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Alphabet Soup for the RyuTat Soul


D is for Declare


Silence echoed off of the walls, increasing in size until it was so overwhelming that Tatsuha wondered if he would ever hear sounds again.

He shifted uncomfortably, but he never looked away from Ryuichi. Those cobalt eyes were focused on the window beside them, but still Ryuichi said nothing.

Tatsuha felt uncertain and he didn't like it. A part of him wanted to grab Ryuichi, to shake the man until the words that Tatsuha so desperately wanted to hear would finally spill from those lips.

Why wasn't Ryuichi saying anything?

The night had started out so well. A nice dinner alone, together, in Ryuichi's apartment. They watched a movie after that—Tatsuha had turned off the lights just so Ryuichi would cuddle up to him even more. The movie ended. They sat in silence, until Ryuichi began to talk and talk. Pointless rambles that usually made no sense, but Tatsuha listened intently. He always listened to Ryuichi.

But then, in a quiet pause, Tatsuha spoke the words that had been eating him up inside for the longest time. He had been so sure that Ryuichi would be pleased to hear them. The two of them had been dating for a while now, and he thought that the feeling was mutual.

"I love you."

Instead of smiles and kisses, the only thing that answered Tatsuha was a silence that seemed louder with each passing second.

Ryuichi said nothing. He played with Kumagoro's ear, staring out the window as if it held all of the secrets of the world. But he didn't say anything.

Confused, hurt, Tatsuha swallowed back the sense that he had just made a grave error. Had he said it too quickly? Was Ryuichi going to end their relationship right then?

"Ryuichi?" Tatsuha kept his voice light. He was afraid that he would break something fragile if he spoke too harshly. He wanted to reach out, to bring Ryuichi into his arms and forget he had ever dared to spill out his heart like a girl.

He didn't regret saying it—it was, after all, the truth. He loved Ryuichi. Hell, he was pretty sure he had always loved Ryuichi. First as a fan who obsessively waits for any news of their favored idol, sneaking into concerts and trying to break into said idol's home, and then it had progressed into something warmer and calmer.

Ryuichi turned those cobalt blue eyes towards him. It was impossible to read what was going on inside those depths. That made Tatsuha more nervous than anything. But he waited, hoped.

"Thank you," Ryuichi said. He smiled and placed Kumagoro into Tatsuha's lap as he got up from the couch.

Tatsuha didn't watch him go into the next room. He didn't move. He stared at the worn ears of Kumagoro—it was as if Ryuichi had given him the only part of himself he was willing to give.

It wasn't enough. Not nearly enough. Tatsuha got up from the couch, leaving Kumagoro behind.

That polite statement had hurt far worse than the empty silence.

Walking out of the apartment, Tatsuha slammed the door shut behind him.


The wind rushing through his hair as he raced faster than was legal down the highway—this was just what he needed. Tatsuha didn't have any destination in mind. He just needed to go somewhere. Anywhere. It didn't matter.

He wanted to hate Ryuichi. The man had given a piss-poor response. No emotion, no regret. There had been nothing behind those cobalt eyes. But Tatsuha couldn't take it personally, no matter how much it hurt. He knew that Ryuichi had his own ways of dealing with things.

Still, out of everything they had gone through together, all of the hours spent together, laughing, sharing, kissing.

He deserved a better reaction than a fucking thank you.

His swears of frustration lost in the wind, Tatsuha made a sharp turn and went back the way he had come.


The door handle had probably dented the wall with the amount of force that Tatsuha had opened it with—but he didn't really care. The apartment was dark, silent. But Tatsuha already knew where Ryuichi would be.

With purposeful steps, he walked to Ryuichi's bedroom and he entered without knocking. If he hesitated now, he knew he would let Ryuichi win. Just like always. This time though, Tatsuha was determined.

Ryuichi startled at the sound of someone coming into his room, but he didn't look surprised to find that it was Tatsuha standing in the door way. "Ta-chan?" he mumbled, rubbing at his eyes.

Tatsuha wasn't fooled—he knew that Ryuichi hadn't really been sleeping. He went to the side of the bed and stared down at the other man. "What the hell is your problem?" he demanded. Tatsuha knew that he was letting his anger rule him right now. But if he didn't, he would only be left with disappointment and frustration.


"Yes, problem." Tatsuha crossed his arms in front of his chest, never looking away from those cobalt eyes. "You're only going to say thank you?"

It took a moment before Ryuichi responded. "Thank you is a very nice thing to say!" This was said in the sweetest voice the man could muster, coupled with a smile to match.

That only fueled on Tatsuha's anger even more. "I just told you how I truly feel for you, and that is all you can say? Have you been told those words so many times that they have no meaning to you anymore? Dammit Ryuichi, I meant what I said. I. Love. You."

Ryuichi's smile faltered. "How do I know what you say is the truth?" His eyes were accusatory. "Do you know how many people have thrown themselves at me? All of them were just as adamant about how much they love me."

Tatsuha blinked, anger suddenly gone, leaving him feeling empty and weak. He sighed. Seeing those beautiful eyes look so completely sad was not something he enjoyed. "How can I convince you otherwise?"

Hands grabbed his arms and Tatsuha allowed himself to be pulled down onto the bed. Ryuichi rested his head against Tatsuha's shoulder as he clung on tightly. "Just wait," Ryuichi whispered softly.

Sighing once more, Tatsuha wrapped his arms around the singer and enjoyed the warmth. Ryuichi underestimated him. Tatsuha had been waiting for him ever since he was still a teenager. It felt like all he ever did was wait around for Ryuichi.

He pulled Ryuichi even closer. "Waiting is something I'm good at."


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