blaze, Tikal, Omega, Gamma, the Chaotix and the other girls.

"So this is your first time seeing an airboarding race too?" Vector was asking Elise.

"Yes, I have never seen such a sport before."

"This should be a new experience for all of us." Techna added.

"OHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOYOHBOY…!" Kikki, Hotaru, Ririka, Sakura and Charmy were more hyper than normal.

"Has somebody been feeding these kids sweets?" Raye asked out loud.

"I predict that Sonic will be victorious once again." Omega calculated, "What do you think Gamma?"

"Absolutely. Jet will never learn."

"Hey look its starting!" Zoey said.

Everyone directed they're attention to road. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Wave, Storm, Amy, Cream, Shadow and Rouge got the boards ready.

"The countdown has begun. Remember, there is only one rule in this game, and it's to win at any cost."

As the countdown end they all dashed off as the crowd cheered loudly.

Ten laps later…

"And the race is over with Sonic in first place, Jet in second, Tails in third, and in fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth is Wave, Knuckles, Storm, Shadow, Amy, Cream and Rouge!"

"Wow! That was some race! I wish they've got that back home!" Amara said.

"They all want really fast too!" Hinagiku agreed, "Hope Jet isn't taking it too hard…"

Jet kept on hitting himself with the J-Type. "NO! I can't believe it! Why can't I beat him?"

"You know Jet, every time you hit yourself, you lose ten of your brain cells," Wave pointed out.

Jet nodded and turned to Sonic, "You got lucky this time Sonic, but we still have that one on one race in the SEGA ILLUSION track. I intend to win that!"

"Unless I win it first!"

And the two rivals began arguing yet again.

3:42p.m. Australia; SEGA CRANIVEL...

"So what's that you got there little Charmy?" Hotaru asked.

"It's a Clementine flower for someone I really like. These are her favorites. I hope she likes it."

"Who is it that you like Charmy?" The voice behind him sounded sweet like honey.

"WHHAA! Umm hi Cream! Ummm…"

Hotaru just left. "I think I'll leave you two alone for the moment."

"Hey, is that a flower in your hand?"

"Y-yeah, it's a Clementine. I-I thought you might like it."

She takes the flower and sniffs it. "I love it. Thank you Charmy, you're really sweet."

She kisses him softly on the cheek. Then she turned and bolted, leaving him flushed with a hand pressed to his cheek.

9:59p.m. Australia; SEGA CRANIVEL...

"Now is the final event!" Omochao announced over the loud speakers again, "This time Sonic and Jet will be racing out through the SEGA ILLUSION track. This contest will take off at a short time…"

"Why do they call this track SEGA ILLUSION?" Renee asked.

"It's because of the strange effects that always happen at night. They appear to by sold." Tails explained.

"They count down has begun! Racers on your marks…steady… GO!"

And with that, they both dashed off as the crowd cheered loudly.

Ten laps later…

"And it's all over! Once again Sonic as defeated Jet by a foot! This has been a very eventful day!"

"This has been an eventful vacation indeed." Trista said smiling.

"I'm gonna have trouble sleeping tonight," Jet groaned.

"Hey chill out," Musa reassured him, "There still lots of opportunities to beat him. That's why he's a worthy rival right?"


"Listen to the girl Jet; you're a great air rider and also good looking. That one of the reasons why I sometimes flirt with you…"

"You did WHAT?"

Rouge's fur stood on end, realizing that Wave was eavesdropping. She turned around only to see Wave glaring at her with burning angrier. The bat started to run and the swallow in hot pursuit. Everyone began laughing and even Jet was having a good laugh.


Good times, good times…

So the girls spent the next one and a half month practicing their gear, going to Emerald Coast, yeah, all that stuff. After that, they all said their goodbyes, hoping to see each other again and got ready for school. Things went pretty smoothly. There's just one dilemma… what do they say an there summer vacation reports?

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