It's time for Albuquerque's Summer Games being held to raise money for Albuquerque's General Hospital. What happens when the gang goes Boys Vs. Girls in the competition and somewhere along the way gets caught up in the competition? When the gang be able to stay together after secrets, lies, and frustration all gets out? Mainly Troyella, Chaylor, Zepay, and Jelsi.

The gang was walking around the Albuquerque Mall. "I'm so excited for Summer guys!" Sharpay gushes.

Everyone agreed. Just then Gabriella spotted something hanging up on the wall. "Hey guys look. Their having a competition with games and stuff to raise money for Albuquerque General Hospital!" Gabriella says.

"Really that sounds like fun!" Taylor says.

This is what the notice said:

Attention All Albuquerque Teens!

Albuquerque's First Annual Fun and Games!

Come down and sign up in a group of friends and help us raise money for Albuquerque General Hospital

Play games, have fun, all for Albuquerque's people to watch!

Competition starts on July 1-July 31!

Every Sunday that month at the Albuquerque Fairgrounds

Sign you and your friends up below:

"Wow that sounds like fun" Troy said. Everyone agreed and started signing their names up.

"It also says that you have to divide you team 4 by 4"Chad says.

"How about Girls against Guys!" Gabriella exclaims.

"Hey but what about Ryan?" Sharpay asked. Ryan shook his head.

"It also says you can have no less than 8 and no more than 10 so the guys can have one more but that means I'll sit out during some of the games, but I don't care" Ryan said.

"Well then that's settled!" Jason shouts.

"Wait!" Kelsi stops them. Everyone looks at her confused. "What if we get too caught up in the competition and get into a fight?" She asks.

Troy protests, "Kelsi you know that won't happen."

Kelsi continues to fight. "Yeah but usually when we have fought before some secrets came out that we didn't want out!" Everyone except Ryan turned their heads. They all knew what Kelsi was talking about but they had always avoided the subject of some of them wanting to be more than friends. Basically all of them.

Gabriella cleared her throat. "Um, so what's next guys?" She asked trying to break the silence.

Troy followed her lead but didn't dare look at her. "Um how about the guys go to my house and the girls go somewhere maybe to Gabriella's so we can talk about the competition and our plans since July 1st is in a week!" he exclaimed. Everyone agreed.

"I guess no one even listened to me" Kelsi whispers to herself.

Jason overheard what she just said and comes over to her. "It's okay Kels, everything will turn out great". He put his arm around her and Kelsi looked away and blushed. They all walked out of the mall and to their separate ways.


The girls were talking around in Gabriella's living room. Kelsi decided to try again.

"Okay we all can't just avoid the subject I was talking about at the mall!" she said. Everyone stayed quiet. Kelsi grew in frustration. "Well we all know very well that we all like one of the boys!"

"Yeah Kelsi, like you like Jason!" Taylor says. Everyone giggles and Kelsi looks away blushing.

"Aw, come on guys don't embarrass her!" Gabriella says. Everyone looks at her and then at each other.

"Well how about you and Troy hmm…Gabriella" Taylor says. They all laugh then Sharpay starts coughing on purpose. CoughTaylorCoughChadCough. Everyone starts rolling on the floor, laughing. Taylor grabs a pillow from Gabi's couch and hits Sharpay in the head with it.

"Ow!" Sharpay screams. "Taylor I just redid my hair!" She yells.

"Oh my gosh, you always have to look perfect especially in front of…." Taylor then all of a sudden Gabi, Taylor, and Kelsi start yelling, " ZEKE, ZEKE, ZEKE, ZEKE!" Then they start laughing all over again.

"I swear I'm gonna kill you all!" Sharpay yells and starts chasing everyone around Gabi's house.


Meanwhile over at Troy's house the guys were wondering what the girls were doing.

"I bet their planning for the competition" Zeke says.

"Nah I bet their talking about me!" Chad said confidently. Troy slaps him upside the head.

"No dude, if they're talking about you then they MUST be talking about me!" he says.

Jason speaks up and starts laughing. "Yeah you guys only wish that Taylor and Gabi were talking about you guys!" he says laughing as Zeke and Ryan joined in.

Troy and Chad snap their heads to look at them. "Uh I don't remember saying that" Troy says nervously.

"Oh, come on dude we've all noticed that you've had a thing for Gabi ever since she got to East High!" Chad exclaimed. Troy was mad then. "Well if you hadn't had interrupted me after the Triple Win Game when I was gonna kiss her, maybe we would be together now!" Troy shouts. Ryan starts laughing his head off.

Chad fights back, "Well I didn't know you were gonna kiss her!"

"Sure" he says sarcastically. "By the way I don't see you asking Taylor out after you took her to the After Party!" he fights.

"Okay we get it guys, you don't have your girls yet" Zeke shouts. Chad and Troy look at each other then back at him. Jason says, "Well don't you still have yet to ask the Ice Queen out?" he laughs.

"I wouldn't be talking or I will tell Kelsi!" Zeke says. Jason looks away. "Oooohhhhh" Troy and Chad say at the same time. They all start laughing. Ryan looks at them funny.

"Wait!" he yells. Everyone stops laughing and looks at him. "What about me?" he asks.

"Well, dude, I always thought that you had eyes for that Jessica girl, you know the blonde that you were comforting at the Winter Musical auditions?" Troy says. Chad, Zeke, and Jason look at him. "What? I was there remember? I thought you were used to it by now!" he exclaims. They just shake their heads at him. Troy shrugs. "So Ryan do ya?"

"I never thought of that! Come to think of it, she is pretty hot!" Ryan screams. "Yes!" Everyone starts laughing at him.